3d Industrial Model designing:

NBY IT Solution a 3d Industrial Model designing studio. Commercial or industrial design – it is a combination of science and art to improve the aesthetics and ergonomics of the goods of daily use. Industrial design determines the quality and features of everyday life, as well as a print of his era, its ideas and styles in the areas of:

  • Building structures and engineering structures;
  • Household appliances and accessories;
  • Products of light industry – textile, clothing, leather and footwear;
  • Vehicles, such as cars, trains, planes, ships;
  • Small architectural forms and interior design.

Development of 3d Industrial Model designing objects in NBY IT occurs on several criteria

Reducing the cost of production – is an important advantage when choosing the concept of the customer and the company’s Executive industrial design services. Compliance with the buyer desires.  Before the formation of ideas necessarily explore the market and define the target audience of the general characteristics: gender, age, income, education, place of residence and work.


Ergonomics is responsible for the four categories.  Controllability – reducing human tension control at high efficiency, the distribution functions in accordance with human physiological activity. Serviceability – the best structure of the product for use, maintenance and repair. The ability to quickly acquire skills in product management. In recent years, important category ceases “habitability” – the reduction or elimination of harmful effects to the environment when using the product.

Originality.  The product must stand out from competitors’ products and be something new at the same time excessive creativity could hurt ergonomics. Design needs to be protected by patents, because it implies a long-term investment and is an important part of product promotion.

Step by step guide: how to develop 3d Industrial Model designing in NBY IT?

NBY IT developed a strategy for the qualitative study of orders. Generation of the main ideas and market research. Defining the responsibilities and tasks of the future product, the basic technical aspects and materials of components. Industrial designer studying the experience and gather information about similar or related projects from around the world. Marketing research is carried out in order to isolate the target audience and its needs. Development of technical specifications provides a discussion of the key moments of the creation of the product. The TOR specifies requirements for product:  technical, operational and aesthetic.

Drawing for references and the creation of future concepts.  The designer makes drawings, sketches or drawings of product variants. Thought out the basic parameters of the design of future products:  color, shape, fastening. Designing the interior of the device. Providing fasteners and clips for chips and product mechanisms. 3D-modeling. 3D-model is formed after the approval of the final concept. It is used to test the functionality and aesthetics, considering the object from all sides, to identify and correct deficiencies. Visualization or rendering. To evaluate design 3D-models in the images of the real world, taking into account the lighting and perspective.

Modeling on order in 3d industrial model designing studio NBY IT

3D moderation – is the process of creating three-dimensional object (from the cup to the architectural structure) on the basis of professional software. These primarily include software 3D MAX, Pro Engineering, Solid Work , as well as other software products for volume rendering objects. 3D model is much clearer and more informative than a sketch or drawing. It allows you to evaluate the product concept from all sides, its ergonomics and quality of detail. Very profitable 3D-models of products appear in the presentation of the company.

The price of 3D-modeling depends on the number of concepts and scope of work.

Steps for creating three-dimensional models in the development of industrial design objects:

Creating a form object – the process of constructing geometric shapes without considering the physical characteristics by using technologies: extrusion, rotational polygon and spline modeling. Texturing – drawing on the surface of the image model to give it color, color and relief. Using textures allows reproducing demanding details – wrinkles or fine particles. The degree of realism depends on the materials selected when mapping textures on the object. Lighting – completion realistic model by configuring the light and shade, sharpness and brightness performance.

Industrial design in NBY: how NBY IT checks the quality of 3D-models?

Before you make a prototype or model to present its analysis and testing for the presence of defects in the polygon mesh. Sought incorrect offset and tested parameters, the size of the technical data.  Analyzes the compliance of materials and printing techniques.

Book at NBY IT: how much 3d industrial model designing?

First Embodiment:

The first option when you have accurate information about a new product, such as  a textual description, drawings, diagrams, photos or graphics . Stages:  drafting the TOR, designing or editing the inside of the device, the construction of solid-state 3D-models.

Second Embodiment:

The second option:  have available only the technical characteristics of the product, but the design of the case need to be finalized.

Stages:  drafting the TOR, market research, competitors and consumers search for references, development of design concepts 5, completion of the selected concept, designing the interior of the device, the construction of solid-state 3D-model visualization.

Third Embodiment:

The third option:  the customer has only an idea without specific data on the technical characteristics and appearance.

Stages:  drafting the TOR, market research, competitors and consumers search for references, development of design concepts 5, completion of the selected concept, designing the interior of the device, the construction of solid-state 3D-model visualization.

  • The cost of creating the industrial design depends on
  • The project schedule;
  • Number developed concepts and elements of the housing;
  • Volume edits the selected concept;
  • The number of required renderings

NBY IT embodies ideas, gives marketing evaluation (surveys, focus groups, desk research and expert opinion), designs the interior of the instrument, develops concepts, references of-and 3D-models, conducts rendering objects. +

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