3d High poly modeling

Why do you need 3d High poly modeling? The use of 3d modeling and 3D graphics in today’s world – unlimited. To create highly accurate models of this type of modeling is used as a 3d High poly modeling – creating exact copies of the object. 3d Modern technology can create almost any object, regardless of the level of complexity: from the decorative elements, furniture fittings and accessories to plastic housings and machine parts.

It is possible to use both existing 3d model that is adjusted specifically for your needs, or you can create a unique 3d model. if you need to create high-precision model, here comes to the aid of the 3d High poly modeling (creating exact copies of an object).


The two main features of all 3d High poly modeling:

  • Maximally precise transfer of the shape and geometry of the modeled object;
  • The final renderer (rendering the final result) is performed with a large load.

Application simulation of 3d High poly modeling

The widespread use of 3d High poly modeling obtained in the film, as well as the development of 3d-characters in the process of creating games on a 3d technology (3D games) and 3d-multfimov. To create characters – heroes “without the 3d space” games use low poly modeling.

Quite often high poly models are called models with a large number of polygons, but this definition is not entirely true. If we take the low poly model and then using special software to create 3D models to break it up into a large number of polygons, it is possible to get enough quality high poly models.

Increase the number of polygons, you can also by their decomposition, but after that it is very difficult to reduce the number of polygons in case of need. The reverse procedure is quite complicated. May reduce the number of polygons by means of enlarging or association between polygons. However, after this procedure, the resulting model will look like probably incorrectly as a result of the almost complete lack of detail of the model.

Create exact copies of an object – a complex process, and requires the expenditure of a large amount of resources, the availability of powerful computers and permanent preservation of the work performed in specialized 3d software.


Levels of detail models:

First – the base layer;
Second – improved definition of the geometry and shape of the object;
Third – a clear specification of the object – a partition of a larger number of polygons.

When it is necessary to use 3d High poly modeling?

3d High poly modeling – the most accurate copy of the original object. The development of such models is necessary in the case of ultra-precise simulation of the object or if the simulated object is planned to be scaled (zoom in and increase).

With no need to scale the object, we can confidently use low poly 3D modeling or simulation with the average number of polygons. When you create exact copies of an object is sometimes used technology of 3D sculpting – the creation of volumetric objects on the basis of specialized software to work with 3D-graphics, with the help of software tools that can produce a variety of actions on the 3d object as if “sculptures working with clay.”

Programs for 3d High poly modeling

Carry out modeling to create a high-precision dimensional objects can be based on the following software products:

  • Autodesk 3D Max;
  • ZBrush;
  • Silo;
  • SharpConstruct;
  • sculptris;
  • Rhino;
  • 3D-Coat (3D-Brush);
  • modo;
  • JDPaint 5.55 RUS;
  • Freeform;
  • CB model pro;
  • Blender;
  • Autodesk Mudbox;
  • Autodesk Maya.

Thus, the 3d High poly modeling – is creating the most realistic 3d models of any level of complexity superbly detailed. Today, virtually all commercials, cartoons, movies and 3D games, where important photo realistic objects, cannot do without 3d High poly modeling techniques, which in turn requires high-quality software and hardware, a lot of experience working with 3D graphics and time-consuming .

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