The NBY 3d product modeling company offer all types of 3d products model which are industry standard. To create a three-dimensional (3D) model requires computer design documentation, in accordance with our requirements on the design. If the customer has no ready-made blueprints to build 3D models of products and parts and elements of the product, such documentation can develop our experts on your sketches or even physical product prototypes.

If the customer can provide a set of design documentation at the first stage NBY 3d product modeling company will need to analyses the submissions received and after to agree on clarification and comments. When performing 3d modeling to reduce costs and accounting features of our production will need to take into account the particularities of generated 3D models when conducting technological process that may require finalization of documentation.


During the design phase of 3D product models in the design documentation to ensure accurate models of parts needed exact alignment with the technologist production line on a number of parameters (tolerances, landing, the location of the surfaces, roughness of surfaces and Foundry biases).

3D product model with 3D library parts included in the product in a consistent format that the client can use to advertise their products on the site and print magazines. The possibility of dealing with 3D models of products in different angles, scale and the necessary color palette, to explore options for a product to the manufacturing process. Kit design documents (drawings and specifications), if these are taken into account in the contract and in the course of the work carried out finishing Kit from the employer.

In fact, 3D modeling plays an important role in modern society. Today it is widely used in marketing, architectural design and cinematography, not to mention industry. 3-D modeling to create a prototype of the future buildings, a commercial product in a bulk format. 3D modeling of the important role played during the presentation and demonstration of any product or service.

Thanks to the advent and popularization of 3D-print 3D-modeling was transferred to a new level and was in demand as never before. Each person can nape chat drawn by him or downloaded from the internet 3D-object, whether it is a design model or favorite cartoon character. Naturally, not all versed in the 3D-programs and are able to simulate three-dimensional objects. Hence the demand for a profession in the field of 3D modeling has grown many times over the last decade.

3D modeling – is designing a three-dimensional model according to a predetermined drawing or sketch. To construct a volume object model using special software and hardware products imaging devices as computers, tablets, and office equipment. In the simulation, an important step is the rendering – the transformation of the rough variation model pleasant to the eye size.

Modern three-dimensional computer graphics allows you to create the most realistic model of the object, which can be difficult to distinguish from ordinary pictures. Professionally modeled presentation allows a high level to demonstrate the product or service to potential customers, partners, and investors.


Create different character models. This is typically used when creating cartoons and for the design of modern computer video games.

3D visualization of buildings. This involved planning organizations that wish to evaluate the customer’s design features for the future facility.

Creating 3D models of interior items. In most cases they carry out design companies to demonstrate the aesthetic properties of the exposition.

Advertising and Marketing. Non-standard objects are required often for advertising. An important component of the three-dimensional graphics is played during the demonstration of any services. This allows for a spectacular impression on the persons concerned.

Production of exclusive ornaments. Professional artists and jewelers use special programs that allow you to create an original and unique design.

Manufacture of furniture and accessories. Manufacturing furniture companies are often used to develop three-dimensional models for the placement of their products in electronic catalogs.

Industrial sphere. Modern production is impossible to imagine without the modeling product. Each item or a full-fledged object is easier to collect the finished and sophisticated 3D-model.

The medical field. For example, during angioplasty or surgery, are increasingly using the three-dimensional graphics to demonstrate to the patient, as the procedure will take place, and what will be the result.

3D modeling, animation and rendering of objects plays an important role in the modern world in the implementation of various business processes, and successful interaction with the customer.

Benefit of 3d product modeling

The ability to create three-dimensional drawings and 3D models.

Ability to work with all the simulation tools.

The acquisition of skills that will become a professional designer or architect.

Achievement of objectives, the promotion of professional or career plan.

The study of the principles of three-dimensional graphics is ideal not only for engineers, designers, fashion designers and architects, but also for all those who love to create three-dimensional objects on the set of drawings in architecture and benefit from this high profit.


Heads of construction companies. Three-dimensional graphics allows you to more effectively demonstrate the object to potential buyers.

The administration of trade and exhibition halls. In order to attract tenants they order the appropriate three-dimensional images supermarket, shopping mall.

Representatives of the advertising agency. Demonstration of any product or service in a three-dimensional image allows you to more effectively present the goods.

In addition to the orders and joined ordinary people who need to print any objects the 3D-printer. Throughout world have been actively developing 3D-printing.

3D product modeling company today plays a really important role and apparently will continue to evolve.