NBY It 3d Product Design Company

NBY It 3d Product Design Company has the experienced designers. Devoted both to the research and development of new products and to redesign and reverse engineering of existing projects. In order to make them more current and compatible with new production technologies.


We are talking about Industrial Design. Better known as Industrial Design which includes the use of Arts and applied sciences to design? And improve a product in all respects aesthetic and technical such as shape color material ergonomics usability functionality manufacturing and disposal.


The significance of Industrial Design is therefore very broad. Which is not limited to the mere technical design of an object? It involves the study of the relationship between object user and production. Taking also into consideration market scenarios and the entire product life cycle.

NBY It 3d Product Design Company is able to professionally manage the most varied design projects. From the initial stages of “Concept Design” that exposes the preliminary design ideas. Until the final phase of assistance during production. Including all the intermediate steps of design. Choice of materials 3D modeling prototyping. And coaching of technicians in the engineering phase.

Our designers work closely with the departments of marketing and communication. in order to collect the necessary data to estimate preliminary project research. Defining specific design guidelines for developing a winning product. Always working in teams with professional communicators to NBY It 3d Product Design Company. Our designers once defined the product. Proceed with the development of the brand. You need to set your entire marketing plan.


Defining the goal

PROJECTING PHASE – data collection and preliminary studies

Analysis of the client company

Analysis and study of the products

Market research (market competition target pricing)

Analysis of current and future trends

Design research (production techniques materials new technologies competitors and trendsetter)

Ergonomic studies


Brainstorming and concept maps

Development of project drafts (freehand sketches drafts 2D or 3D)

Development of concept design (aesthetic and functional proposals variants)

Revision and definition of the project

Photorealistic 3D rendering

Specifying the materials colors and finishes


Technical design (drawings and technical drawings)

Definition of production technology

3D modeling

Prototyping using 3D printing

Sampling and prototyping support

Assistance in production


Naming (development of the product name)

Logo design

Making packaging

Graphic design

Product pictures

Dedicated website


As you can see the “creative phase” in which many tend to incorrectly identify the whole process of a Design project. it is just one of the steps. Which may not preclude an extensive and detailed preliminary research? Identified with the Meta project. The Design work culminating in the technical phase. Which would provide all the necessary materials to the production of the product itself?


The job of Restyling such as Design. Is not intended to be just as superficial stylistic solution: normally includes all phases of the design process above. The latter will be treated in a less thorough if they choose to act on newly designed products or “iconic products” the company whose character must be preserved almost unchanged. We speak in this case of “simple Restyling” that could affect even one product feature. Such as the shape material color or finish. When the redesign is “radical” is called the Redesign and scope of design is comparable to the creation of a new product.

Why create the redesign of a product?

First of all because in the light of the development of new materials and new technologies. a review of the product. Its components. Allows in many cases a cost and production time. This means savings for the company. And become more competitive in the market. As well as have a better product.

Secondly because often with minimal investment by the customer. You can make it modern or present an existing product. Through small changes or with the wise choice of colors materials and finishes.

Latest motivation to support the redesign is the fact that “historical” products of a company which has always known and appreciated. They deserve to be updated and modernized. As both were given but much can still give the manufacturer regaining their market position.


The term “Industrial Design” until a few years ago had referred exclusively to the design for mass production of products high number of pieces and all absolutely identical to each other. The rest was to be considered craftwork architecture or art. Lately things have changed and today thanks to new manufacturing technologies and the increasing use of 3D printing. NBY It 3d Product design company designers are at your disposal for the design and construction of objects in limited or even completely custom pieces.

Don’t think of the designer only as a designer of tables and chairs. Often confuses the broader term of Industrial Design. To Product Design (product design) which is limited basically to objects. Whether they are small or large format. We can thus summarize our industrial Design activities into four major subcategories: product design interior design communication design and design of systems.

The “interior design” is not synonymous with “Interior Design” as many think but embraces the stylistic and architectural design any environment; both internal content and permanent (such as rooms apartments public buildings etc.) and external (like temporary installations pavilions markets bus stops etc.) including all service areas on a human scale (like an elevator wagon trains the cab of a tractor ATM etc.).

The “communication design” is often conducted in partnership with communications and marketing experts as it includes search and implementation of new communication channels creative diverse technological and social which are both supporting a draft notice.

The “design” is the design of goods and services integrated and coordinated to effectively share the project within markets and complex societies with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of the product/service and the quality of life of users.

Many other minor branches are dealt with by the Department of Design in NBY It 3d Product design company as the “Interior Design” the “Fashion Design” (which in turn includes the design of fashion accessories fashion and graphics) the “Food Design” the “Furniture Design” (furniture and furnishing) the “Transportation Design” and many other subcategories.



NBY It 3d Product design company designer like Excel in creativity when it comes to develop design concepts for our clients getting more original and unique results. We believe it is fundamental however give the possibility to have a perception that the project more tangible and we can obtain with the help of Advanced 3D modeling software and rapid prototyping machines.

The modern design cannot be separated by new technologies that allow us to obtain detailed 3D models and renderings. Editable shareable saleable slot type 3D environments but especially easily created by production engineers.


From virtual to real with just one click? All this is possible today up from three dimensional digital model to the physical object is indeed short thanks to the new generation of 3D printers that our study has.

NBY It 3d Product Design Company has headquarters in Dhaka the only one that also has a fully equipped laboratory and qualified personnel for on-site using the best 3D ABS plastic filaments and PLA (a new bio plastic from interesting features).

You can then quickly squeeze between your hands real prototypes scale or at actual size. many colors and materials available in various grades of accuracy and surface finish. 3D printers routinely used and home-built inside the NBY FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology also known as FFF (Melting filament manufacturing); a process additive which settles through sophisticated motorized extruders polymeric material melted heated nozzles move on three axes releasing thin layers on top of each other that compose the object.

We can then create any form in three dimensions the only limit is often the creativity … but also that you think NBY It 3d Product Design Company.

NBY It 3d Product Design Company is a modern study of communication that makes use of the most current practice areas: communication social media strategy product design interior design accessory design web marketing and event management.

Here you will find a multifaceted team composed of established professional’s graduates and field formats in these sectors. NBY It 3d Product Design Company is a new and unique in its kind which goes beyond the traditional advertising agency since it can make creative solutions in various fields between them.

This strategic choice just to be even more handsome and offer our customers more services interacting with a greater number of suppliers employees and associations from the high technological and creative know-how.

Are you curious to see completed projects? Browse our portfolio.