3d modeling visualization and animation

3d modeling visualization and animation: 3D Modeling

3d modeling visualization and animation Involves the creation of various objects in 3D programs. The cost of this service depends on the complexity of the geometry of the object being created and, its textures and texture (materiality), realistic scene (Entourage), etc. 3D Object can be anything: real or fantastic character, architectural detail, detail mechanism model souvenir or building etc.

A separate area is work with engineers and designers. 3D modeling in modern manufacturing is the main stage in the creation of new products. Most companies are already not one year use the advantages offered by this technology. 3D design phase appears to take into account all future technological features production and functionality of the product.


The availability of 3D model allows you to take advantage of modern technology of 3D printing and create a prototype of the future product. A great advantage is the possibility to modify the 3D model that simplifies the process of restyling. 3D modeling allows you to reduce the complexity of the process of creating new models and improve product quality. The cost of creating the 3D model (polygonal frame) of a real object or under sketches and drawings of the customer, depending on the complexity ranges from 3 000 to 25 000 Taka.

Creation of unique models or designs (including the sketching stage) will cost from 8 000 to 60 000 Taka, depending on the complexity and the level of technical requirements. Perhaps also create 3D models with an external human Portrait resemblance.

3d modeling visualization and animation: Animation:

When you have finished the service cost model consists of two parts:

The creation of rolling a “skeleton” with preset parameters and rotation limiters, bending, twisting, etc for further animate. The cost is from 10 000 to 50 000 Taka. Depending on the complexity of the “skeleton” and recruitment requirements morphs and movements.

Creating animation clip. The cost depends on the complexity of the scenario, the level of quality and duration, the movements in the price range: 5000-25 000 taka min., and 1000-5000 taka./sec., if the movie less than a minute.

3d modeling visualization and animation: 3d Visualization

Create realistic three-dimensional spatial images of objects (the exteriors and interiors of sketches or drawings). As a rule, for approvals or printed materials. Visualization does not imply a transfer to the customer a polygonal 3D models, and the end product is a raster image (given format and resolution). To achieve spectacular impressions during the performance can be used and 2D graphic programs.

Price depends on the complexity of the design, from the image resolution (number of pixels) and the requirements for the degree of realism of the transfer of materiality, lighting, etc.

If you do not take into account the dates, approximate calculation of prices when working on a rendering of the Interior of the following:

  • Using elements of furniture, appliances, and fixtures of cliparts-200 p. m2;
  • With non-standard and simulated space furniture-300-450 Taka per m2;
  • With a large amount of simulated furniture, sophisticated plastics, moulding, etc. — From 500 Taka. per m2.

When working on the exterior is sometimes required to model the only one façade, and sometimes a whole panorama of sprawl. Small country house on the complexity of its impressive saturation, tectonics and plastic decision might many times exceed the multi-storey building large area. And hence rendering requirements of the exterior is very individual and prices may vary between 10 000 to 500 000 Taka and important deadlines. The experience of our work, creating a polygonal 3D models average cottage and its visualization with a high degree of realism and suitable for printing quality usually costs 25 000.