3D visualization of objects in the environment

3D visualization of objects in the environment – the process of creating accurate, realistic images of objects with the help of computer programs and putting them into the environment. Using the 3D visualization environment helps make the 3D visualization more realistic and vivid.

Placing an item in the environment is an integral part of any project. Image on a white background need for careful consideration of the object (for example, used in online stores), and the environment is necessary for a better understanding of the subject (how it works, it looks like in reality), to establish emotional contact with the consumer (especially advertising).

3D visualization with additional objects makes the image more “tasty”, rich and memorable. On the cost of the project 3D visualization and surrounded by complexity of the task is significantly affected (the more detail – the more time and money spent). The cost will be lower if the terms of reference are clear and have all the necessary information materials to create the model.


The prices depend on:

  • Complexity of the project (3D-model of the product);
  • Deadlines;
  • The presence or absence of text and visual materials about the project;
  • Do we need to develop the ideas (for advertising 3D VISUALIZATION, for example).

3d visualization services where it is used?

3D visualization projects:

One of the most important applications of 3D visualization of objects in the environment – 3D-rendering of a design project. This applies to any technical development – from the missile to the production of headphones. For the presentation of the project to customers or investors need quality selling image. You can get them with the help of 3D visualization. The company has fulfilled hundreds of clones of such orders, the last of them – the design control panel for smart home system.

Services 3D visualization: advertising

Promotional materials cannot do without the use of 3D visualization. First, some items quite difficult to photograph. For example, in perfume advertising is often used object-3D visualization. Typically, the vial is not photographed, and visualized. This helps to avoid glare from the glass and show the product with the best side.

Second, often with advertising non-existent characters or scenes that are impossible to recreate without the use of 3d visualization of the subject. They also need this technology.

In both cases, the advertising is preferred visualization environment. For example, in the advertising of vodka to the most bottle glasses add an image, snacks, ice. The campaign posters regularly uses a variety of chips – bottle fly around the chain, placed in a circle of the spotlight, add guitar neck to neck. All this is achieved through the use of 3D visualization environment.

Create visualization in web design, games and movies

3D visualization in an environment used to create websites, computer games and their characters, special effects in the film (the elements are created separately and then fit into a movie by compositing – inserts into the frame). To develop characters for video games, refer to clones. Modeling and Visualization – our strong point!

3D visualization of objects in architectural design

Architectural design begins with sketches, layouts and presentations. First they need for investors who invest their money in construction. Later – Promotional wide use and sale of real estate developer. Also need 3D visualization of the exterior, for clarity of the future infrastructure of the residential quarter. Thanks to the beautiful image “at home, which is not” (or which is still under construction) is easier to “sell a dream.” To create the interior design is also used in 3D VISUALIZATION environment. It helps to see the whole picture before the start of repair work and present a future project in the best possible light.

Creating a 3d visualization environment: steps

Creating a three-dimensional geometric model in the design renderings. Before you make a 3d visualization need to create a 3D-model of the future product in a special program. This will require sketches, drawings, images, photographs (if the object actually exists), text descriptions and technical documentation.

Texture mapping on the model. Once the model is ready for her chosen texture. Texture – a texture of an object (eg., cars) or drawing (for example, the future of the character). It is necessary to convey the nature of the surface materials of which is made the object of his color.

Creating a scene environment. After texturing proceed to the selection and creation of the environment for the subject. It can be simple things like a table, food, and can be something special.

Adjusting lighting 3d visualization projects. After the composition is prepared to give it realism. It is responsible for this light. Therefore, 3D-modeler carefully studies all the options and chooses the right balance of light and shade, the brightness level.

Configuring additional special effects. These include reflections on the subject and the environment, brightness was about it, the fog droplets on the container or fruit, and other elements that enliven the picture, make it natural.

Rendering – the final stage of the services of 3D visualization, the process of obtaining an image of the model, which imposed a texture and put the light.

Post-processing 3D visualization (usually done a few options) in the graphic editors (often used in Adobe Photoshop). The final stage – giving gloss images, perhaps making minor tweaks, adding effects, which will make the image brighter.

Order Services 3D visualization environment, you will get:

  • Carry realistic images (renders);
  • Speed of execution of the order;
  • Creative approach to your order (when it comes to advertising and visualization needed to develop ideas);
  • Control manager at all stages.

Please contact NBY IT Solution 3D Modeling Services to reconcile all the details and let us work together to meet the new projects!