3d animation studio in Bangladesh

NBY IT Solution is a specialized 3d animation studio in Bangladesh. 3D animation is our core and specialty for most of our jobs and the best option for the development of audiovisual projects. We have more than 12 years of experience in animation field and we offer integrated services in our 3d field and able to offer the best quality-price.

We are leaders, not followers. Always our goal is to be the leader of the sector, that’s why we treat all projects to the maximum efforts. Craftsmen creating wonderful experiences in virtual reality. The market of Virtual Reality experiences is constantly growing and it is always a tool that stands out against the competition.




In NBY IT Solution you will find the necessary solutions for projects that require animation.


We have developed the production of a complete series of two seasons.


Specialized in digital post production and special effects and VFX for Cinema, TV or advertising.


In NBY IT Solution we offer audiovisual solutions adapted to any platform, such as corporate or promotional videos.


In our effort to update knowledge we have become specialists in the development of Virtual Reality experiences.


We have the necessary experience and technology to make your projects look out of the screens or reproduction media. We believed in the power of talent, the strength of strategy and the capacity of technology to transform business and lives.

A little history

We founded NBY IT solution in 2007, with the motivation to apply our training and experience to offer a professional and committed service with each of the projects to be carried out. During our career, we have managed to adapt our work and business model worldwide, crossing borders and doing work for companies and governments in the Bangladesh.

The study

We are an animation studio based in Dhaka Bangladesh, ​​formed by a team of professionals specialized in its profile, with which we cover all phases of production. We are specialized in 3d modeling and animation, digital composition and vfx and audiovisual production to apply it to any field. We love the challenges and feed our desire to enrich the final result of each project

In continuing formation

At NBY IT solution, we have always kept in mind that in order to continue offering the best, we must constantly follow training and updating our service to new trends and technologies. That is why we have adapted to the market by updating our knowledge and resources to apply them to all our clients’ needs. With what we can develop content for holograms, augmented reality and virtual reality or 360⁰ video

State-of-the-art computer training and equipment

We love 3d animation

We are passionate about what we do as a young team and eager to continue to excel in the sector.

We love innovation

As we cannot stand the monotony we innovate in every project that falls into our hands, so that everyone is different.

We love challenge

Create entails challenges and we keep creating is because we love it. If they have a complex project, we will treat it with great care.

Specialists in realizing what can only be imagined

Why choose us?

We are excited to be excited

We love what we do and get involved in the projects as if the projects of our own.

Qualified professionals

Our team is made up of professionals and enthusiasts, specialized in their work with talent and efficiency.

Engagement with the client

We exist by and for the client, so we can not afford to fail in the results

Available technologies

We know that efficiency is a key factor in many occasions, that’s why our teams are always updated

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney

Core services at 3d animation studio in Bangladesh

We have done some great 3d animation project and helped hundreds of companies to communicate and show their projects to their respective clients.

3d and 2d animation

In NBY IT Solution you will find all kinds of solutions to your needs in Animation. We apply the latest technologies to develop high-impact, realistic animations, and to your fair measure.

Animation series

The NBY IT Solution team is trained to develop large audiovisual projects, such as 2D and 3D animation series. We have experience, human team and technological equipment to solve all the needs generated by a production of this nature.

Digital post-production and vfx

We make from integral productions with digital processing commonly known as animated info graphics or Motion Graphics (2D animation), productions made entirely with professional cameras and drones, until the mix of both to surprise with 3D integrations and special cinema effects.

Audiovisual production

NBY IT Solution offers you the widest range of audiovisual services to sell, present, explain, or whatever you need. We develop integral productions and sporadic collaborations, with a multitude of complementary services so that your video adapts to each and every one of the needs of your company.

Virtual reality

At NBY IT Solution, we are expert developers of virtual spaces and experiences among which your customers can navigate through a 3D vision glasses such as the famous Google CardBoard, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Microsoft Hololens, among others.

Holograms and increased reality

The NBY IT Solution team has already made several projects with holographic and augmented reality technologies, so we have the experience and technology to turn the real world around the user into interactive and digital.

Virtues that difference us from others


For NBY IT Solution it is very important to overcome the outdated barriers of uncomfortable formalities, we believe in trust and closeness so that everything flows.


We do not understand the work without organization and likewise we transfer it to the client so that he knows how his project is progressing.


Sometimes the difficulties demand that we resume the issue under a different approach, which will always be consulted with the client.


As they say experience is a grade and we have the skills to achieve almost any result.


A differentiating aspect of the competition is that if we work with your project it is because we believe in it and whenever they leave the project to us we try to contribute our creativity in order to improve the final result.


If you have any doubts, we will advise you in the best way possible, trying to avoid costs, taking into account the purpose of the project.

NBY IT Solution provides super and outstanding Visual Effects and Animation for Films, Games and TV Commercials. Our service includes animation, motion design and visual effect for films, corporate partners, TV commercials and social media. Our team consists of directors, animators, designers, concept artists and writers. We are the top and best animation studio in Bangladesh has in house motion capture and render studio.

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