A Guide To 3D Modeling Service

A Guide to 3D Modeling service: Any design or design ideas must find their reflection in the real or virtual form. This is why you need 3d-3D Modeling service, which is an integral part of the production process. We offer professional creation of 3D Modeling services of any level of complexity in optimum terms at the lowest price and the highest quality. Company provides the whole range of services associated with the simulation.

3D Modeling services: The creation of 3D Modeling services from drawings, photos or even sketches provided by the customer existing 3d maker create 3d layout for subsequent milling mold results of 3d scanning to create your own products aimed at mass production – 3D Modeling service done in obj format and it needs to be converted into any desired format to the customer. This complete a guide to 3d modeling service, scanning and 3D printing.

The main advantage of 3D Modeling services that change, supplement, or completely transform it can be at any stage of production, it is impossible to do with a solid structure. The cost of a 3D Modeling service at times below the traditional 3D modeling service techniques. It is also important that the 3D Modeling service of the object is supplemented parameters that will be useful during presentations or in further development of the overall project and for engineered home can take a virtual walk.


3D Modeling service services are needed and when creating 3D Modeling services for the 3d printer. Our designers will develop a 3D Modeling service, the price of which depends on the complexity of the object, and you get a real copy of it after growing up on one of our 3d printers.

3d scanning – a tool to create an exact copy of the object. 3d scanning – unique opportunity to get an exact copy of an object to solve a number of problems. 3d scanning – is a translation of geometric shapes in a mathematical 3D Modeling service. 3d scanning is the most modern and the most common way to transfer the object of physical forms into digital format.

This technology has received widespread due to the accuracy of three-dimensional 3D modeling service of the scanned object in a minimum amount of time. The object can be any shape and size, from a small-sized piece of jewelry to a vehicle or building entirely.

Using 3d scanning service, you get a three-dimensional electronic 3D Modeling service of the scanned object. With the help of 3d scanning, our company will create an exact copy of the original. Thus, based on the obtained 3d Modeling services, you can solve a number of engineering and industrial problems using high-tech equipment in the shortest possible time. Tasks can be quite varied, the description of which we will reveal in part on our blog. At the exit you get a 3d modeling service of the object in .stl format

For an accurate calculation of the cost of 3d scanning services need to send a photo of the object with an indication of dimensions. Data accuracy depends on the tasks and the equipment used and can range from 0.03 mm (jewelry and portable 3d scanner) to 0.5mm (stationary 3d scanner for scanning large objects).

Used 3d scanners: Objects to scan are completely different sizes and shapes, so the task is applied individually. Rexcan ds2: 3d scanner rexcands2. 3d scanner – for three-dimensional scanning of small size and rich details of objects. 3d scanner type: stationary laser. Scan accuracy: 15 microns. The maximum dimensions of the object: 100h100h100mm. It has wide application in the jewelry industry, dentistry and manufactures small-sized products. Output file format: .stl . Creaform handyscan 700:

Handyscan_700. 3d scanner- metrological class, provides high accuracy, both near and at medium distances, while keeping high measurement speed. 3d scanner type: portable laser. Scan accuracy: 30 microns. The maximum dimensions of the object up to 5 m2. Output file format: .stl. Surphaser 25hsx:

Surphaser: 3d scanner- designed for quick non-contact measurement of geometric parameters of large objects at distances from 2 to 50 m. Scanner type: landline laser. Scanning accuracy: 500 md. Every 10 m. The maximum dimensions of the object: r = 50 meters. Output file format: .stl. The result of the scan any 3d scanner- set of object surfaces from different angles. Thus, to obtain the finished 3D Modeling service of the object requires a software post-processing results of 3d scanning.

For an accurate calculation of the cost of 3d scanning services must be sent: Pictures object. Opisat further use of the result of the scan. Thus, after receipt of all background information, our experts will select the 3d scanner to solve your problem. Examples of 3d scanning i. The use of 3d scanning results are very diverse. – 3d is the first step in carrying out the task. Please find a number of measures aimed at solving the problems:

Solid parametric 3D modeling service is an intermediate stage between the 3d object scanning and design work in preparing files for production. At this stage of 3d scanning can be omitted if the product drawing.

Why do we need solid parametric 3D modeling service?

A Guide to 3d Modeling service, In the case where you want to copy the item, and adjust its production, you need to understand that absolutely any product subject to deformation in the manufacture and operation. Therefore, to create a drawing of the future product, you must obtain the correct 3D modeling service of the product shape, except for manufacturing defects such as breaking of the symmetry and dimensions.

The result of 3d scanning with manufacturing defects. The result of 3d scanning with manufacturing defects. Solid-state parametric 3D modeling service of the correct form. Solid-state parametric 3D modeling service of the correct form. Solid-state parametric 3D modeling service can be obtained in two ways:

Software automatic way (minimizes the time required, but a high degree of 3D Modeling service error at the output)By hand build products in rhino programme, the results of the solidworks 3d scan (time-consuming engineering work requires time and attention, minimizing errors in the construction of building and preserving the history that allows any specialist to modify the 3D Modeling service yourself, if necessary).

The result is a 3D modeling service (drawing) articles of regular shape in a solid format with parametric, which is used in the production of designer in the preparation work for the cnc. Output file format: .igs; .stp; cad

In the manufacturing process the product is allowed rejection. It is connected with the tool wear often. To verify compliance with the product made from the reference 3D Modeling services we offer the services of 3d scanning.

Thanks to 3d scanning check deviation and deterioration of the product has become much faster and more accurately. If the tolerance for marriage is more than 30 microns, the company will inspect the item NBY IT of conformity with the identification of deviations in absolute values.

Scan surfaces and creating stencils: With the help of 3d scanning has become much easier and faster to design stencils for painting objects or do a scan for pasting. 3d scan of the aircraft. The process of 3d scanning aircraft. 3d scan of the aircraft. The result of 3d scanning. 3d scan of the aircraft. Branding 3D Modeling services. 3d scan of the aircraft. Create a stencil for painting.

Using 3d technology branding procedure object is not only faster but also more accurate. Based on the result of 3d scanning can not only vehicles but also to develop coatings for cutting any furniture and other products requiring the scan surface. Measurement and calibration containers. 3d scanning of large objects and buildings allows to make measurement of the premises, containers or identify an object of deviation from the project documentation, and significantly simplifies the process of restoration of the object.

3d scanning buildings. To solve these problems, our company uses the 3d scanner surphaser 25hsx, which provides a large-sized drawing of the object in a short time frame. Visualization of objects. Based on the result of scanning 3d, drawing or sketch of your company NBYIT will not only create a presentation 3D Modeling service of the new products, but also develop an exploded assembly of the design of the product.

Solid 3D modeling service. 3d visualization conveys an overall impression of the object. Each item can be considered from all sides, changing the intensity of illumination of any scene, adding or removing parts of the interior. Create 3D Modeling services with subsequent visualization is necessary in the field of television, advertising and the internet. Attention to detail drawing and non-standard presentation of information makes the viewer to stay longer on the page, or watch a promotional video until the end.

Prices for 3d scanning depends on: . Size of the object prices of 3d scanning depend on the 3d object the size of the scan, you must individually select the 3d scanner with the relevant requirements of the specifications. Level desired object detail. 3d scanning allows you to create a 3D Modeling service a unique opportunity to create an exact copy of any form. The complexity of the 3d scanning is the blind spot and back corners of the object, which significantly increases the labor costs in the processing of the data, so the price of 3d scanning, can be determined only after the inspection of the object scanning destination 3D Modeling service. The result of 3d scanning can be used in completely different areas of 3d printing to the production of complex components and assemblies by casting of stainless steel products. For example pumps for the mining industry.

A Guide to 3d modeling service, 3d scanning, 3d printing, accordingly, the preparation of 3D Modeling services will be given more attention. Property location 3d scans. 3d scans common service among research institute. Often it is not possible to deliver the object to 3d scanning in our office by virtue of its size or other characteristics and requirements of the customer, so the team of engineers of our company is ready to come to your area to determine the price of 3d scanning and production of all the necessary work. 3d scanning and privacy. In the case of our company privacy mode uses a series of measures aimed at preserving the secrecy created 3D Modeling services. This item is mandatory prescribed in the contract and determine the responsibility of the parties.

Services 3d scanning: import substitution – 3d scanning offers a unique opportunity for the production of imported goods with their own improvements development of new products based on existing   3d scanning and parametric 3D Modeling service 3d calibration of tanks and metering facilities by 3d scanning 3d scanning of the human 3d scanning jewelry 3d scan of buildings and large objects 3d scanning of any items and details in your workplace or in our office

3d printing: 3d Modeling printing company NBYIT- an individual approach, the highest quality of execution of orders of any complexity and professionalism. The cost of 3d printing: Price 3d printing is considered based on the useful volume of the product, measured in cubic centimeters (cm3) or raw spent in manufacturing product, depending on the material chosen.  The process of 3d printing is also called rapid prototyping. Now you do not need to apply for large production, specializing in mass production by creating a master 3D modeling service.

Advantages of 3d printing: High speed of object creation – high repeatability smallest detail – low costs for a single prototype reducing the release date on the market of finished products – as the cumulative result of these advantages, you get real savings in time and financial resources.

These benefits for manufacturing enterprises that are our regular partners, have a positive impact on reducing the cost of the finished product, increasing the flexibility of growth and competitiveness, as well as significantly reduce the time-to-market of a new product With its indisputable advantages of 3d printing layout, prototyping is widely used in such industries:, jewelry making, medicine (eg, dental), automotive, instrumentation, architecture, construction, film business, toys and products for children, design, exclusive souvenirs .

Materials: Gypsum: It provides high-speed 3d printing and ensures high color rendering (supports up to 390 000 colors and shades). This material allows for precise detail, provides high strength 3D Modeling service produced at sufficiently low cost printing unit. Printing is carried out on the printer gypsum projet 660 pro. The best solution when you need to create a 3D Modeling service for a presentation or exhibition for the printing of architectural layout and interior design 3D Modeling service in the design of residential complexes, the creation of exclusive souvenirs. It is used for 3d-printing figurines (an exact copy of a person). Through 3d-color printing plaster you get ready layout that does not require additional post-processing. Photopolymer or precision plastic.

It delivers high precision 3D modeling services, since the layer thickness of only 0.1 mm. The 3D Modeling services have a smooth translucent surface. Used photopolymers, printer project. A particularly common this method of 3d-printing for testing of complex machinery and parts. Widely used this technology and the validation form, created to burn the master 3D modeling service, and also to determine the exact size of the future product.

Abs plastic: It ensures low cost of printing. The 3D Modeling service turns black and white, but you have the opportunity to choose its color. The material flexible enough, a rough surface differs. This is available for further mechanical processing (gluing, painting, and so on) printing is performed on the printer felix 3.0. Abs plastic is used most often as optimal for most projects. The 3D Modeling service provides an opportunity to visually assess the size and design of the product, to make the advertising 3D modeling service for the presentation and use it to run a marketing research on the market. 3d-press of abs plastic can be made in the following colors: ivory, white, black, gray, blue, green, red and orange tones.

Wax (making stencils): It provides high fidelity the smallest details of the 3D Modeling service. Working with wax comes in xhd modes. This material is the best choice for making wax 3D Modeling services in the jewelry industry, characterized by a smooth surface. The wax is used in the printer of projet cpx 3500max.

The advantages of our company: Our employees have sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical skills to cope with the implementation of the tasks of any complexity. We use 3d printers from leading global industry leaders, which guarantees high quality and speed of execution, and also allows us to offer competitive prices for their services. In addition, we are the suppliers of equipment and consumables, so that our customers get major maintenance on special conditions. If you decide to buy 3d equipment and self-produce three-dimensional images, we give detailed advice on all 3D Modeling services and technologies available on the market today.

The format of the files needed for 3d-printing: Print on a 3d printer 3D Modeling services are required to provide a special “three-dimensional” format. It creates files in this format in the programs for three-dimensional 3D modeling service. When you are ready to export the data ( “save as”) in a file with the extension .stl,  .wrl, .obj. It is with these formats work printers, creating 3D Modeling services.

Interactive 3d presentation: a unique opportunity to demonstrate the object or large equipment. To effectively promote the architectural, construction projects or large equipment often use the traditional method of prototyping. But in the modern rhythm of innovation in product advertising traditional method of prototyping is losing its relevance due to several reasons, which not only hinder the sale of objects of advertising, but also create a lot of inconvenience and problems layout owners. Today, the world of 3d technology opens up opportunities to create 3D Modeling services of objects demonstrations in digital format and significantly increases the efficiency of work with the client.

Advantages of interactive 3d presentations: The opportunity to demonstrate the object at different angles at different positions and technical modifications. Possibility to demonstrate the processes and mechanisms in Possibility to demonstrate both the TV and the computer at anytime and anywhere The ability to change the landscape solutions in the project by pressing the function keys. Layout of the information content (information content is possible by text notes and pictures-pictures). Project navigation allows the person concerned to study the object. The ability to show a presentation in all languages ​​of the world!. The ability to run a presentation on your site. The possibility of e-mailing to anywhere in the world via e-mail. Does not constitute a material object (will never be lost and will not break). Prerequisites for creating interactive 3d presentations:

Describe the scenario and your project idea. To provide all necessary information for the simulation (drawings, 3D Modeling services, photos). Prepare the stuffing for text presentation. Use NBY IT unique service companies to create interactive 3d presentations for demonstrating meaningful technical characteristics of your property!

3D Modeling service workshop make ideas company engaged in the creation of 3D Modeling services of any complexity for presentations, exhibitions, sales office, as a successful element of the advertising campaign, to attract investment in future projects. We are ready to make all kinds of 3D Modeling services of a high standard and on time. Also, our company is engaged in manufacturing 3D modeling services, working and moving objects and layouts with backlight.

A guide to 3d modeling service, 3d scanning & Printing. When you create a layout, our company uses the advanced and modern technology that guarantees results of the highest level. Our specialists are always creative approach to their work, each project is considered individually and there are the best ways to implement it, because the production of layouts cannot be put on stream. The result of our work – quality and beautiful designs in the exact playback from the originals, which will allow you to be always ahead of the competition. Our experts will introduce you to the incredible capabilities of 3d technologies and promptly conduct a cost estimate of the project!

3D Modeling service workshop make ideas offers manufacturing of architectural 3D Modeling services of high complexity and purpose: Architectural 3D Modeling services of residential buildings;  3D Modeling services of cottage settlements and residential complexes; Industrial layouts; Urban layouts; 3D Modeling services of factories, industrial complexes (in the section), technological processes; 3D Modeling services of large equipment; Interior 3D Modeling service (rooms, studios, theatrical stage); Our managers developed debugged remotely matching technology projects. This allows our customers to receive high-quality layout just in time, from anywhere in the world.

A guide to 3d modeling service, 3d scanning & Printing .Our company manufacturing of layout begins with the creation of thumbnails for each element of the future layout in 2d and 3d versions. Even before the commencement of work on the layout, we provide our customers with images that clearly represent the future appearance of the objects. Also during the coordination of the project the customer receives the intermediate variants of the project implementation and making the desired adjustments immediately. Thanks to this scheme of work and approach to the manufacture of architectural 3D modeling services harmonization of technical specifications at an early stage is obtained easily and quickly!

A guide to 3d modeling service, 3d scanning & Printing. After agreeing on the 3d layout is the procedure of signing the contract and we start to fulfill the task. The procedure for fabricating the layout – a process in several stages, so at each stage of work we provide photographic record. Our company takes care of all service-related services, is the delivery, installation, small restoration, special packing gentle with the production of safe professional packaging for shipment to distant regions and abroad.

Will work with your personal manager is an expert and professional in their field, which is always in communication with the client. It guides you through a very difficult but very exciting process of creating the layout, from the coordination of the technical specifications, before the signing of the handover.