3d Modeling for CNC

Creating 3d models (3d Modeling for CNC) and prototyping – a necessary step before starting the production process. If the design of a new product is ready, but you still have doubts about its aesthetics and ergonomics, it’s not always sketches of the reality look as intended – then you need to create prototype products (a single product instance). NBY IT Solution Design 3d Modeling for CNC Machine.



3D-milling – a method of creating defined three-dimensional forms using a CNC router from the selected customer material. Modern high-precision CNC lathe and enables the finished product to give any configuration and shape regardless of its complexity and manufacturing materials.

The use of 3d-milling:

  • Production tooling: molds, master models, die, matrix, etc. .;
  • Creation of presentation layout (layout);
  • Production of advertising objects (flat and volumetric);
  • Curly cutting;
  • Manufacturing furniture fittings, etc.

3D-milling can be made of the following materials:

  • Plastic – ABS, polystyrene, polyethylene, polycarbonate;
  • Metal (black and color) – copper, aluminum, steel, etc. .;
  • Composite polymers (additives ester resins and glass fiber);
  • A rock;
  • Wood, composites of wood (chipboard, DPA, plywood, MDF).

Stages 3D milling on CNC machine

Stage 1 – the development of an engineering 3d model of the product (3d model for CNC) – the creation of a model, the professional computer programs to work with 3D-graphics.

Step 2 – Preparation of 3d models for CNC machines – the choice of instruments and writing a program (algorithm, sequential steps) for milling CNC machine.

Stage 3 – milling test, the work piece inspection, as a material used for plastic products. Trial preform allow correct deficiencies existing products with minimal costs, a plastic is selected as the material, due to its low cost relative to other materials, e.g., metal.

Stage 4 – 3d manufacture in pure models embodiment, with the adjustments made in the previous step.

The end result of a complex process of milling success primarily depends on the development of 3D models for CNC machine tool – 3d modeling for CNC.


Creating 3d models for CNC machine tools is carried out with the help of professional software for working with three-dimensional graphics. Generally, the principles of this kind are used three-dimensional modeling as solid modeling.


3d modeling for CNC rather complicated process, in order to simplify and automate its use of CAD – computer-aided design – a set of tools and automation tools used in the design of objects.

  • The advantages of solid modeling software:
  • Simplicity and intuitiveness of the modeling process;
  • Possibility of exact measurements;
  • Ensuring integrity and the integrity of the objects of complex shapes.