7 household devices that will appear on the market in 2018

7 household devices that will appear on the market in 2018. The main trend in the rapidly growing market of smart home appliances was the fixation of the basic behavioral factors of users with the subsequent adaptation and development of household automation systems. Experts predict the growth of this market segment to $ 78 billion in 5 years. The current growth of the industry will soon reach the bar in 13%.

Also, a significant breakthrough was the emergence of the Intel Compute Card and the development of voice assistants Amazon Echo and Google Home, but let’s talks about everything in order. Intel Compute Card is a combination of processor, operating and built-in memory, as well as a wireless interface with a set of various connectors for connection. In fact, this device, which serves as It has in the arsenal of many opportunities: from memorizing favorite regimes to preventing damage to food and clothing. The uniqueness of the Intel Compute Card is its size – it is a little more than a bank card. Yes, and over the unification, tried, “mini-brain” is suitable for both iron and refrigerator.


It replaces it quite easily, than it resembles a battery in your mobile phone. If your home appliance has a new function or is technologically obsolete, you will only need to buy a new Compute Card and replace the old one. Agree, somehow understands the process of the release of new operating systems for smartphones or PCs, when the newest are supported only by the newest devices. All sharks of the market are already lined up for this novelty.

The second impetus for home appliances of the future is the technologies Amazon Echo and Google Home, which allow you to control your home appliances with voice.

Imagine now to connect the router, you will not need to understand its settings, the voice assistant will do it yourself, you just need to give commands. Or, for example, your hands are busy cooking in the kitchen, and for dinner you need to order fresh products, a voice assistant under sensitive management will do it with ease. More details on the application of this know-how, we’ll talk at the end of the article. We will not torment you further and will acquaint you with our cherished


Opens our list of promo design of the future device, which previously was associated exclusively with furniture. Now it’s more like a gadget – an “intelligent” bed. The double bed Sleep Number 360 does not look different from a simple bed. No vulgar neon, chrome or high-tech design, only functionality. “Smart bed” will individually adjust the stiffness of the mattress, warm up the foot zone and w

Also, the device will help you get rid of snoring, if you identify a characteristic sound, the headboard of one of the mattress halves will raise by 7 °, so that the sleeper takes the right position for breathing. If you do not need to get up at the weekend, the bed will, thanks to a multitude of sensors and sensors, detect the moment when you completely sleep and pick you up at the peak of vivacity to protect you from the feeling of a “heavy” head. In stores, the novelty will arrive by the summer.


The second line of our rating of the best again takes the device with the prefix “smart”, but only now without a special flight of imagination, more and more prosaically – this is a smart refrigerator. From now on, you can manage it with voice, gestures or commands. The breakthrough was the self-diagnostic function. Now, in the event of a breakdown, the smart refrigerator will determine the cause and report it to the service center.

The function of analyzing the contents of a smart refrigerator is also fascinating. He himself assesses the contents of shelves and the shelf life of products, if you need to replenish stocks, the device itself will make the order of products in the online store. By studying the habits and preferences of the owners, the smart refrigerator will automatically fill the ice form before the day when you usually get refreshments. In summer, reacting to changes in temperature and humidity, your home cold factory will launch a 4-step sterilization system to protect your products from spoilage


In third place is located “smart” air conditioning. This know-how analyzes what rooms during the day you visit most often, so you can quickly set the most comfortable temperature right before your arrival.

Smart air conditioning

Suppose, on weekdays after work, you spend most of your time in the kitchen, and closer to bed – in the bedroom, on the weekend the most popular place in the house is the living room, respectively, the locations will be cooled or heated depending on the preferences of the owners.


In the middle of our rating of skilled industrial design, a robotic vacuum cleaner was placed. His sensor and optical sensors allow him to scan the location, shape and size of objects in the rooms. And thanks to the memory function, he skillfully “drives around” obstacles when using it later.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Wires and household sneakers are easy to read by sensors and do not fall under the rotating brush of the device. If the robot cleaner has recognized the person, he will use a voice signal to ask him to move away for further unhindered cleaning.


We gave the fifth place to a new generation washing machine. Innovations lie in the fact that now the device has got two washing compartments, i.e. you can wash your things in parallel with completely different settings. Things in the first compartment are loaded vertically, in the second – frontal.

Design of washing machine

Also, the new “washing machine analyzes the hardness of the water, thereby regulating the temperature of the water and its quantity in order to prevent damage to clothing.” The last wording caused us to smile and was taken entirely from the advertising brochure, but here it is worth paying attention to the fact that this is entirely a marketing move, because The hardness of water is the presence of magnesium and calcium salts in it and can not at all affect the quality of your clothes, let alone its damages.

But there is a really interesting feature in this washing machine – if your clothes are excessively dirty, it will add an extra rinse cycle.


Charging, consuming energy from the air took the sixth place in our rating. In the era when we are increasingly talking about “smart” house and constantly increasing energy consumption, it is worthwhile to think about alternative sources of electricity.

Radio wave charging

To power low-power devices, scientists from the University of Washington have developed a new charge, which consumes energy from radio waves, which are saturated with our space . The technology was called free volt. Also, thanks to this development, it became possible to charge low-power devices using Wi-Fi.


Closing our hit parade of revolutionary household appliances robot assistant Yumi, reminiscent of a tumbler. He is able to follow you around the house waiting for orders, ready to turn on the music, find the necessary information on the Internet, talk about the weather forecast or start an auto engine. The robot assistant can recognize your voice at a distance of up to 5 meters thanks to the noise reduction function.

Our expert with a great deal of skepticism and irony reacted to all the above-mentioned household devices, tk. According to him, these developments and technologies cannot be called progress, because they have been implemented for a long time, but now it is time that they become a part of our life.

Most of these technologies are realized thanks to several controllers and sensors. For example, the principle of the smart air conditioner can be implemented using a motion sensor, as well as a controller programmed with a small code of no more than 30 lines.

In conclusion, we suggest that you evaluate how much these 7 devices can improve your life and whether they are worth their money. The choice is always yours.