Creation of Plans and 3D modeling

NBY Creation of Plans and 3D modeling. 3D graphics is a valuable way to convey your ideas with total fidelity. You will be able to enjoy the final result of your project without a doubt it is a service that will contribute to the success of your project.

Under the technical supervision of our client we faithfully represent the idea or architectural project that requests us. Applying the latest techniques of 3D drawings and modeling, we provide an essential tool for the sale of your product, adapted to your requirements.


We offer a service of the highest quality and hyperrealism of 3d info graphics in which the deal with the customer. The commitment and the taste for things well done are our most precious value.

We work both for individuals and businesses. Maybe you want to see your project in 3D before you spend a hard time at the work or maybe you are a company that wants to market a product that has not yet manufactured or needs to present a project to a client … NBY IT can offer a comprehensive service 3D perspectives to a very high quality at very competitive prices.

Our Creation of Plans and 3D modeling services include:





Objectives of 3D info graphics in an interior design project:

  • Anticipate the final result of the work.
  • It helps us to make decisions with the client.
  • It allows us to visualize finishes, lighting, furniture … etc. with total fidelity.
  • It helps to compress the project.
  • Support to the commercial sale of the project.

3D Interior Design:

Do not know how to distribute your house to make the best use of spaces? Do you need to do an interior remodeling to expand your business? Are you thinking about setting up a bar and do not know how to hang interior design to attract customers?

NBY IT is a professional interior design studio specializing in interior design and optimization of spaces that can offer you all the services you need in interior design. We have a fully qualified team to design any type of project, from conceptual design and idea going through the execution of the work and the equipment.

NBY Creation of Plans and 3D modeling work doing interior projects for both individuals and companies. We are passionate about our profession so we offer our clients the highest quality and professionalism in our work.

We carry out all types of interior design projects:

  • Houses
  • Shops and Businesses
  • Offices
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Hotels

In our interior design projects we adjust to the real needs and expectations of our client. We do not care in what state his space that is small little light that is in bad conditions. We will make your space a unique and attractive place.

  • Our interior design services range from:
  • Integral projects of interior design.
  • Direction of works of interior spaces.
  • Commercial interior design for businesses and businesses.
  • Interior design consultants.
  • Interior design and 3D decoration

NBY Creation of Plans and 3D modeling are very rigorous in our way of working so we present a small sample of what would be the work process of a project of integral interior design.

  • We analyze the expectations of our client, tastes, way of life, style, purchasing level…
  • We analyze the space to be designed; State of space, orientation, virtues, shortcomings…
  • We develop several conceptual proposals, ideas and solutions.
  • We elaborate all the necessary Technical Plans. “Layout, layout, facilities …”
  • We advised and chose “Finishes of walls, floors, ceilings …”
  • We advise and choose “Furniture, Fabrics, Lighting… for stays”
  • We recreate the entire project in 3D before starting it.
  • We measure and value the totality of the work by budgetary items “Masonry, installations, Furniture …”

If you want more information about our services, please contact us to request a quotation. We will be happy to give you an interior design advice FREES of charge in order to assist you in developing your project.

What we do?

Interior design

We carry out total or partial interior design projects. Using finishes, lighting and furniture of different styles.

Custom furniture

Design furniture tailored to your needs. We have workshops in upholstery, carpentry, forging, ceramics … etc. we can design different furniture style in different finishes

Turnkey projects

If you wish we can offer you a turnkey project for your home or business. We will design and execute the work in its fullness.

Reforms and execution of works

We carry out all types of interior works, renovations, extensions, new distributions; we have a team of highly selected collaborators and specialists in your sector that can help you to execute your project

Decorative advice

Maybe you are looking for some decorating ideas or do not know how to approach a project. We can help you with advice on furniture lighting, interior distribution, finishes … etc.