3d modeling and visualization services:

3d modeling and visualization services are essential in the manufacture of products or their packaging as well as when creating prototypes of products and creating a 3-d animation. Thus services for 3d modeling and visualization are available when:

-Need assessment of the physical and technical characteristics of the product prior to its creation in original size material and equipment;

-It is necessary to create a 3d model of the future Interior.

In such cases you will have to resort to the services of experts in the field of 3D modeling and visualization.

3d modeling and visualization services are an integral part of high quality presentations and technical documentation as well as the basis for creation of prototype products. Feature of our company is in the possibility of a full cycle of works on creation of realistic 3D object from modeling and to prototyping. Since all the works you can spend in a complex this significantly reduces the time and cost of finding and implementing new technical jobs.

If we are talking about the product we will help you to release his trial series and engage in further production small-scale or industrial scale.


Definition of “3D modeling” and “visualization”

Three-dimensional graphics or 3d modeling and visualization services -computer graphics combining tricks and tools needed to create 3D objects in the worldly space. Under meals should understand how to compose a 3-d drawing object-calculation of parameters sketching “skeleton” or not detailed forms; squeezing build-up and cutting parts etc.

And under Tools-professional programs for 3D-modeling. First of all Pro Engineering Solid Work 3DMAX as well as some other programs for 3-d renderings of objects and space.

Volume rendering is creation of a 2D bitmap based on the constructed 3d model. At its core is the most realistic three-dimensional graphic? The field of application of 3D modeling:

– Advertising and marketing

3D graphics is indispensable for the presentation of the future product. In order to start producing to draw and then create a 3d model of an object and already on the basis of the 3D model using rapid prototyping technologies (3d printing milling molding silicone forms etc.) creates a realistic prototype (model) of the future product.

After rendering (3d visualization) the resulting image can be used in the design of the packaging or in the creation of outdoor advertising POS-materials and design of exhibition stands.

– Urban planning

Using three-dimensional graphics is achieved the maximum realistic simulation of urban architecture and landscape-with minimal effort. Visualization of buildings and landscape architecture design enables investors and architects feel effect of presence in the designed space. That allows you to objectively evaluate the merits of the project and eliminate defects.

– Industry

It is impossible to imagine modern production without 3d modeling products. With the advent of 3D technologies producers have the opportunity to save significant amounts of materials and reducing the financial costs of engineering design. Using 3D modeling graphic designers create three-dimensional image details and objects which can then be used to create moulds and prototyping facility.

– Computer games

3d modeling and visualization services technology when creating computer games used for more than ten years. In professional programs skilled experts to manually render 3-d landscapes models heroes animate the created 3D objects and characters as well as create concept art (concept designs).

– Cinema

All modern film focuses on movies in 3D format. Such shootings are used special cameras capable of shooting in 3D format. In addition using 3D graphics for the film industry to create separate objects and full landscapes.

– Architecture and interior design

3d modeling and visualization services technology in architecture long established themselves from the best side. Today creates a 3D building model is an indispensable attribute of design. Based on the 3d model you can create a prototype building. Moreover as a prototype repeating only the General outlines of buildings and a detailed model of the future team structure.

As for interior design 3d-modeling technology the customer can see it looks like home or Office after carrying out repairs.

– Animation

Using 3D graphics you can create an animated character “make it move as well by designing complex animation scenes create a full animated video.

Stages of development of 3D models

Development of 3D model in several stages:

It is about creating three-dimensional geometric models without taking into account the physical properties of the object. As the techniques used:



Polygonal modeling;


Mapping of the object

The level of realism for a future business model depends on the choice of materials in the creation of textures. Professional programs to work with 3D graphics are almost unlimited opportunities to create realistic pictures.

Nomination of light and observation point

One of the most difficult stages in the creation of the 3D model. After all from choosing the tone light the level of brightness sharpness and depth of the shadows directly depends on a realistic perception of the image. In addition you must select a monitoring point object. This can be a bird’s-eye view or zoom space with achievement effect presence in it-by selecting an object type with a height of human growth.

The final stage of 3D modeling. He is detail 3D model display settings. That is adding graphical effects such as lens flare fog lights etc. in the case of video rendering define the exact parameters of 3-d animation characters details landscapes etc. (time differences of color glow etc.).

At this stage detailed render settings adjusts the desired number of frames per second and final extension video (such as DivX AVI MPEG-1 MPEG-4 MPEG-2 WMV etc.). If necessary get a 2D raster image is determined by the format and resolution of the image in JPEG TIFF or RAW.+


Processing the captured images and videos using media-editors-Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premier Pro (or Final Cut Pro/Sony Vegas) GarageBand IMovie Adobe after Effects Pro Adobe Illustrator Samplitude Wavelab SoundForge etc.

Postproduction is making media files of original Visual effects intended to arouse the consciousness of the potential consumer impress inspire and be remembered for a long time!

3d modeling and visualization services  in foundries

In Foundry 3D modeling is gradually becoming the indispensable technological component of the process of creating a product. When it comes to casting into metal molds 3D-models of such molds are created using 3D modeling technologies as well as 3D prototyping.

But no less popularity today is gaining casting in silicone molds. In this case the 3D modeling and visualization can help you create a prototype object on the basis of which will be done in the form of silicone or other material (wood polyurethane aluminum etc.).

 Methods of 3D visualization (rendering)

One of the easiest methods for rendering. When using it does not take into account additional Visual effects (for example color and shadow of the object relative to the point of observation).

Ray casting

The 3D model is examined with a certain predetermined point-from the height of human growth bird’s-eye view etc. from the point of observation sent rays that determine the chiaroscuro of the object when it is consideration in the usual 2D format.

Ray tracing

Rendering this method implies that, when hit on the surface the beam is divided into three components specular shadow and refracted. Actually this and generates the color of a pixel. In addition, the number of divisions directly affected lifelike.

Path tracing

One of the most complex 3D visualization techniques. When you use this method 3d rendering of light rays spread as close as possible to the physical laws of light propagation. This is what ensures high realism of the final image. It should be noted that this method is resource intensive.

3d modeling and visualization Services Company will provide you with a full range of services in the field of 3D modeling and visualization. We have all the technical capabilities to create 3D models of varying complexity. And also have extensive experience in 3d visualization and modeling, than you can personally verify by examining our portfolio or our other work until the displayed on the site (on request).

Brand-Agency NBY IT 3d modeling and visualization services will you release pilot series or its production. To do this our experts will create maximum realistic 3d model object you need (packaging logo character 3-d sample any products moulds for casting etc.) will be based on a prototype product. The cost of our work depends on the complexity of the 3d modeling and object is discussed individually. Contact and make arrangements with us by e-mail info@nbyit.com or by phone 008801715749788

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