3D-modeling services Provider:

NBYIT 3D modeling services Provider Company offers all types of 3D services and 3D-modeling services of any complexity. Our experts have extensive experience in implementing projects in various fields: reverse engineering the creation of 3D-models from drawings and photographs, the realization of any ideas and sketches in the form of 3D-file.


To build a high-quality 3D-modeling service we need a physical object, photography, drawing, picture or sketch. In the center of NBY IT 3D 3D-modeling services work experts who quickly and most effectively resolve any problems on modeling and computer design. Want to know more? Just call us by phone 008801715749788

Application of 3D-modeling services:

Features 3D-modeling services today are in great demand in many areas of business and industry. 3D-model of the real object greatly simplifies production tasks. Three-dimensional modeling is necessary in the design, manufacture of architectural models, is used in the design, interior decoration, advertising, construction, industry.

3D-modeling can now be used to: 3D-printing prototype; Perform calculations at the design stage; Creating documentation for designers; Manufacture of the product; Design apartment, office or home; Testing of new products; Production of multimedia products (cartoons, video games); The development of new imagery in advertising. What services are in 3D-modeling company offers NBYIT Creation of 3D-models based on sketches and photographs, Development of 3D-models for engineering drawings, 3D-modeling based on non-graphical, Solution reverse engineering tasks, Comprehensive analysis of the 3D-model, Completion of 3D-models after 3D-scanning.

Our 3d Modeling Services work

Our experts have extensive experience implementing a wide variety of projects. We use only modern software that allows employees to receive Globatek.3D quality results in a short time.

Order 3D-modeling Services:

There is a problem in 3D-modeling, which you need to solve? Call the 3D-modeling center NBY IT.3D Company by phone 008801715749788 and our specialists will answer all your questions.

3D modeling services and visualization:

Visualization, 3d modeling, Simple 3d modeling services for drawing, sketch, photos. 3d models of medium and low complexity of the Model drawings simple 3D model visualization. Suspension Shop 3d jewelry models Request Sergey. 3d modeling services, drawing we provide a wide range of services including: 3D modeling services learning to work with 3D technology.

Your important advantages when working with us:

Qualified professionals with experience in the field of 3D-technology for more than 10 years; Technical and service support provided by our full-time service engineers; We accept payments from individuals and legal entities: cash, bank transfer, payment cards (VISA, Master Card), acceptance of payments via the website ( Paypal) The development of engineering solid models (CAD models) on drawings and sketches. For any engineering drawing or “sketch” with the size of the object we will create a solid 3D models (CAD models). The format of the resulting model: .sldprt (SolidWorks), .step. Development of 3D-modeling services of art from photographs, drawings and sketches for any submitted photographs, drawings or sketches, we will create polygonal 3D models of any complexity.

Development of 3D modeling services of human photograph:

According to the photos, we can develop a three-dimensional model of the person. The format of the resulting model: .max, .stl, .obj, and others. The resulting model can be used to print a copy of the full 3D-human with high accuracy by using our service.

Create something beautiful always starts from scratch. That is the famous Michelangelo worked, creating his sculptural masterpieces, so do architects, before putting his signature to the finished project.

Sketches – a preview of the result of the creative process, during which usually born true works of engineering genius. Properly drawn up a three-dimensional sketch – it’s half the battle. However, the slightest error in the calculations and plans cannot turn at all or will be error, which is absolutely unacceptable in engineering.

Qualitatively create a virtual mock-up job is also important from an economic point of view, because the accuracy makes it possible to calculate the number of grams of material required and to reduce the final price of the object. To achieve such excellent results now possible with the help of such a promising technology like 3D modeling services.

3D modeling Services: the price of success:

The possibilities of modern computer graphics allow you to represent three-dimensional objects are so realistic those sometimes it is difficult to understand that before our eyes – “picture” or not. 3D simulation compares favorably to the two-dimensional image – it allows you to display items as accurately as possible. The same applies to the calculations, which are then set to the printer.

No matter what it is the challenge – something quite realistic or non-existent? With the software and set parameters can simulate anything. Due to the filigree work that can be performed only highly qualified specialists, 3D modeling services cost is quite high compared with other types of design work, but we have the price of its performance is quite adequate. To find out exactly how much it will cost you a 3d simulation of a particular object, simply contact us.

3D modeling services in order – work for us:

Despite the fact that the 3D print – is already fairly well-known in the world of technology and demanded qualitatively perform bulk printing may not all owners of this type of printers. To get a quality product for a long time served, you must first order modeling. The print result, ie the quality of the product depends on how well its virtual model will be performed.

There are two ways to create a three-dimensional graphic object. First – existing for subsequent copying. It is in this manner used to create medical artificial joints or teeth – using a special instrument, “reading” the model parameters in a volume format. This process is quite long, but allows you to achieve excellent results, and artificial copy looks virtually indistinguishable from the original. Is that – the color, but it is possible to choose, because the raw materials come in different shades.

There is also a 3D modeling services of objects that create a yet to be. This is – a creative work, and the price it accordingly – much higher. So, with the help of high-quality three-dimensional graphics can be designed high-rise building or develop a model of the spaceship. Our company performs simulation on the image to order high quality, creatively approached to perform any task.

3D modeling services to offer:

Nowadays, 3D-models created in specialized software, used almost everywhere – to create games and movies, jewelry, engineering and manufacture of medical, architectural, and construction sites. Depending on the purpose and scope of each three-dimensional model has its own characteristic, which is not always possible to take into account, especially if you do not have the necessary skills to work in a particular program.

In order to solve the 3D-modeling task with all the requirements of our customers, we employ a staff of skilled professionals, each of which specializes in the creation of 3D-models for a particular sector. This allows us to work equally well on architectural projects, create engineering models and drawings to model jewelry and create your favorite characters games, movies and comic books. You can order a 3D-modeling service in NBYIT at any stage of your work. We create 3D-model drawings, sketches, drawings and even a verbal description of the future product. And of course, throughout the process of creating your three-dimensional model, we will support you with the feedback that you get the expected result in the shortest possible time.

3D modeling Services to order

If you want to order a 3D-modeling service outsource, please contact NBYIT. We will carry out all the necessary work as soon as possible and at the highest level. Our staff of experienced staff, whom you can entrust any project. They will perform for you 3D model, ready for printing. Despite the fact that the 3D-modeling, scanning, and printing has long been used in many areas of our lives, such services for private use are considered to be an expensive treat. This is not quite true. Today, in order to perform 3D modeling and printing, you do not need to buy expensive printer and learn work with special programs: all this can do for you experts NBY IT companies at an affordable price; you simply order the service for 3D-modeling.

We carry out 3D-modeling almost any possible source. It suffices to drawing, pictures, photos or even a verbal description of the object to create its high-grade and high-quality model. The finished model we retain in any of the available formats (customer’s choice). If you do not know which format suits you, you can always consult on this matter with our staff.

You can contact the NBYIT Solution, if you need to: 3D-modeling of the object on a photo, picture; Virtual 3D-modeling products on the drawing; 3D-model for a video presentation; 3D-modeling of architectural objects; 3D model for the online catalog;

3D modeling services for printing:

At all stages of the work, we take into account the client’s wishes. As a result, each established in NBY IT 3d modeling services are completely consistent with what you would like to receive. We carefully approach to each order, and use the most effective methods.

Four reasons to choose us NBYIT 3d Modeling Services:

  1. High accuracy scans 3D-model. 2. Opportunity scans any types of objects 3. Departure of expert’s equipment to the client 4. After scanning you can order printing service platform 3D-modeling, 3D-scanning and 3D-printing any object.

A wide range of equipment and leading experts in the field of 3D-technology allows NBY IT solve any problems of your business and to implement the most ambitious ideas. Individual approach to every customer, high quality products and efficiency in the performance – the main advantages NBY IT, providing a solid foundation for a long and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers.

Each designer or fashion designer, we offer a unique opportunity to implement their ideas with the help of 3D-modeling. If you are interested to develop in this area – please contact us about it.

Benefits NBY IT 3d Modeling services:

Professional equipment for the solution of any types of problems; highly qualified specialists in the field of 3D-technology; a wide selection of 3D-materials; Possibility of 3D-scanning of any types of objects.

3D-modeling services, 3D-visualization and industrial design:

We solve your problem on the 3D-design, 3D-modeling; we can perform a wide range of works. If you have questions, please contact us.

3D-design parts, buildings, products, machinery components. Design pressure molds and products for casting technology. Industrial modeling (NURBS, solid, surface, 3D-topology). reverse-engineering .Scan 3D (surfaces, sheet metal reamer). Parametric modeling. Polygonal modeling (high-poly). The scheme works on 3D-design, 3D-modeling-and 3D-visualization

  1. Apply for the terms of reference in our template 2. Sign the agreement and list the advance payment of 50% 3. We do the basic model for reconciliation 4. The adjustments are made, please be ideal 5. Send the remaining 50% payment  6. Get a work result 3 reasons why you need to work with us. We undertake the incarnation of all applications. Generally all.

We own the broadest set of tools. Our engineers have experience in more than 15 years. We do not stop until we find a solution to the problem, trying various methods. We put quality in the forefront, never do on a “win, a fascist, a grenade.” Differentiated approach to the client. Everyone – his own, someone needs to modeling class, someone polygonal modeling, etc. We can do everything.

Unique 3D-modeling services:

3D-modeling (or three-dimensional modeling) product embodies the idea of ​​the designer or the designer. Stage production of three-dimensional model is absolutely necessary for the start of production of the product. This is the cornerstone, is the future of the product. As a result, 3D-modeling obtained volumetric representation of the industrial product design. 3D-ready models can be changed at any time in the process of re-engineering at the lowest cost compared to redesign or change the finished solid model.

3D-visualization of models

Visualization created three-dimensional model gives a clear understanding of how the product will look like, allows visually evaluate the quality of the proposed product design, think about some of the details – colors, graphic elements, etc. Beautiful realistic 3D-visualization of the model, creating a complete 3D-scenes enable the customer to appreciate more fully embodies the idea. Our tools for 3D-modeling-and 3D-vizaualizatsion Solid Works, Rhinoceros 3D, 3DS Max, Zbrush, Maya, Catia, Solid Edge, Inventor, Alias.

Full production from the ground up: industrial design , 3D-modeling and design of any complexity , 3D-printing , rapid prototyping , the release of a series of small pieces of plastic and rubber for casting technology in silicone molds . We work on industrial equipment for 3D-printing and have extensive experience in 3D-printing. We also have a design office with a great portfolio of products for the design of various complexities.

Our engineering and manufacturing company operating in the “single window” concept. You communicate with one manager-engineer who thoroughly understands your project, because it works with you from the beginning to the end result. You do not spend time searching for a new contractor for each stage of the work, and another explanation of what you want. The manager, knowing all our opportunities together with you prescribe the terms of reference, based on your objectives. You are very comfortable, and most importantly – you save money and time.

3D modeling services a complex process:

3D modeling services a complex process. 3D-modeling for 3D-printing – is a separate knowledge, is available only a few 3D-designers. We have successfully mastered this science and are ready to implement your ideas into 3D-models that then they found the matter with the help of 3D-printing. Delivery times and costs 3D-modeling depend on the complexity of the problem. If you have an idea, a wish, 3D-model, which should be adapted to the requirements of 3D-printing, but you do not know how to write or call us, we’ll help you!

The complexity of the 3D-modeling for 3D-printing is that it is important to simulate taking into account features of the technology and the laws of the physical world, because the 3D-model will find matter with help of 3D-printers. In addition, 3D-printing of different materials require different approaches to 3D-modeling, each material is a lot of nuances that are important to consider. We have already passed a long way down the road 3D-modeling for 3D-printing, got a lot of experience and knowledge. Our 3D-model, becoming the products perfectly fit into the world around us and its physical laws.

3D modeling services from a sketch

3D-modeling from a sketch, 3D-modeling verbal description, 3D-modeling on the technical task, 3D-modeling for drawing, Adaptation of 3D-ready models to the 3D-printing.

We are able to simulate prototypes mechanisms figures, corporate gifts and more. We model the photo, in the drawing, the sketch, the image from the Internet, according to the child’s drawing, verbal description, technical specification, and how you like.

All of our works look on the tag 3D-modeling. Development and design of equipment, buildings. Developing a set of design documentation. 3D-modeling of complex configuration surfaces. Design of molds of any complexity. Making drawings of any complexity on the order. Topological Optimization

Examples of our work on the design

We advocate the principle of “one window”. This means that you do not have to break the creation of your product into several pieces and look for individual performers for each of them, wasting time, nerves and money. We provide full-cycle services, you have a project engineer who knows the answers to all your questions, because he is a professional versed in 3D-modeling, 3D-printing, 3D-scanning, designing, molding plastics, and many other areas of production and life at all.

We undertake to solve your problem in a comprehensive and responsible both for the individual stages and for the final result. 3D-modeling and designing devices from scratch, creating an analog device. Improvement of the existing sample. Creating the first prototype, creating a 3D-rendering model of your device to see how it will look in the real world, Development of design documentation for the transfer of production, Creation of mold Topological optimization of object.

Bionic 3d Modeling services design:

Designers, observing nature, use its bases and principles of the device to solve their problems. This is called bionic design. Engineers use wildlife patterns in technical devices and buildings, architecture, furnishings and much more. Bionic design principles also form the basis of topological optimization objects. The advantages of bionic design. Preserving the structural integrity of structures, topological optimization. Reducing the amount of material without loss of strength properties of the parts. Creation of structures with complex geometry using honeycomb structures. Optimization of the production cost by reducing the amount of material.

Find out more or ask a question

If you have any questions about the capabilities of the design and development of products, buildings, surface creation of 3D-models, solid state of 3D-models, preparation of design documentation, please contact us any way you want.

About NBYIT 3d Modeling Services:

The company was founded in 2007 as an online service 3D modeling services, ready to work with the diverse tasks. To date, our activities went far beyond the 3D Modeling services. During this time we managed to create its own design office, we have, without false modesty, brilliant engineers that can design a product of any complexity, taking into account the requirements of any production technology. In addition to design, we are experts in industrial design, 3D-scanning, reverse engineering; we do drawings, CD and more.

In addition, we have our own manufacturing base, as well as a long list of proven technology partners, which allows us and you to create and build projects from scratch to final product within the same company.

We have a strong design department and its specialists are able to speak a human language with the customer and produce the same product in different ways. Because of this, your personal manager will offer you the option of production, which will be ideal for your particular problem.

Our company is relatively young, but we have already created thousands of products in various fields: radio-electronic equipment, architectural models, transportation, medicine, light industry, consumer goods, etc.

Our 3d Modeling Services advantages

You can send us a job at any stage of the product creation: idea, drawing, prototype, etc., and therefore part of the rights of others mistakes that prevent a qualitative final product. The concept of “one window”. Are you running a personal project manager who perfectly understands your project, work on it from the ground up to the result?

Production management. The personal manager is developing a strategy and tactics for the production of your product, precise production plan (time, cost of each phase), and selects the optimum solution strictly follows the plan, controlling each stage.

A wide range of technologies. You will save time for setting the terms of reference, coordination between contractors, contract, etc. Highly raised the bar of customer focus. We have no problem to convince you to give us money. We want you to be satisfied with the result, and return to us again.

Our 3d Modeling services achievements:

More than 10,000 executed orders, thousands of satisfied customers. Organization of competitions together with renowned companies in the field of 3D-technology.