3d visualization of the bottle

Cost of the service 3d visualization of the bottle start from $100 terms of implementation 5 – 7 days. To create a bottle of a new original form use 3D technology – 3d modeling and visualization of the bottle. With the help of three dimensional modeling, you can create a plastic or glass bottle of almost any shape, and imagine how a new bottle will look in real life will help 3d visualization of the bottle.

With the help of 3D visualization technologies, a completely new product can be presented in a new way and demonstrated to its customers or consumers. Visualization and rendering allow you to display ideas in the form of photorealistic images.



The advantages of three dimensional visualization

You can realize the design of a bottle of any complexity and geometry;

Using the 3D model of the bottle to create a visualization allows you to change the background of the image, adjust the best angle, lighting, add or remove various special effects, choose the best angle;

You can quickly and easily make changes to the model itself – and this is one of the main advantages of object visualization;

You can create a so-called presence effect to visually demonstrate the product;

Visualization allows you to evaluate the ergonomic and aesthetic properties of the bottle before it is put into production.

3D visualization of a plastic or glass bottle even before the beginning of the embodiment of a design idea into reality allows you to create and evaluate a digital (virtual) 3D model of a bottle, its exact copy, repeating all the smallest details.

The visualization of the bottle makes it possible:

Create a kind of three-dimensional perspective from anywhere in the virtual studio;

Consider the design of the bottle from all sides;

Scale the object to the optimal size;

Apply various special effects – wet or sweaty bottle, empty or filled bottle, etc.

Adjust the lighting so that the bottle looks as realistic and advantageous as possible.

Stages of 3d visualization of the bottle

Object visualization, including bottles, is built in several stages:

Creation of a three-dimensional model;

Creating an environmental scene – the background around the object;

Adjustment of various effects;

Lighting adjustment;

Camera setup and angle selection;


The main difficulty, which at the same time is also a “chip” of visualizing a bottle with a label, is to accurately and realistically convey the images on the images of the label printing technology: stamping, dullness, varnish.

Field of application of 3d visualization of the bottle

Presentation, demonstration of the future project to customers;

Conducting research – interviews with focus groups;

Print advertising and videos;

POS-materials and Other.

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