Creating a character for the game

Creating a character for the game. Gaming companies exist in conditions of fierce competition, for the attention of players and their desire to invest time and financial resources in the goods. Although demand is great, but all new developments – plots, engines and graphics, are forced to organize a race for the love of the consumer.

Everyone does it in their own way, for example, the company distributor casual games BigFishGames motto “A new game every day,” and they are very good at following their principle, working with 500 companies-developers. The French company Ubisoft wins thanks to the detailing of the game world and the qualitative modeling of the game character.


The price for developing a 3D character depends on: Number of concepts and renderers; Character detailing; Volume of edits for the selected concept; Terms of project implementation. The average price for modeling the game character is $500. It can vary given the size of the hero and the amount of work.

Creation of Character Games: Genres and Types:

Simulation of the game character as the main character

He has in advance the given characteristics:  age, appearance, and character and plot role. Unless we are talking about simulators of life – Sims. The more elaborate and complex the plot, the brighter the personality and image of the developed character.

Development of the game character for fighting games and simulators

Developers model a game character with unique characteristics that other characters do not have. The player carries out the choice of the main character depending on the requirements of the mission and their own sympathies.

Make a character for strategies

Units qualitatively worked out , the player may not notice how many hours of work was spent on the  details of weapons , but true lovers are carefully scrutinizing the kinetics and textures of each warrior.

Developing game characters: the appearance of the hero

Make a character for mobile games

It can be a low polygonal or hand-drawn hero, which perfectly fits into the plot of the mobile game. His image is often schematic and does not require detailed elaboration of the image and character.

Create a 2D character

In the quest casual games they are especially important. Firstly, the players are attracted by the plot, and hence the story of the main character. Poorly designed characters will alienate fans of this genre. Secondly, games of this type take a minimum of time (they can be completed in 4-5 hours) and weigh very little from 600 MB to 1.5 GB, so creating 3D characters is rare. It’s either 2D characters or a stylized video with real people.

Modeling of 3D-character

Suitable for games where it takes a week and a lot of effort to complete the game. In addition to the character in games of this scale, a huge interactive world and a branched storyline are being worked out.

Uniqueness in the development of game characters

Heroes and their stories are worked out so carefully that it turns into a  series of by-products , the Japanese company  Square Enix  produces full-fledged  films  on the history of the game series  Final Fantasy.

In a realistic environment, few people are surprised, so many companies  are distinguished by unusual graphics solutions  and modeling of 3D characters in the style of comics, for example, as in the shooter  Borderlands 2  from  Gearbox Software .

Principles of Creating a Character Game:

Achieve emotional attachment

The user often associates himself with the characters of the game and their stories. Therefore, when 3D-modeling characters, you need to take into account the landmarks – the actions of the main character, his attachment to the terrain and the presence of motivation. Observance of such criteria will make it possible to make a character qualitatively.

Avoiding the effect of an “ominous valley”

Robotics Masahiro Mori discovered that the more human traits a robot or doll gets, the more disgust and dislike appear in a person.

Observe the metric in the development of the character

Determine the size and growth of the character is possible only in comparison with something in the game world: a tree, a house or an animal. For correct creation it is necessary to constantly consider the character’s parameters and the characteristics of the environment.  For example, the width of the step, the speed of movement, the range of jumping and the radius of attack. Just once, after recognizing the character’s parameters, the player will already by eye determine the available distance and the character’s actions.

Use visual effects

They enrich the gameplay; make the animation realistic and understandable. The tail and ears of the chanterelle twitch when running, the cloak of the main villain flutters when walking, the color of the wet cloth changes. You need to follow and change the emotions of the character in the development of the plot. The image below shows the girl, her beloved sister was killed on the plot only half an hour ago, but her face is surprisingly happy and static throughout the events of the game world.

How to Make A 3d Character Game

Drawing up a technical task for modeling a game character

At this stage, the idea is presented, usually a verbal (text) description or a rough outline of the character’s image. The key technical issues are also discussed: the name, sex, age, intellect, profession, vocabulary and background of the character.

Marketing research in the development of 3D-character

The target audience and its main preferences are singled out. This will help determine the color solution for the character and the character of his character.

Searching for references

Collect information about the anatomy and kinetics of the character, analyze the color gamut and select textures.

Development of 5 design concepts in character creation

Specifies the character’s style – the shape of the hairstyle, clothing and personal items. At this stage, it is better not to cling to a successful image, but to work out as many options as possible. We also need to take care of the “readability” of the hero’s image, if the silhouette is recognized and looks impressive, then the character’s concept is worked out correctly.

Finalization of the selected concept

Finalization of the chosen concept for 3D-character modeling consists in detailing clothes, inventory and visual refinement of their interaction with the hero. It is also necessary to draw a character in his inherent poses and create a map of emotions. The material will help create a 3D model .

Visualization of 3D-character games

Final painting of the character’s features, the model is divided into poly groups, the main parts of the body are selected, texture maps are created   to transfer the properties of the model.

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