Advertising Software Service

Advertising Software Service

Advertising Software can be a great aid in your online marketing efforts, helping you optimize your ad strategies when you advertise on Google and other search engines. NBY’s Ad Management Software automates the tedious and laborious tasks associated with pay per click marketing, while still leaving you in total control. Our ad software will transform your paid search advertising campaign into a powerhouse of strategic automation!

NBY IT Solution’s advertisement software serves as your personal ad manager, taking you step by step through the AdWords campaign creation process and guiding you towards AdWords success. The ad marketing software puts you miles ahead of the competition by combining keyword research, workflow management, ad creation and campaign analysis in one easy-to-use interface.

One of the struggles advertisers deal with in using AdWords is the disconnect between AdWords and the other standard tools used by search marketers (such as analytics applications and Microsoft Excel), making AdWords optimization difficult.

NBY IT Solution’s Advertise Management Software provides all the functionality of AdWords, plus much more. Benefits of using NBY’s advertisement software includes:

  • Full integration of your keyword analytics and your AdWords account
  • Ad text tools to simplify ad text generation and increase ad relevance
  • A smart negative keyword suggestion tool to increase your ad groups’ Quality Score
  • NBY IT Solution’s Ad software enables you to take instant action on analytic insights, letting you increase the relevance and value of your AdWords campaigns while reducing spend for Google ads.

NBY IT Solution Payment Method

NBY IT Solution Payment System maintains simple options for the client to pay for the services. There is no need to set up an account or any type of advance payment options to obtain the services from NBY IT Solution. The client simply fills out a form providing the contact name, company information with full address and contact number. After a batch of work is done, an invoice is sent to the client. The client will have the option to pay by credit card or bank account.

So why you delay to get our services. Just contact with us now and we will be so happy if you start a discussing about your requirements with us..