Creating animation

Creating animation a revival of the artist’s imagination. Animation is used in the field of entertainment (movies, cartoons, games) as well as for business. In the latter case, the 3D-animation is used to create colorful commercials, videos about the company, a spectacular display of architectural projects and so on. The use of modern technology to better communicate with customers, surprise them and achieve greater success .NBY IT animation Studio provides a service for the creation of animation.



Painted classical animation: Previously, the animation was created simply by hand, when artists painted each frame separately. In this case, it was necessary to draw 24 frames, to get just 1 second video. After this footage was removed and glued into a single number. This laborious technique is still used in a full-length animation.

Computer 2D-and 3D-animation: The vast majority of today’s animation projects are implemented with the help of computer animation, including with the use of 3D-modeling. Computer software optimizes the personnel changes and their bonding and facilitates the process of creating the most graphics. 3D-animation has several advantages compared to 2D animation.


The absence of distortion of proportions. When manually drawing the inevitable small errors while turning figures. 3D animation allows you to work with the whole object at once, so its motion is no distortion of facial features, and so forth. It gives the most complete picture of the object. Creating a three dimensional model allows at any time to show the object from different angles and it does not need to draw it again. This is especially important when the subject of demonstration on all sides.

Production acceleration. Compared with classic animation techniques, 3D animation greatly accelerates the process of creating movies due to ready-made sets of 3D models that can easily modify the process of creating video.

What determines the cost of a 2D and 3D animation?

The main limiting factor in the cost of the video is the number of objects. In addition, it affects the degree of detail. On a simple character animation may take several days, but if the character should be very detailed, but also in the frame will be a lot of objects. it increases the level of complexity and cost. More specific information on the cost per minute of animation you can find out by contacting our managers.


Step 1: Create the script

To start the movie thought out script. On this basis, the artist draws storyboard – a detailed storyboard key scene. Without this step, all further work is meaningless: the project manager must see that the artist has correctly understood the task and the necessary angles.

Step 2: drawing individual objects

Next, you need to draw characters and backgrounds, as well as other elements (interior, vehicles, key items and so on.).

Step 3: creation of 3d-models

Based on the concept art modelers create complete 3D-models of characters, add them to the texture and so forth.

Stage 4: revival of 3D-characters animation

After this the animators begin to “revitalize” the model. To this are added the character “bones”, which determine the kinetics of the character. The animation will look natural and smooth, if you have created an anatomically accurate model.

Stage 5 – Creating animations

The models are added to the scene, create a keyframe, adding background and so forth. As a result, we get the finished animation.

Creation of commercials with animation

There are many applications for video animations depending on the purpose. Consider the most popular destinations.

Information Visualization – the best way to remember the consumers or customers. For this advertisement is supported by photos, animations, videos. However, if in the photo captured the moment only 1 / 24-1 / 30 seconds, the video is not limited. That is why modern companies use animated video content to communicate with consumers.

Advertising can be fully animated or contain a separate animated characters. It is possible to implement any plot, but the goods to show the best side. 3D-animation is popular for creating ads with a different target audience. For example, it may be an animation in advertising of children’s cereal with animated dinosaurs or serious razor ads for men.

Games: animation reality

For PC games and console one of the key requirements is realistic. Modern games are not inferior to a real movie. 3D-animation games are so advanced that many shots it’s hard to distinguish from the pictures. Professional program for creating 3D-animation can achieve a high level of realism. The most popular programs for 3D-animation packages are Autodesk Maya and 3DsMax. There are also browser-based games or flash games, which can be completely set up to commercialize or provide entertainment for visitors to your site.

Creation of flash games in just a few months, for which you can develop animations and graphics for this game. Another very developed industry – games for the portable media, which are little inferior in quality games for PC. Juicy animation 3D an Object in a thrilling story quickly attracted the attention of millions of players.

Create videos c illuminations

Every newscast, modern TV shows and even blogs on You Tuber use animation for screen saver. This screen saver is needed at the beginning, middle and end of the video. It makes entry to the material, and emphasizes the brand, and in the middle – splits the video into logical parts, as is done in the text using paragraphs. Branding saver video highlights, among others, and emphasizes the company’s professionalism.

Computer animation to create cartoons

At the present stage of development of animation can also be seen the desire for a high degree of realism. Universal engines allow you to optimize the animation process and achieve high results. Modern indie developers also prefer to work with 3D animation to produce the desired video. Computer animation is used to create social cartoon or hidden advertising.

Create 3D animations for the site

When designing the UI / UX-design is necessary to ensure the best user experience with the site of interaction. It can improve with the help of animated objects and buttons. Website with interactive elements look more attractive to users, and they are staying longer on it.

Architectural 3D-visualization

Virtual tours are very popular, and the opportunity to add to them due to the dynamics of animation makes them even more effective. Music and dynamic lighting allows the mood, and people will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of the house. Such projects are better sold because the buyer immediately presents itself in such an environment.


Animation allows you to implement any story ideas and unusual ideas that are in the mind of a writer or artist. Overflowing river, talking cats and burning water – this does not happen in nature, however, it is possible to draw and the more you need.

Animation anthropomorphic characters:

Animation allows you to bring to life the imaginary creature, give him human characteristics and release the screen. Many food brands have their own signature character who is the protagonist of commercials. Strong association of character now helps to reinforce its image. For example, the most famous branded characters M & M’s- Red and Green. None cartoon is not without character animation, even if it is a ball or a triangle.

Illustration of abstract concepts and hidden

Everything that is hidden from human perception can be reproduced by means of a computer simulation. For example, we do not have a video, like a black hole absorbs a star, but we have an idea about it, and we can make an animation of this process. We also do not see how the protein transports endorphin in a cage, but can model his way. The animation is widely used in biology, medicine, physics, chemistry, and other high-tech fields.

Animation on the verge of fantasy

In reality, it is impossible to look back to historical events or to see the life of microbes without a microscope. Virtually all the cartoons – a solid fantasy that managed to realize thanks to the animation. In order to show the concept of non-standard, uninspired talking objects and flying penguins also used animation. In the hands of a skilled animator even a whale can dance.

In animated cartoons there are many metamorphoses, the characters travel through time, and in general can happen anything. Known advertising Coca-Cola how the world works inside the machine and Coke – one of the best examples of advertising animation on the verge of fantasy.

Animation future

New technologies or a device that are yet under development is necessary to effectively demonstrate to investors. That’s what creates a 3 D-animation prototypes of products or technologies. This allows you to show the invention with the best hand, and even speed up its launch. Also animate large construction projects and even the city in order to predict their future development.

To create animations of your video, please contact NBY IT animation Studio. We are engaged in the modeling and development of characters and objects for advertising, research and entertainment purposes only!