Creation of 3D graphics and animations we can transform any concept or idea into an ideal presentation to explain the benefits of a particular product, assembly instructions or disassembly of a machine or its operation. Starting from some two-dimensional sketch or drawing. We can model the product in 3D. We can give life and create a real 3D animation!

Following the “storyboard” we produce sequences agreed with the customer that as required may be commercials, interactive movies, installation instructions, and more. Completed the animation we proceed with the rendering of sequences, exporting itself, the choice of quality, resolution, size and many other parameters that allow you to achieve realistic images thanks to the most advanced techniques of 3D Rendering. Completed render, assemble the whole, creating a video complete with music, sound effects and special effects in post-production.


All areas of 3D graphics and animations

We produce 3D animations for any communication need. We cover the needs of all sectors, in particular we specialize in 3D video for the mechanical medical-scientific and advertising.

3D graphics and animations for industry

Building a 3D animation is the best choice for an industrial machine. Thanks to the use of a 3D video you can show how a car without having to build it. Thus saving on costs and production time. The presentation of the project through a 3D animation also makes it easier to be understood by customers.

3D graphics and animations for the medical sector:

The depiction of the human body through drawing and animating 3D is the easiest and most convenient way to expose a medical concept. Create a 3D model built and animated on your needs allows you to clarify technical aspects with images that would be difficult to explain in words. In these cases the use of simple materials and easy to interpret is the most suitable choice, however the possibilities of 3D allows us to reach high results photorealism, according to customer requirements.

3D graphics and animations for the scientific sector:

The technical-scientific scope can be complex to most people. This is why 3D is the ideal solution to illustrate theories and concepts. 3D animation allows you to simulate the physical laws in a 3D environment using solid or flexible addition to particles of all kinds, from gaseous liquid.

3D graphics and animations for advertising

Within the 3D advertising finds its highest form of expression. The possibilities are endless, ranging from “cartoon” more stringent — from a single image to 3D photorealism animation of real commercials. Tell us your idea and together we will find the best way to market your product.

3D modeling

3D modeling is to create three-dimensional designs that allow a view very similar to reality. It starts with an idea, a sketch or a two-dimensional drawing and then creates elements in three dimensions and assign materials, colors and textures.

3D animations

3d Animation allows you to expose the best features of concepts, ideas and projects. We use cinematographic techniques such as: inverse kinematics, Rigging, Slow-motion, Key framing, fluid simulation, air and forces of gravity for an animation more realistic.


The renderings are the end result of 3D modeling. We can create evocative environments for your products. Artificially recreating scenes and light games extremely realistic and engaging. Choose 3D rendering to present your projects.

Commercial video

Have you ever thought to promote with a video the work of your company or your products through social networks and new media channels like Youtube, Vimeo and Pinterest? Thinking about it won’t bet, but these channels are veritable advertising media free! In fact, every day we face millions of visitors. Promote your product through videos and photos or introduce your company with a corporate video might be the winning move. Social networks allow you to upload videos and photos and 3D animations in a manner entirely free, you may communicate with millions of people without making the slightest effort.

Multimedia presentations in 3D!

NBY IT 3D graphics and animations services studio develops solutions for cross-platform mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Now, where everything can be handled in mobility, NBY 3d related services offers a range of specialized services such as customized applications, “iBooks” dedicated interactive web applications. Give life to your presentations with 3D models, videos, photo galleries to a never-before-seen interactivity.