3d design of industrial portable devices:

Developments 3d design of industrial portable devices, whether the clock, fitness tracker, or anything else performs an essential function in the launch of a new product.  Gadget Design – is the main form of communication with potential consumers. He is able at times to increase sales or reduce them to nothing.

Services for industrial design development of portable devices ordered from NBY IT 3D MODELING SERVICES. We conduct regular market research and follow the latest novelties. Therefore, we know exactly how to make the product design that will love and will recommend.


The price of the gadget design development depends on:

  • Complexity of the device;
  • The number of required concepts;
  • Volume made edits.



Purpose industrial designer – make the product extremely easy to operate and intuitive to the consumer. In the design of wearable gadgets it plays a special role, because such products are still a novelty for USA consumers. To make them more familiar and understandable to assist in developing a competent industrial design. To do this, the designer needs to understand in detail the device and look at it from the point of view of the user.

Reducing production costs:

In the development of industrial design special attention is paid to facilitate future production and to make it as cheap. For this thought through a variety of design options, fixtures and selected the most suitable materials. All this is not to the detriment of appearance during operation.

Attractive appearance:

Here it is not only and not so much about the external beauty of the portable device. Its task: to please and attract a specific consumer. Depending on who it is (for example, wealthy men from 35 years or lovers travel from 18) design is functionally similar devices may change dramatically.

Stages of development of 3d design of industrial portable devices NBY it 3d modeling services:

Preparation of technical specifications:

This stage takes place together with the customer. Investigated all the important requirements that need to be taken into account in the development of industrial design portable devices. Namely, the target audience, a market, the device functions to quality requirements, etc.

Market Research:

This is necessary in order to determine the main market trends, explore new items in this field and become familiar with consumer preferences.

Development of concepts:

In the first stage are made the first outline, which will be further refined. Various embodiments thought out design, fixtures, molds etc.

Completion of the final concept and building a 3D-model:

After approval by the customer of one of the concepts, it is finished with all the nuances, including the material of manufacture and production characteristics.

Often, after a 3D-model is ready to create the first prototype of the product. This is in order to see the product firsthand, to evaluate its usability, testing, etc.

If you have a great idea 3d design of industrial portable devices, please contact NBY IT 3D MODELING SERVICES.  We will help you go through all the stages of the launch of the new device: from concept to volume production.