Custom Application Development


Custom Application Development

NBY IT Solution is a full service software development outsourcing company located in Bangladesh, providing high quality, easy and user friendly software development services to worldwide clients. We can quickly turn ideas into working software or applications. We can build powerful business applications faster with minimal to no coding using a rich set of prebuilt services and templates. After an application is built and tested it can be published to users with a single click. These applications can span from a single department to the entire enterprise, and may include such applications as order management, HR case management, legal request processing and other line of business applications.

NBY IT Solution are delivering custom business applications in days instead of months.

Reduce time required to validate applications against established policies and security requirements.

Why NBY IT Solution?

  • Increase business agility and flexibility
  • Manage risk compliance and improve business value
  • Reduce high and unpredictable application management costs

NBY IT Solution Custom Application Development Services embodies a comprehensive framework for delivering software solutions with enduring business value and predictable costs:

  • ACE Development Services
  • Application Maintenance, User Support and Enhancements
  • Custom Application Development Services (CADS)

NBY IT Solution has very comfortable payment methods for nationally or internationally clients.

NBY IT Solution Payment System maintains simple options for the client to pay for the services. There is no need to set up an account or any type of advance payment options to obtain the services from NBY IT SOLUTION. The client simply fills out a form providing the contact name, company information with full address and contact number. After a batch of work is done, an invoice is sent to the client. The client will have the option to pay by credit card or bank account.