3D Modeling and Animation Company in Bangladesh

NBY IT Limited, a leading 3D Modeling and Animation Company in Bangladesh located in the middle of the capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh providing 3D Modeling and Animation services to its national and international clients. Today’s world advertising industry is fully depends on 3D modeling and animation. From Chocolate product development to movie industry’s super fighting scene, 3D modeling and animation is using everywhere.

With some experienced and enthusiastic 3d modeling and animation experts, render house set up with new technologies we are providing high end 3d modeling and animation services to our valued client. Our price has been always affordable and we assure highest industry standard quality.

Currently we are providing following 3D Modeling and Animation services to the clienteles. Those are:

3D Car Modeling Services
Furniture Modeling Services
3D Product Modeling
3D Game Modeling
Architectural 3D Modeling
3D Interior Modeling
3D Industrial Modeling
3D Mechanical Modeling

3D Modeling and Animation Company in Bangladesh2

3D Modeling and Animation Company in Bangladesh2

At NBY IT Limited, we complete the 3d projects such way that it seems so live and complete. Believe us we are perfectionist. We never give up and always tweaking for the modification until it appears completed.

We are truly unique and apart from the competitors from the aspect of 3D Model design and animation. We are specialized a range of style and design. We NBY IT Limited are able to adjust and accurately create any style of film that best fits the project and the desires of the client. Our 3D modeling and animation displays unconventional level of difficulty and artistry, we also specialize in delivering our projects on budget and on time. View our 3D Animation Portfolio or Contact us for more information or for a free consultation & cost estimation.


3D Modeling and Animation Company in Bangladesh

NBY IT solution 3D Modeling and Animation Company in Bangladesh taking care of your project from preliminary design phases and participate with partial contributions for the completion and improvement of your projects.

We use sophisticated 3D modeling and animation techniques we can create virtual characters, architectural elements, virtual sets, 3D graphic elements. Each single element can be integrated into advertising spots, television codes, video music clips, product or institutional presentations and animations in the mechanical field.

3D eliminates all types of barriers. Leave room for creativity. It allows you to visualize objects or products that are not yet on the market and maybe they are still in the mind and pencil of the creative.

NBY IT Solution operates in the 3D graphic sector in worldwide since 2007.

We have created 3D projects for campaigns and productions for many national and international brands, for major national television networks and for established industrial companies in the IT and mechanical sectors.

Do you want to create a model or a 3D animation? We have Ideas and Solutions for you and we have over 25 years of experience.

Why use 3D?

The studio is able to produce illustrations in very high resolution up to 10,000 x 6,000 pixels at 32 bit color depth, also for stereoscopic vision. This last aspect is extremely important, the new viewers and immersive reality you can move in virtual 3D environments, or observe 3D object in space.

NBY IT has participated in video projects using the motion capture technique, which allows the creation of animations starting from expressions and movements of real actors in the flesh, covered by 3D sensors.

Current 3D computer graphics techniques allow you to directly recreate complete photographic sets of scenes, without having to build expensive advertising or movie sets, saving time and money.

Modeling and photorealistic rendering are made with professional computer programs, such as Alias ​​Design, 3ds max, mode and Zbrush, which work alongside Softimage and Maya for three-dimensional animation, Mental Ray and Vray for rendering.

3D Modeling and Animation Company in Bangladesh

3D modeling for billboard campaigns and Advertising

Ideas and Solutions, using sophisticated 3D modeling and rendering software, creates three-dimensional images in high resolution for the creation of advertising campaigns, both for printed and large-format posters. The Dhaka office is available to realize both the entire advertising project and the 3D contributions only.

3D animation for video music clips

We took care of the creation of 3D Effects for the Video. We made totally 3D video clips for the various record company. Creating characters, locations and animations from scratch.

If you want to make a video clip using models, characters or simply 3D effects, we can find the solution that meets your creative, technical and economic needs.

3D Modeling and Animation Company in Bangladesh 03

3D modeling and animation for production using 3D visualization in stereoscopy

Stereoscopic vision is one of the last frontiers of 3D visualization using recently which is extremely expensive and technologically limited and special viewers were needed. Today latest generation 3D viewers are possible to realize immersive reality projects and to display realistic 3D products. Great technology it is possible to create extremely realistic immersive experiences. It is also used to verify customers’ tastes and make changes to products, already in the development and design phase. 3D modeling and animation for production in the industrial design field.

Do you have to launch a new product on the market? Do you need to pre-view a modification to an existing product? By 3D modeling it is possible to create infinite variations of shapes, colors and textures, without losing energy and to resort to the realization of physical 3D models.

It is also possible to use reverse engineering, which allows:

Starting from an existing object

Acquire its shape through a 3D scan

Thus generate new mathematical surfaces

Change surfaces to generate new products or solutions

Print the model, using 3D printers

A complete cycle also useful to verify if what is achieved is feasible from an industrial, engineering and economic point of view

3D Modeling and Animation Company in Bangladesh4

3D modeling and 3D animation in the architectural field

Ideas and Solutions create professional architectural renderings for Real Estate Agency IT, Architects, Interior Designers, Private Studio NBY IT, Museum Structures, Public and Private Enterprises based in Dhaka Bangladesh.

we do 3D animation and modeling with the best specialist software, such as Maya and 3ds Max, Modo, Rhino, Vray and Mental Ray, you get photo-realistic effects of high quality standards. Architectural projects come to life, illustrating to your customers and potential buyers the possible ideas and options.