5 useful services for 3d modeling

5 useful services for 3d modeling. A little care, a little patience and a bit of inspiration – that’s all you need to create a three-dimensional model! Through these websites one can design a simple layout, to publish their work, and customers – to find talented professionals who make the dream a reality.


The history of this service began in 2010 in Mumbai, India. A couple of young enthusiasts decided to create a website for anyone who wants to engage in 3D-modeling, and even for those who have no idea how to do it, and there was at that time a lot. Thus was created the world’s first website, adapted to work in a browser. Over three years the number of resource users has exceeded 100 thousand.


Main characteristics:

Simple interface, easy to use functionality. Can understand even the casual user who mistakenly wandered into the site. Toolbar default black color, which reduces eye strain. English connoisseurs were lucky – all interesting questions can be discussed in the forum or read the blog. Storage of three-dimensional layout allows you to select the desired work piece and not to waste time. However, the site has only the most basic models; complex projects will have to create his own hands.


This service was created in 2011. Information note on the site says that from 2011 to 2013 by using this resource was created more than 4 million layouts. The platform has positioned itself as a site that children can use it. Ensure that the average user is not so simple: to open the operating window, you need to be registered.

Main characteristics

Availability of training videos on the website make life easier for more than one user, after registration offered to take a course on how to learn to create a 3D-model of a few minutes. All models are stored in the cloud on the site. If necessary, the user can easily find a job, to edit it. All you need to do – access to the Internet. The created model can print out the 3D-printer, as it is created in the STL format.


It is a platform where everyone will find something like: novices an opportunity to take the first steps, experienced professionals – to create masterpieces of 3D-visualization. The whole site is divided into several areas: the creation of models, sculptures, design and so on, so you can avoid problems when working with the resource. To get started, you must also create an account.

Main characteristics

This resource allows you to create three-dimensional model using photos. Those who are going to produce three-dimensional models for commercial purposes can apply for a paid subscription. VIP users will receive free access to ready-made layouts that will allow them to download without limitations. Premium subscription also allows you to create a huge number of pieces and store them in the cloud. Anyone who wants to bring their ideas to life may make an order for the purchase of special equipment – a device for cutting a variety of materials, 3D-printer. All this can be ordered directly on the site.


This resource is primarily intended for designers who want to showcase their 3D-models will be useful for those who are looking for a specialist in modeling. Upload or download model is easy, and it is absolutely free.

Main characteristics

Catalog of finished layouts is on the main page. It is convenient and practical, since the selection of the desired 3D-models can take several seconds. The site is a great option is to “find a designer.” Specialist can choose from all over the world, speaking in any language, is able to specify its specialization, see the finished work. The site shows one of the designers of online and can quickly take the order or to answer customer questions.


Good news for anyone who has bothered to suffer with the transfer of strange and incomprehensible phrases in overseas resources: this site is fully foreign-speaking. To begin work on the layout is quite simple, but the platform is focused rather on the experienced professionals and interior designers.

Main characteristics

Working window, which shows the mesh to create a 3D-model is simple, everything is clear. However, the interface light color is not happy, but it’s stuff.

It is possible to use ready-made textures, easily place their work. The site has a menu with an interesting name “index of professionalism”. In fact, this is a list of design studios and three-dimensional modeling portfolio. Use these resources to open new opportunities, read our blog, and be aware of everything that happens in the exciting world of 3D-technology! Perfection and learn new things together now NBY IT Solution!