3D Mechanical Engineering services

In NBY IT Solution we specialize in 3D Modeling, 3D Mechanical Engineering services and Industrial Design, with computational tools like Solid Works, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Ansys, among others. We make any type of piece or assembly in 3D, and deliver it in pdf, stl, STEP, IGES format or any digital format you need. We guide and advise you in the realization of your projects, guiding you step by step in the design process. We just need an original idea and a few specifications for the realization of a model that suits your needs. Our rates range from $ 100 the plane or piece made or from $ 1000 the hour of work contracted.

What solutions do we offer to your industry?

We understand its challenges and opportunities. Good 3D visualizations not only sell better, they also help reduce the costs of failures, as long as the design process and the data management process are perfectly aligned. Our services offer solutions in complex design processes in the construction, engineering and manufacturing industries. We use computer-aided CAD design tools, minimizing the need to test the design with physical prototypes.


Engineering and Design

Engineering data management and document control are often grouped together, despite being very different processes. Engineering data management systems do not always provide the best support for document control processes and vice versa. Therefore, we recommend the use of different systems for both processes, especially for engineering environments. Mechanical simulation to help you predict product performance, optimize designs and validate product behavior prior to manufacturing.

Simulation and Validation

Simulation allows you to make critical engineering decisions prior to the design process. The CAD software we handle offers professional grade tools for 3D mechanical design, documentation and product simulation. In addition it allows to develop, to administer and to deliver excellent products in low times. We offer you the best features for the advanced design of mechanical engineering, finite element analysis, motion simulation, data management, design of routed systems and molds, so that the development of your product is a success.

Manufacturing and Production

Produce Custom Products Faster As an engineering-to-order (ETO) organization, you produce customized products for your customers. You are constantly challenged to produce faster at a lower cost. This while the demand for specific solutions is increasingly complex. More time for product innovation Thanks to the configurators of products and sales, you can easily overcome the challenges facing your organization

Sales and Marketing

Sell ​​More Than Ever If you combine the power of a product configuration and the ease of use of a website, you have an online sales and marketing tool that can give your sales a big boost. Optimize all your business processes The information generated by an online product configuration is invaluable. It will help you optimize all your purchases, engineering, sales and other processes.

Our 3d Mechanical Engineering services of the design process: Product-Thinking

Greater efficiency in the design process of machines, equipment or products often requires a radical change in the way we think. Introspection highlights the “Form, Fit and Function” of a product during the design process, going a step beyond simply changing the sequence of the process.

Our vision of the design process is to improve the quality and performance of products, achieve shorter time to market and reduce costs. We help you improve this process by using a step-by-step approach based on professional training in engineering and real-world experience.

How we work?

We employ a comprehensive approach that we fully adapt to each phase of the project for your industry. Our proven project approach ensures a successful implementation, following a 5 step structure:

  1. Knowledge and knowledge sharing

We set up a meeting, we know each other and we share our knowledge with you, so we know how we can help you better. We are happy to share our knowledge before starting a collaboration. Feel free to ask about an introductory meeting . In this way we will know immediately how valuable the collaboration would be.

  1. Start-up phase

Together, we see which solutions best meet your expectations. We strive to adapt our work and expectations as well as possible in each session. Online sessions, via Skype, help us to better understand if our solutions really fit your needs.

  1. Initiation phase

We map the entire project, the goals to be achieved and the work approach. After a joint preliminary phase, we developed a concrete and personalized project proposal. What has priority? What areas can we streamline? What developments and designs do we deliver and in what terms? All of these questions are answered.

  1. Implementation Phase

We take clear steps towards an effective implementation of your solution Your processes are complex and extensive. Therefore, it is good to know that we have successfully completed several implementations to your requirements. Whether these are implemented according to the waterfall or agile method, we always work closely with you.

  1. Maintenance and support phase

The solution is in progress. Together, we make sure that it is managed and maintained efficiently. After completion, you begin a new phase of your design process: maintenance and support. For this we offer you various collaboration capabilities

Mechanical Design Services

The following, and more, we can offer your company

  1. Making plans of parts, assembly or assembly, sub-assemblies, manufacture and assembly, detail, perspective or explosive, plans for catalogs.

The microphone 2. Implementation of 3D modeling through computer-aided CAD design software

A phone 3. Performing manufacturing processes through computer-aided manufacturing software CAM

A drone 4. Dynamic static stress analysis, use failure prevention, fatigue failure.


  1. Design of mechanical elements: bearings, seals, bolted joints, shaft design, gear design, tabs, keys, ribbed profiles, adjustment between shaft and hub with interference, pulley system design (hoists) , helical, conical, planetary or epicyclic, screw systems, power transmission with straps, smooth, V, synchronous, chains.

The tablet 6. Design of power transmission elements.

The camera 7. Design of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

A typewriter A table turner

  • Projects
  • Here you will find some of our recent works
  • Development of Project for 3D printing
  • Modeling and printing of product to be manufactured in plastic injection
  • Alveolar Roof Modeling
  • Design of oval metal structure for translucent ceiling, with details and finishes
  • Conveyor belt design
  • Conveyor belt design with dimensions 5mx0. 75mx1m (length x width x height)
  • Manufacturing plans
  • Plans for the manufacture of a metal structure for process supervision
  • Shaft for power transmission
  • Design and analysis of intermediate shaft of reduction box, gears, selection of bearings and tongues.
  • Analysis of efforts
  • Metal structure simulation using SolidWorks software, analysis of stresses and reactions on foundations
  • Design of Mezzanine

Creation of structural geometry for design of second industrial plant or Mezzanine.

NBY IT can help you at any stage of the product development cycle. Already seek help for one or several phases of the process or turnkey services. We adapt our service offer to your needs. Our team of CAD technicians and engineers will provide you exactly what you need. Guaranteed.

  • Conceptual engineering / industrial design
  • Development of concept
  • Brainstorming
  • Confirmation of applicable standards and regulations
  • Search for existing patents
  • Preliminary analyzes
  • Preliminary Drawings
  • Ergonomic studies
  • Selection of components and materials
  • Preliminary concepts
  • Patent Applications
  • 3D rendering
  • Market analysis
  • Engineering
  • Mechanical design / 3D modeling
  • Numerical Simulations
  • Catering
  • Value Analysis
  • Elaboration of budgets
  • Final design
  • Construction of prototypes and models
  • Tests
  • Final designs
  • Technical manuals (use, parts and maintenance)
  • Preproduction
  • Manufacturing plans
  • Tolerance (GD & T)
  • QA
  • Manufacturing / Market Launching
  • Tool design
  • Preproduction
  • Fine tuning