If you can imagine it NBY 3D Scanning Modeling Printing services can produce it

3 Dimensions a single reality. NBY 3D Scanning Modeling Printing services provider is a Best company made up of young people with enthusiasm and professionalism work together to provide the best possible service. Whether you are a business or a private person a student or an architect a designer or an enthusiast model you can contact NBY 3D Scanning Modeling Printing Services. NBY 3D Scanning Modeling Printing services offer scanning services modeling and 3D printing prototyping and miniatures models and architectural models gadget and furnishings.



A 3D scanner is a tool that allows you to capture and measure the 3D shapes of different objects in appearance sizes and colors-faster. It is able to produce the three-dimensional digital model of a real object. The file that comes out can be further elaborated and amended.

How does it work?

The 3D digitizing is in general a process that allows detection points arranged in a three dimensional space representing the surface of the object with extreme accuracy.

The high amount of data acquired in a short time you can run the geometric survey of objects with a remarkable level of detail and completeness. The aim is to obtain a three-dimensional digital model that responds to the reality of the scanned object and then conduct design studies and restoration and conservation or for playback through the 3D Printing.

What NBY 3D Scanning Modeling Printing services offer?

We offer 3D scanning and reverse engineering services directed at the transformation of real life in a digital graphic representation.

Fields of application

The 3D scanning technology is suitable for use in many different contexts such as mechanical industrial design visual effects fashion and medical field for the digitization of technical objects artistic natural to analyze and develop internal processes.

3D Modeling Services:

With 3D modeling indicates a process to define any three-dimensional shape in a virtual space generated on computers. The 3D modeling therefore stems from the need to develop a product more or less complex in 3 dimensions while postponing anchored in the two-dimensional field.

How does it work?

The main objective is to recreate what already exists or even create what does not exist creating forms environments landscapes buildings through digital artist’s hand assume a real consistency. All this is put into practice through the use of dedicated software called 3D modelers.

What NBY 3D Scanning Modeling Printing services offer?


From your two-dimensional drawings to CAD on paper or any type of design or photo that contains dimensional references NBY 3D Scanning Modeling Printing services can create a three-dimensional mathematical model of your project complete with all materials made in the manner best suited to 3D printing. NBY 3D Scanning Modeling Printing services can manufacture any prototype in 3D.

Fields of application:

The use of 3D modeling aimed at prototyping is widely used in engineering architecture courses industrial design and packaging the filmography and marketing to the personalization for the private thus opening very broad scenarios to graphic realization.

3D Printing Services

While the traditional press returns two-dimensional images on white sheets which can also be combined text 3D printing creates objects made completely from scratch.

3D printing is a recent procedure based on a fascinating technology that falls within the dell’Additive manufacturing family for which a three-dimensional object is created through a series of multiple layers of material. Unlike traditional manufacturing additive manufacturing refers to any process that adds material instead of removing it.

How does it work?

3D printer’s high tech machines allow to produce three-dimensional objects from a digital model it is usually developed in CAD or scanned by 3D scanners.

The objects are produced inside the printer via a stratified for the addition process in which the use of the print heads allows pasting and coloring the gypsum powder material and polymers creating the three-dimensional model or prototype. The result in a nutshell is the realization of a figure that meets all three dimensions in real space previously made to the computer.

What NBY 3D Scanning Modeling Printing services offer?

The nature of the 3D printing allows ease of customization. Directly from your file or consequently the previous modeling phase NBY 3D Scanning Modeling Printing services perform 3D printing of any pattern.

We provide the technology 3D printing jets of color (CJP) which allows you to create prototypes and objects of all kinds monochrome or shades of color boasting a range that reaches the 6 million different shades to a level of unparalleled detail of up to 0.1mm resolution.

The use of this service for the production of prototypes and components allows to drastically reduce development costs reducing production times and eliminating the tooling costs for the production and waste costs.

Fields of application:

Print ad hoc components has become a habit in fields such as industrial production design engineering architecture design clothing objects medicine robotics and power.

Having the ability to quickly produce prototypes of projects to be launched in a big way that also respects the physical characteristics of the product is definitely not a small thing.

Our printing service 3d is therefore aimed at architects engineers and designers but also for businesses and individuals who want to make real their projects or to verify the characteristics of products developing.

Nowadays there is no more accurate and economical way of 3D printing to make or to see come to life the projects and products that are being developed.

With 3D printing you can do just about anything from the prototype to the final product for any type of profession or industry.

WHAT NBY 3D Scanning Modeling Printing services CREATE

Touch to believe.

We create architectural models interior and exterior environmental industrial and volumetric design geological and educational sporting facilities and historical monuments for dissertations or study projects. All with the possibility of lighting and modular monochrome or colored with over 6 million tones realized in a short time and at low prices.

Whatever your project NBY 3D Scanning Modeling Printing services are able to achieve it.

Design without limits

Being able to see and touch your projects makes it easier their development and their management partnership from the concreteness of a detailed and realistic prototype in shapes and colors you have the ability to perform functional and aesthetic evaluations and any necessary changes need to all production levels.

3D printing allows you to quickly create high-quality realistic prototypes at low cost reducing time to market and increasing competitiveness. Present during the client development model of the product 3D allows you to evaluate those small changes that give added value in terms of customer satisfaction eliminating future interventions. NBY 3D Scanning Modeling Printing Services is the right choice to design without limits so fast detailed and cost.

Emotions to be transmitted

Thanks to 3D printing in full color creativity has no limits. Communicate your emotions and characterized your style and your image with an icon!

NBY 3D Scanning Modeling Printing Services is the ideal partner if you want to create and produce personalized gadgets to give to your customers or to collect.

The possibilities are potentially endless: 3D miniatures of your logo cases for smartphones key rings personalized usb keys company gadgets office decorations stands for counters shops and shop windows merchandising for fairs.. and much more!

Propose your idea NBY 3D Scanning Modeling Printing services will be happy to achieve it together!

Your creativity our strength

The design was born from the imagination: sinuous fluid and elegant or other geometric rigid and sharp stand out in the designer’s mind. Bright colors matte shades gradients go to decorate.

Among the project idea and industrial production an essential step in the life of a product design is its prototype.

Be it a product from design to the furniture automotive marine and nautical fashion or even packaging design with our services you can give life to the idea turn it into reality.

Objects of use furniture furnishing accessories such as lamps appliances containers and utensils are just some examples of what can be represented through the 3D printing technology.

Be your own hero

One of the key developments for the new scanning and 3D printing technologies is a faithful reproduction of human characters heroes’ animals in their whole nature.

In a few minutes you can capture extreme detail appearance and colors of your entire body or only of the details of your face. What comes out is a miniature of yourself on a scale a “mini-you” equal in every way to the original.

On important occasions such as a wedding or for example maternity put on the wedding cake figurines depicting the true spouses or capture the mother with the “baby bump” is priceless. You can keep a fragment of life lived over time in a tangible way.

Without forgetting fantasy miniatures movie stars sports entertainment comics video games. Everything can be recreated in 3D.