3D Animation for Engineering and Transportation

3D Animation for Engineering and Transportation. We integrate any type of 3D visualization system in your business model to produce both Animated Audiovisuals that show a specific engineering process and generate specific Simulation Software that allows you to move, change or manipulate your projects in real time and from any platform. We adapt to any type of project: Roads, Bridges, Viaducts, Tunnels, Airports, Hydro logical Restoration, Water Treatment, etc.


3D animations for engineering projects.

We work by order to submit Project Tenders, either Basic Executive Projects or even Contests. In the field of industrial design and innovation, we simulate constructive processes to represent from the assembly of a project to the operation of a new transport system. 3D Animation is therefore the ideal tool at the same time as didactic and advertising, to present a new product to the market. It is amazing how they help in the presentation of a project because they facilitate the understanding of technical concepts and complex to understand. 3D Animation can allow you to explain from the different phases of detailed construction in a timeline to advance in time and see the finished work. Your clients will be able to view the building process in an accelerated way or pause it over time. Aspects such as lowering the opacity or skin of the project to see the interior of the project can be very useful to explain some structural and constructive innovation of it.

3D Engineering and Digitization of Products and sale on Line

Our technology allows you to join the 3D Visualization with your catalog of products on-line or E-commerce by creating databases that work in real time and in a bidirectional way with your commercial team. In short, we create marketing tools with high added value that will serve to communicate and improve processes; which will support the dissemination of your products.

3D Engineering and Design of Industrial Applications for Engineers.

We make applications as they allow you to explore your project before it is built, allowing you not only to walk around it, but to move objects, change colors and textures and ultimately present your ideas effectively, facilitating consensus and making project decisions. We make custom-made engineering applications. The purpose of this type of applications is to digitize your project and offer it on a virtual and online “to your customers so that they use it in their work of composition and decision making projects.

Simulators for Training and Instruction Processes – Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift)

We develop projects through the use of stereoscopic Virtual Reality immersive systems (with Oculus Rift) that, due to their high degree of realism, allow 3D Visualization to increase productivity in Departments linked to training, road safety and the prevention of occupational hazards of companies. We integrate 3D game mechanics (gamification) in environments and non-play applications, in order to boost motivation, concentration, effort, loyalty and other positive values. It is a new and powerful strategy to influence and motivate groups of workers. In this sense, we can implement scoring systems, levels, and skill challenges in our simulators.

The rapid growth of video games in recent years has awakened the interest of companies and experts in security, education and productivity for deciphering the keys that make video game so effective for improving productivity and security.

Reverse Engineering: 3D Scanning and Printing

We offer 3D scanning and reverse engineering services as well as 3D printing in different product finishes so that the client or the end user can examine and validate a prototype from a functional point of view and from any angle before beginning the production phase. The rapid growth of video games in recent years has awakened the interest of companies and experts in security, education and productivity for deciphering the keys that make video game so effective for improving productivity and security. Reverse Engineering: 3D Scanning and Printing.

Simulation of Processes and Systems in 3D

What we do:

We are experts in the simulation of all kinds of industrial processes and systems. Through the use of software and simulation software, we can even get to show the simulation and optimization of physical and chemical processes. Our simulations make use of a mathematical model, programmed in a computer, in order to reach conclusions applicable to the real world and to respond to criteria of objectivity, scientific rigor and clarity in the exhibition.

What are simulations used for?

Computer simulations have become a relevant and useful part of the mathematical models of many natural science systems such as physics, astrophysics, chemistry and biology; As well as human systems of economics, psychology and social sciences. In addition, it is used in the design of new technology to get a better understanding of its operation. (Wikipedia).

The advantage of using simulations:

Before, the output data of a computer simulation were presented in a table or in an array. However, psychologists warned that human beings perceive better the changes in the development of situations if they look at graphs or even moving images or animations generated from the data. By observing a moving chart they might be able to predict certain events much faster than with coordinate table analysis.

Other uses of CGI simulations are being developed to graphically represent large amounts of moving data as changes in simulation execution occur.

The advantage of using simulations:

Our 3D animations are the result of a laborious research, documentation and analysis based on a previous report of the client. Our creative team brings together, under these concepts, experience in dynamics of particle physics and fluids, as well as filming, recording, video editing and audiovisual realization.

Delivery Time:

To be agreed.


We have all the necessary material to adapt to any type of project and budget

3D Machinery Simulators

What we do:

NBY IT Solution offers the realization of Simulators to measure of all type of Industrial Machinery. We are developers of real-time 3D visualization software licensed from the Unity 3D graphics engine.

Our simulation systems consist of immersive environments based on Virtual Reality techniques that reproduce the working environments of the different simulated machines and a set of logical and mathematical models that make the behavior of the virtual environment similar to Of the real environment and machine. Our simulation modules are created under a pedagogical table of incremental difficulty. For each simulation, “performance indicators” are shown,

Advantages for the operator:

Immediate application of what is learned in theoretical classes.

Safe working environment.

Fast learning curve.

Advantages for the company:

Focus on specific areas of training, with the possibility of performing exercises repetitively and safely.

Reduction of repair and maintenance costs.

Lower training costs and increased productivity.

Typologies of Services

Simulators for heavy machinery

Simulators for

Land transport (cars, buses and trucks)

Simulators for port machinery

Simulators for Medicine