3d Economic rendering company:

NBY IT solution a leading 3d Economic rendering company. Creating a digital image is possible with the help of rendering 3d models. This final stage of visualization and it can continue for from a few minutes to tens of hours. The rate affects image quality and power equipment. Studio NBY IT solution 3D visualization provides rendering services quickly and efficiently.


The price of 3d rendering depends on:

  • The number of rendering objects;
  • The size and requirements of realism;
  • The timing of the task.
  • Rendering of 3d models: methods

When developing rendering models it is important to choose the appropriate method depending on the hardware and complexity of 3D-objects.

Deferred Lighting in rendering services

This method is designed for accurate transmission of light and shade. It is best used in a large number of dynamic sources of light. 3D-rendering Deferred Lighting is available only in the program of  the Unity Pro .

Make rendering forward rendering

The method supports lighting and dynamic shadows using sheydering, and the most bright sources of light are rendered in per-pixel mode.

3D-rendering Legacy Vertex Lit

Characterized by the smallest precision lighting and lack of support for dynamic shadows. It applied to apparatus with low performance.

How to improve rendering speed

  • Update the RAM to create a rendering
  • For fast rendering process must be available to 4GB of RAM. Professionals prefer to use a memory of 32 GB.
  • Close other programs to make rendering
  • Free up space on the CPU to enhance performance.
  • Use two hard disk drives in the rendering model

When the processing of the project borne by the drive two loads: Proofreading and recording information. It takes twice as much time. Therefore, the sources are placed on the same disc, and the creation of the rendering is performed on the other. This optimizes the working time.

Clean the composition and effects rendering, 3d models

Before sending the compositions render cut unnecessary layers. In addition, carefully selected effects, although most of them are optimized for rendering models, but still there are those who pass through only one stream.

Need rendering?

Company NBY IT SOLUTION company develops rendering on a powerful computer’s technical specifications. Do not delay the opportunity and contact with us.