3D Visualization of the store

3D Visualization of the store is the process of creating realistic images that allow you to demonstrate the project and the concept of the trading space.

Architectural 3D Visualization is needed to coordinate with customers or the administration of the shopping center when renting a room. In addition, a realistic design image is useful to the construction team when carrying out work.

The cost of 3D Visualization depends on: The scale of the image; The number of visualization objects and renderers; Quality texturing; Terms of project implementation.


What materials are needed for 3D Visualization to order?

Studio NBY IT Solution works with drawings, plans for scanning the walls, photos and sketches of design concepts of the store. Experts need to know the parameters of the room, the number and characteristics of the filling elements. 3D Visualization of the store requires a selection of color solutions, textures of materials and lighting.

Stages of creating 3D Visualization store

Drawing up of the technical task for 3D Visualization service. The spatial characteristics of the room are determined, information is provided on the firm style of the store, its location and lighting parameters.

Create a 3D model of the product. Inventory is carried out, furniture and equipment are measured, architectural and decorative elements are placed on the 3D-scene for high-quality visualization of the store interior.

Imposition of texture for 3D Visualization of the point of sale. Exact texture maps of materials are used, which are used in interior design: from the color of wallpaper and floorboards to fabrics on furniture.

Adjust lighting. The choice of light source depends on the type of store location: street, basement or shopping center. Rendering for architectural visualization. This is the process of translating a rendered 3D model into a 2D image.

Principles of 3d visualization of the store

Use Emphase in Architectural 3D Visualization

Highlight the dominant object in the store image. This creates a sense of balance and order. Emphase is achieved by accent through the location of the object, color contrast or lighting.

Selection of the correct type of lighting for 3D Visualization of the store

Daylight (sunny, cloudy, combined) or artificial lighting is used to visualize different types of rooms. An incorrectly selected type will create lighted or darkened areas in the room. For the halls of the store it is best to use a combined cloudy light. The room will become lighter, and the light accent from the lamps will emphasize the goods.

Visualization of the outlet: focus

Correct camera settings in the scene will help make the image as photorealistic as possible. The depth of space will add expressiveness to the visualization of the store.

3D Visualization to order: the disadvantages of surfaces

In reality, there are no ideal lines and faces, so 3D Visualization of the store must match this. Folds on fabrics, scattered pillows, a wrapped rug, such small details and create an image of an object in a real image.

NBY IT Solution combines experience and innovation to create a 3D Visualization of your dream shop.