Corporate 3d character is a hero with an individual appearance. Character and habits by which brand interacts with consumers. The company’s corporate character helps it stand out among competitors and attract customers. He is the “face” of the brand on a par with the name and logo. To create a character using images of people, animals, plants, fictional creatures and inanimate objects. Each of the characters has its own, easily recognizable identity. It helps personalize the brand and target audience better remembers it.

A unique image of your company

Communication with customers

Emotional involvement of customers

Advantage over competitors

Executing marketing purposes


What determines the price of creating corporate character?

The type character: 2D or 3D. Price 2D character will be lower.

Detail and depth of the image. In 3D illustration for it affects the number of polygons (the elements that make up a model). In 2D-number of colors and shadows.

The character’s mobility. Corporate character can be static and animated. When animating you need to configure the “skeleton” of the character and control elements. Therefore, animating is paid separately.

The steps for creating a corporate character

  1. The preparatory stage: internal audit of the company’s features; comprehensive market analysis; Research of consumers and competitors; the development ideas of the character based on the received data.
  2. Production of a character:
  3. Rendering options (given the positioning);

Refining the final version and visualization on the main media (website, documentation, products);

Finish drawing the character.

Creating corporate character order together with the services:

Logo design and corporate identity;

The legend brand;

Website design;

Packaging design;

Animating the character.

Branded characters:

Vector (two-dimensional). Such images are created using the lines. Vector graphics are easily scaled without loss of quality. It is difficult to achieve a realistic image, so it is often used for vector stylization. Corporate character vector can be used to print leaflets, booklets, business cards, promotional materials and logos.

Bitmap (two-dimensional). When you create a raster graphics use pixels (raster). Therefore, you can create a corporate character of almost any complexity and detail. Screen helps to make the image more realistic. It also uses smooth color transitions. The main drawback of 2D characters for each new position you should create a new hero figure. Bitmapped characters you can use for printing items, animated commercials or illustrations.

3D (three-dimensional). To not do many sketches of one character in different poses, you can create a 3D character. You can make it incredibly realistic. Brand you can animate 3D characters. They are useful in commercials.

Why do you need a corporate 3d character?

Corporate character is used to promote products and services from different areas. It can demonstrate the advantage of the brand and how it differs from its competitors. Corporate character, which created taking into account the characteristics of the target audience contributes to the emotional involvement of the buyer.

Information submitted on behalf of character, interest and sympathy. Communication with character, for many consumers more comfortable than with a faceless company. Information about the brand, received in the form of a game well perceived by humans. For example, to establish contact with the consumers, the company Procter Gamble & started in social networking profile Mr. Proper. On behalf of the company the character tells the news of the brand and communicates with customers.

Branded characters resonate with customers, encouraging them to be more active. They help sell more gently. Branded characters do not cause such irritations as aggressive advertising.

Corporate 3d character helps shape a positive image of the company. For example, many people don’t like insurance companies, because they are associated with unpleasant situations. British insurance firm Churchill decided to improve the image, having ordered the development of a corporate character. It was the English Bull dog. It symbolizes friendliness, its responsibility and readiness to help at any moment. Hilarious dog caused a positive emotional response and attracted customers.

Creating corporate character helps brands that offer products and services for children. He calls the attachment because it is perceived by children as a friend. Children are easily transferred affection with the child character of the brand. The kids loved the many branded characters: Quicky Bunny, Ronald McDonald and others.

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Creating corporate character to NBY IT: what you get

A memorable image that will increase the popularity of the brand and products.

Communication with the consumer because corporate character can be sent to various activities.

Consumers ‘ love of the most different generations.

Difference from competitors and increase brand awareness.

The increase in the company’s profits.

Character development requires an integrated approach. Contact branding agency NBY IT 3d modeling services company, we create a character that will make your brand memorable!

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