3D Modeling and visualization of the product

3D modeling and visualization of the product (product visualization). The rise in popularity of Internet shopping and online shopping creates a constant demand for 3D modeling and visualization of various goods. Today in the shops people buy anything: and appliances, and clothing, and even jewelry. Grocery 3D visualization and creation of 3D models of products is the engine that increases sales.


3d modeling and visualization product for online retailers. That provides the popularity of online shopping. Price – often the prices of goods at online stores is much lower than in the shops of the city. Delivery – people have become so lazy that the delivery of goods purchased under the house plays an important role in the purchase decision.

The possibility of cashless payment

3D Product modeling gives online shopping a competitive edge – customers prefer the online stores, where it is possible to consider the product from all sides. 3d product model looks much more profitable and allows customers to get more visual information about the product, compared with the usual pictures of the goods. 3D models of products in the near future will be the competitors for the flash animation, because the latter does not convey all visual information that can be obtained in a three-dimensional image.

To create a 3D model of the goods we use modern 3D technology, in particular, 3D modeling and visualization. Company NBY IT Solution one of the first in the domestic market began to engage in 3D visualization, we created 3D models of products are widely used in the advanced online store website.

Stages of creation of 3d models and visualization product

  1. Create 3D models using 3D modeling programs.
  2. Texturing – choice of material for the most accurate reproduction of the texture of the simulated product.
  3. Setting the light – to select the level of brightness, sharpness, depth of shadows.
  4. Save a file in a 3D format.

The advantages of 3d visualization product

The product visualization is becoming more and more popular in the field of online sales; it is widely used in online stores of electronics and household appliances, clothes, cars, jewelry, etc. The product 3D animation of the online store has a number of advantages. Demonstrative – the possibility of a complete demonstration of the goods. Especially relevant and in demand for goods, novelties.

Informative and objectivity – photos of the products most often handled in editing and 3D model allows us to objectively evaluate the product, thereby reducing the risk of returning the goods.

  • Motivation – 3D visualization and animation better effect on the emotional centers, and encourages the client to make a purchase.
  • Memorable – Visitors better remember the sites using 3D models in the future return to this site.
  • The product visualization products
  • For business, in particular for online shopping is most often used?

3d shooting – this is the easiest way to visualize the commodity – commodity photographed many times from different angles, and then the resulting images are collected in a single three-dimensional image. In this case, the 3D model of the product is not present.

3d animation – it is a full three-dimensional visualization of the goods, on the basis of previously constructed models of the goods. 3D animation makes it possible to consider the product from different angles, zoom in / zoom out of it. This animation is a colorful and spectacular is the goods.

3d graphics – is used to create virtual services and the implementation of non-standard designs.

The product visualization and simulation have no restrictions, so you can create a model of any product.

At the company NBY IT solution you can order services on the three-dimensional modeling, scanning, rendering and animation products.