3D Rapid Prototyping Services:

3D Rapid Prototyping Services is a mix of industrial techniques that will allow you to make your prototype which is the first product of a future series of final production.

We give shape to your ideas. 3D Rapid Prototyping Services is a very delicate operation and is a technique that is able to satisfy fully the demands of the designer giving right now the excitement of a perfect prototype allowing them to appreciate the geometries forms and any other useful feature to evaluate the feasibility and suitability of the finished product before organizing and planning of production.

The low cost it is not a sign of low quality. We use professional high-performance 3D printers capable of reaching a top quality printing with resolutions that can reach up to 0 015mm (15 micron) of layers reproducing so any shape with maximum efficiency both aesthetic and functional without ever missing the target aiming only at maximum client satisfaction.

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3D Rapid Prototyping Services1

Who we work for:

The sectors are endless as 3D Rapid Prototyping Services has no limits of shapes or geometries and materials used are manifold. It can be applied in various fields: from design to production but also to home users who want to give life to their ideas!

Technology FLD:

FLD (Fast Layer Deposition) technology is the evolution of FDM technology and allows you to create models in an augmentation plastic filament layers overlapping each other until the finished object. Using two extruders also soluble and easily removable media can be constructed. Thanks to this solution so you can print more complex shapes. The types of materials used are: ABS PC PC-ABS PPSF Ultem PC-ISO.

Other 3D Rapid Prototyping Services technologies coming:

Stereo lithography SLA: with a laser solidifies liquid material;
SLS Sintering: with a laser solidifies the powdered material;
Technology Objet: through 8 nozzles atomizes epoxy;
Sintering DMLS: solidifies the powder of metallic material,

3D Rapid Prototyping Services: process steps

3D Rapid Prototyping Services The analysis of the CAD file:

A 3D file created with any CAD STL format is converted using the appropriate changes to prevent the file from 3D Polygonal file (mesh) leaks of definition in order to safeguard the final product.

3D Rapid Prototyping Services Feasibility study:

Then our team will examine a feasibility study which analyzes in a particular manner the thickness of the prototype to be implemented in relation to construction technology choice. Then we start the production stage: STL files are sent to the machine and proceed to the realization of the prototype.

3D Rapid Prototyping Services2

3D Rapid Prototyping Services Post-process:

You start a post process which involves the removal of the support material (needed to hold pieces in construction phase) or in an eventual finish to make the products. As last step you perform a dimensional inspection to verify that the prototype meets all required dimensions and tolerances.

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