Adaptive dome light for realistic 3d interior lighting

Adaptive dome light for realistic 3d interior lighting. 3D visualization of the interior does not stand still and every year we can observe all new and new technologies that make it possible to perform it more qualitatively and realistically. One of them is Adaptive Dome Light, which will be covered in this article.

What is it and how does it work?

Adaptive Dome Light is a smart lighting system that visualizes it based on surrounding objects. Those. From what is in the room, depends on how and how it will be lit. Yes, the environment HDRI system is not new and has been in use for many years, but new technologies allow it to be used more efficiently.

Earlier, a very large number of samples were used in the calculation, and due to the fact that light is most often received through holes of small size (for example windows), the system was not very effective.

Adaptive Dome Light works the same way. it understands exactly which elements shine in the interior itself. The time spent on visualization is significantly reduced and in general it is much easier to adjust the lighting of a particular scene.


Accuracy of work

The principle of Adaptive Dome Light differs from how other systems worked, by several factors. For example, one more feature is that only important parts of the scene are calculated. They will receive more attention. This speeds up visualization, reduces noise levels, and greatly affects scenes, especially large ones. In smaller scenes, on the contrary, it can be rather weakly noticeable.

The tests already conducted at the time of this writing showed that the speed of Adaptive Dome Light can be faster and by 10%, and by 700%! It all depends on which scene is highlighted, what is the contrast of the HDRI map and some other factors. Therefore, it is difficult to derive an exact figure, but later there will certainly be more specific information on this issue.

We offer visualization of the interior to order

Adaptive Dome Light is an excellent innovation, thanks to which visualization of the interior to order can become more qualitative and justifying expectations. But it is already clear that the contribution of the new development to the method of creating lighting in a variety of scenes and interiors is very large.

Let’s hope that progress will not stand still, and it will not be the last tool that allows visualization professionals to work more efficiently. In the meantime, we will assiduously master it so that we can start applying it in real practice as soon as possible.

If you are interested in how much it costs to visualize the interior in 3DMAX , contact us in any convenient way for you. Our manager will be able to calculate the cost and answer other questions, and also can immediately accept the order.