3d Medical Animation services

3d Medical Animation services Studio provides visualization in all areas of medicine:

Visualization of medical equipment

NBY 3d Medical Animation services do a complete visualization of medical instruments for hospitals and companies of manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment. Always glad to help prepare material for a conference or a potential investor. Your product will look its best. For more information about this medical imaging contact us!


Surgical and procedural manipulations (the work of implants, joints)

In order to show the patient the results of osteoplasty, implants work, dentures, also requires detailed animation. Our team has extensive experience; we can show the whole process from start to finish in this area. This can be both abdominal surgery and cosmetic surgery. For more information about this medical imaging contact us!

Mechanism of action of drugs in the human body at the molecular, cellular and tissue level

This is the most informative and important for pharmaceutical animation. We can show and explain in detail how your medication interacts with the cells, tissues and proteins. Thanks to the work with the PDB format, we show drugs such as if you were looking at them with the help of funds crystallography.

NBY 3d Medical Animation services – Pharmaco dynamics and pharmaco kinetics of drugs

For the physician or pharmacist it is the animation, which is necessary for an understanding of the processes occurring after use of the drug. For successful sales pharmacist must understand what exactly is your best drug analogue and how it operates. Patients should also outlines have an idea of ​​what a therapeutic effect on the body will have your medication. The more accurate, understandable and accessible to the visual part of the explanation, the more successful your sales. For more information about this medical imaging contact us!

NBY 3d Medical Animation services – Anatomical and biochemical animation

Anatomical illustration plays a major role in the development of science, because it gives an opportunity to accumulate and transmit knowledge about the structure of the human body. Biochemical visualization gives insight into the processes occurring at the molecular level. Thanks to the latest data in the field of crystallography, we can see exactly what it looks like one or the other of the protein molecule or antibody. For example, consider an immunoglobulin molecule detail.

NBY 3d Medical Animation services – Training stereoscopic 3D video

Stereoscopic video will help with high precision display of any medical facility – from cell organelles and to the skeleton structure. It is an indispensable teaching material for biochemists and pharmacists. To view this video you need to use special glasses or head-mounted display. However, the visual effect and the details will always saturation at times better than with conventional animation. Examples of how to look like 3D objects in the glasses you can see on our website.

Educational videos about diseases and methods of their treatment

If you have a product that will help in the treatment of a disease, then we can help you tell the doctors and even patients like running your drug. For example, in oncology is important to know how the tumor metastasis.