College Management Software Bangladesh is a software company founded in 2007 with the aim of improving the overall management and performance of college developing technological tools designed to improve the work of teachers and the administrative team. To improve the supervision of the College by the executives. Improve communication between College and families. This trilogy of improvements made College Management Software Bangladesh the leading educational management software development company in Bangladesh.

Currently College Management Software Bangladesh is present in the College management of the best Colleges in Dhaka Chittagong Rajshahi Khulna Barisal Rangpur etc. Develop technological solutions of excellence in an environment of high performance for our customers achieve administrative and teaching quality processes incorporating the entire College community. Being the leading developer of technology for quality education in Bangladesh.


NBY College management software Bangladesh -Includes the following Modules:


College Student admission, Student Registration, Student profile creation, Monthly and yearly fee Collection, student Attendance management.


College student Result Processing, Examination Result Analysis, student Subject preference setting for appearance in student mark sheet


student physical and medical info, Discipline, college Co-Curricular Activities management, student Projects management, college Sports events management, college Seminars management.


Keep Record of library Books, Books maintenance, student Periodicals management, college Electronic Media e.g. – college Newspapers, student Magazines, Audio and Video presentation for student.


College employee Recruitment, staff payroll & Income Tax Management, college Staff Attendance and Integration with Biometric and RFID access control system.


College Assets Management, college Fleet Management, student and college Cost analysis, Fuel consumption trends, Fleet utilization.


Maintain Financial Accounting management, Salary sheet and slip generation, college Employee wise Advance Income Tax calculation and Income Tax Calculation.

Flexible systems that adapt to your reality. College Management Software Bangladesh systems are created to fit the needs of most Colleges. Private college’s public religious and secular congregation’s bilingual Colleges large medium and small establishments. All use the same technology adapted to each of their needs.

A successful business model for all Business model consisting of the provision of a permanent service. Monthly rate that does not require initial investment nor does it include extra expenses. Complete service that guarantees the success of College Management Software Bangladesh systems. Concerned to establish lasting relationships with their students.

Security in access and handling of information mixed technology secure servers at College while teachers access through the Internet. The College ensures its operation independent of external actors. Our servers only allow access from authorized College PC and other supportive device.

Community composed of the best Colleges in Bangladesh. Each of our clients was able to contribute with suggestions to improve the system and the College management. These enhancements are added to every system upgrade and extend to all of our customers. A community is created where each College can take advantage of the management ideas created by its peers. This system is made by Colleges and for Colleges attending to the reality and challenges of each institution in its College management.

College Management Software Bangladesh The number one College Management Application Network in Bangladesh College management system with more than 10 years of experience and preferred by top Colleges in Bangladesh. The College Management Software Bangladesh network provides solutions to reduce time College routine administrative processes presenting itself as the best option for managing academic fundraising communications and library.

The College Management Software Bangladesh network also has web platforms designed to improve the processes of applications and admissions of new student’s re inscriptions alumni managing extracurricular activities and our modern platform College Activities.

College Management Software Bangladesh has a web portal designed for families and one for teachers as well as an intuitive application to access from mobile devices. All these solutions are designed to integrate the whole College community in the educational process of their children. The most effective way of managing public Colleges, private Colleges, college and university.

Modern platform to improve the global management of public Colleges and corporations.  College Management Software Bangladesh contains solutions for managing academic corporate fundraising and library. It also has a differentiated access for teachers and modern web portal so that families are more integrated into the educational process of students.

Its feature 100% web makes it a tool quickly safely and with the support of College Management Software Bangladesh. In addition installation is fast: in just two sessions is now available for its users. College Management Software Bangladesh also features technology designed for integration of modules pedagogical development such as training modules Digital and Collaborative Learning Environments.

NBY development team College Management Software Bangladesh consists of professors and researchers in the field of education and technology. This work gave birth to two powerful platforms: Digital learning modules and Collaborative Learning Environments.

Easy Plan: Classroom planning at the service of teaching

Innovative learning management tool developed by College Management Software Bangladesh and allows downloading and printing of annual planning unity and class to class prepared by NBY with a multidisciplinary team of Specialists College Management Software Bangladesh. The schedules contained in College Management Software Bangladesh also are edited and if the teacher so wishes can generate their own schedules.

College Management Software Bangladesh offers an important tool for monitoring the implementation of instruments of educational programming in classroom work. Click here for more information on College Management Software Bangladesh.

Kindergarten management system for early childhood education. Web management system developed by College Management Software Bangladesh for pre-College education that includes various applications to integrate all the formative community of students. Parents have access via the Internet to all the information of their children: evaluations assistance medical records schedule among others.

Academic and financial information is fully synchronized through a single database allowing efficient management. In addition e-Kinder allows you to manage easily and safely educational networks giving the director the information necessary for making strategic decisions in one or more Colleges. Find out more about e-Kinder and all solutions that account for pre-College management by clicking here.

Migration of data from the current College records system. The information of the old system is migrated to College Management Software Bangladesh to make the most of the data already collected. All student information including your historical academic records can be imported. You can also import information from families and teachers.

System configuration according to the needs of the College. Flexible systems that adapt to the different realities of Colleges. Assisted configuration according to the particular requirements of each establishment. Ongoing training for users in College. College Management Software Bangladesh conducts periodic training for its clients. Directed to teachers and administrative staff of your College. They have no additional cost.

Telephone support: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00 hours on business days. Electronic Support: Write sales@nbyit.com Management Software Bangladesh and we will reply promptly. Or alternatively you can access our support from the same College Management Software Bangladesh applications.

Some are platform type and others are software; there are those who work in the cloud and others in servers; several are already those with apps to be able to use them through mobile devices and most are composed of modules – can be contracted independently – that allow the centers can manage their academic administrative and communication processes with families. In this entry you can find out about the main platforms for the management of educational centers.

College Management Software Bangladesh is a suite of comprehensive and integrated management that meets the needs of a center in terms of planning management and academic commercial economic… Control our software which has the support of thousands of users worldwide is scalable Powerful and fast implantation. This multi-language present in all regions platform covers all areas of academic administrative management communication between center and families and also integrates tools such as a multi libraries schedules or accounting which for this year will be already part of the platform. A flexible tool that allows its users multiple options of configuration and integration with the different solutions with which the center works. Thanks to its totally new web version it has a more intuitive interface allowing direct access to any part of the application from the home page. It also has apps to use it from mobile devices.

Allows use for easy profits as messaging absences documents dining notes exams homework registration forms… This web application also makes possible maintain communication between students families of students faculty and administration center.

College Management Software Bangladesh is a College management system that contains a module Virtual Learning Environment schedules generator and digital notebook. It also has a mass mailing platform with anti-spam techniques POS store scheduler own document repository… It also has a communication app with families and an app for teachers.

College Management Software Bangladesh is a platform in the cloud that includes academic administrative and economic management a virtual learning environment with free digital books and free content management of teachers tutors and heads of studies the quality of the center and an environment Communication with families and so on. It has an app to use the platform through tablets and smartphones with iOS or Android.

College Management Software Bangladesh for academic and administrative management of kindergartens Colleges and colleges including about 60 procedures between allocation schedules enrollment payment… also has modules for the library or tools (emails calendar…).

College Management Software Bangladesh is an educational solution that supports the centers through an integrated technology ecosystem with high usability and performance by users. This web platform responds effectively to the management communication and learning demands of the center. It also incorporates off-line curricular content aimed at transforming the dynamics of the classroom designed for Colleges with a one-to-one model.

College Management Software Bangladesh academic management financial area obtaining analytical and budgetary outcomes is the three areas that have this platform. Specifically the Academic Management module is composed of three web portals that being independent are perfectly integrated into a single database: teacher’s parents and secretariat.

College Management Software Bangladesh besides academic management administrative management and communication with families this platform includes a programming system and competency assessment Children digital agenda an integrated platform virtual learning environment and a new module developed specifically for Centers of Vocational Training.

College Management Software Bangladesh is a management system for Colleges online flexible and suitable for any center. It integrates with the Moodle platform with automatic synchronization of courses creation of users and enrollment of students and teachers to their corresponding courses.

College management must have Windows but is a free program. It allows some academic management tasks (such as having student databases faculty…) and also administrative (invoicing receipt issuance and collection management…).

College Management Software Bangladesh: consists of six modules plus two optional which can be integrated together to manage the College. One of them is a support to carry out the administrative tasks of the center: management of receipts remittances payroll etc. It also offers an intranet to manage the entire internal organization of the center and a portal to communicate with families.

College Management Software Bangladesh offers digital technology centers of Microsoft for the education sector in integrated manner and in online mode. Multilanguage and multi-device it is management software that replaces all the computer applications of the center and which includes an information and collaboration environment between teachers families and students.

College Management Software Bangladesh this platform is form given by different modules or applications: corporate area (website online store) the area of economic financial management (billing purchasing accounting and budgets…) the teaching area and communication Evaluation reports activities and services the area of quality management and documentation and so on.

College Management Software Bangladesh is a platform for Multilanguage academic administrative management which is based foundation creating an educational community between the center teacher’s students and their families. It is characterized by granting its users a set of management planning and execution tools to speed up the development of the different activities.

College Management Software Bangladesh This is a set of modular and scalable applications that the College can use both cloud and local mode. It facilitates the daily tasks of the teacher and the administration staff through simple interfaces. It also has apps that speed communication between the center and families can be bidirectional if the center so decides.

College Management Software Bangladesh is a web application for academic and administrative management of a College. Teacher’s students and families have access to academic management online. It is also aimed at managing aspects such as transportation dining extracurricular activities or communications with families.

College Management Software Bangladesh This management program based on free software tool covers all areas requiring a cross: economic-administrative academic management and communication portal with families and students. Easy to implement and use any user can access from anywhere and device.

College Management Software Bangladesh online platform for academic and administrative management of the center which features messaging system (for families) treasury functions monitoring control of College transport. It is complemented by other services such to create webs search engine of ‘Best colleges’ advice in Google Apps for Education…

College Management Software Bangladesh this site allows College management (failures incidents assessments schedules…) training (syllabus exercises homework…) and administrative (press releases news events teacher management…) and can be accessed from A computer or a PDA.

RM Academic Management accessible from any mobile device that integrates the area of administrative academic management (automatic generation of schedules fees data sheets students and staff dining arrangements etc.) and communication between center and families multiuser platform. In addition it allows the teachers to manage the daily work: agenda and management attendance exams statistics didactic material and communication.

College Management Software Bangladesh It is intended for administrative processes and can be accessed through any web device. The system generates the information of schedules qualifications facilitates the registration process sending reports to parents…

College Management Software Bangladesh this solution which can be accessed from multiple devices adapted to the needs of each center through different modules to facilitate communication between users (teacher’s families and students) and learning. It also has a module to academic and economic management as well as other functions such as management courses or pass list by subject or course. It is free and is expandable through payment modules that add other features.

College Management Software Bangladesh it is a global management tool that incorporates academic element software designed specifically for the treatment of academic information and communication between parent’s teacher’s tutors and students.

College Management Software Bangladesh specially designed for Colleges this free app which is available for both smartphones and Android tablets to manage the administrative side registrations failures and delays class of students with direct and two way communication between all stakeholders News and alerts… In addition it introduces grades annotations observations and publishes notes to students and families.

College Management Software Bangladesh this integrated management platform designed for all types of centers from small Colleges to large corporations and universities. It offers integration with other external platforms like Moodle Mail Chimp Google Apps as well as access for students teachers and families through a native app for iOs and Android.

College Management Software Bangladesh this app accessible from an academic management platform allows facilitating the administration of students teachers and families adapting the educational project customizing the assessment to the pedagogical objectives and responds to the rules applicable to center. It also offers economic management which allows invoicing design and customizes the catalog of services provides reports to optimize the management of the centers…

College Management Software Bangladesh developed by NBY Learning Services the EVA has an authoring tool to create content or enrich providing publishers. It also includes virtual classrooms forums blogs communities and wikis among other elements.

College Management Software Bangladeshis a virtual learning environment designed to facilitate administrative and curricular management of Colleges promote the participation of teachers students and families and to improve efficiency by reducing operating costs. Its new version includes the Project Module that helps teachers and editors to create courses or virtual didactic projects tailored and customized to any educational need.

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