NBY 3D scanning Services offer an innovative service fast and easy to reproduce in 3D any objects of different sizes from the small ring to the full body scan of people to achieve the selfish in 3D. The possible applications of a 3D scanning Services change depending on the type of activities to be undertaken: a prototype replication, rendering, customizing objects, measuring with accuracy to the tenth of a millimeter, landscaping, etc.

In addition NBY 3D Scanning Services are able to obtain the objects directly with its original colors allowing creating a perfect reproduction of newly scanned. The acquired model can be exported in popular 3D formats (STL, OBJ, VRML, 3DS etc.) thus giving you the opportunity to make appropriate amendments to the parameters by using the most popular modeling software on the market. Partial or full scan of the person and the subsequent detailed printout of the subject.


Scanning and 3D printing:

You can get 3D scanning services in digital format, viewable from all major 3D software and then have them print 3d physics in size and material of your choice.

Our 3D scanning services:

In NBY 3D printing service NBY 3D Scanning Services scan everyday objects of different sizes from the small ring to the full body scan of people to achieve the selfies in 3D. Scans then can be printed in 3D in various materials NBY 3D Scanning Services have available.

What is it and how does a scan for 3D Models:

There are devices capable of emitting an electromagnetic pulse (laser) and to receive the reflected signal these devices use different technologies in contact for manual gripping or without contact by means of laser scanning 3d or 3d structured light scanning depending on the specific needs of the customer.

By the term structured light is referred to a three-dimensional detection technique belonging typically use of laser beams short focus lens and shoot cameras that is to project a known pattern (often horizontal or vertical lines) on a scene.

The way in which the projected image is deformed by hitting an object allows to vision systems to calculate the depth of the affected objects and obtain other information on the surface.

The measuring instrument is called in this case structured light 3D scanner.

3D scanning services offered by NBY

These tools use different 3D scanning technologies the use of this technology can be used in all areas and can be used for:

Acquisition of physical objects
Reverse engineering
Copying and scanning
The 3D scanner NBY 3D Scanning Services have available are Artec Eva  the J-Scan and Geomagic Capture

3D Scanner “Artec Eva” precise and fast

For professional acquisitions in point clouds. Detailed objects. Ideal for body scan. The 3D scanners Artec are a high scan speed and accuracy family of transportable three-dimensional scanner.

The scanner Artec Eva is similar to a camera that works in 3D. It ‘a 3D scanner without contact ideal for three-dimensional digitization of physical models is equipped with an extreme ease of handling and software kit in these systems is able to recognize the geometry of the solid and automatically align the 3D images detected without the use of any type of marker or referencing system.

3D Scanner “Geomagic Capture”


The ultra-compact 3D scanner Capture accurate data using the technology of blue light LED. This amazing device captures one million points in 0.3 seconds to create detailed models of physical objects with accuracy between 0.06-0.118 mm.

3D Scanner “J-Scan”

3D scanner for jewelry and dental industry. Maximum productivity.

Acquire real models to start in design with the advantage of not having to build everything from scratch. Competitiveness and ease of use in addition to the absolute quality of the scans. JScan  is a scanner with two axes high highly accurate performance specifically designed for jewelry. Featuring structured light technology it achieves the precision of 15 microns. The scanning process is fully automated. High accuracy and repeatability – of less than 15 microns  tests carried out in metrology environment. The 3D scanner for dental and jewelery.

What is it and what does a 3D Scanning services do?

A  3D scanner can be defined as a device capable of acquiring optical mode a physical surface to interpret it as a set of pixels and then to reconstruct the three-dimensional copy in the form of 3D files.

NBY is leader in Bangladesh in the distribution of 3D scanners for industrial use professional or personal  all items on this page are produced  by 3D Systems  Artec and EGS. NBY 3D Scanning Services offer solutions from the smallest Sense 3D for personal use  to Artec 3D scanners for industrial use.

NBY is the largest Bangladesh distributor authorized 3D Systems. NBY 3D Scanning Services sell 3D printers and 3D scanners and NBY 3D Scanning Services deal with everything related to the world of 3D printing in Bangladesh.

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