Features of Work in 3d Max on a Graphic Tablet

Features of Work in 3d Max on a Graphic Tablet. Computer 3D visualization does not stand still and is constantly evolving. There are new programs that make it easier and easier to work. They give designers more opportunities to realize their own ideas.

But for work to be effective, a good program will not be enough. If before, the main tool in the hands of every person working in 3DMAX was a mouse, but now many people have opted for a graphics tablet.

What is better than a mouse?

The creation of 3D visualization of interiors is a task, the solution of which can be approached in different ways. And if someone does not want to develop and is ready to use obsolescent technologies – this is only his choice, to which he has every right. But what’s the point of ignoring new opportunities, if they make it easier to work and make it more efficient?


This is the advantage of the graphic tablet. In some areas of design, working with a mouse is very uncomfortable and hard, and the hand from a long labor gets tired pretty quickly.

How to choose

We’ll figure out which tablet is better to buy for professional work. To do this, we will focus on the following criteria.

The cost: This factor is especially important for beginners. After all, money design does not bring or brings a little, so such costs are inexpedient.

Functionality: The tool should be suitable for any direction, from simple drawing to visualization in programs like 3DMAX.

Mobility: You need to do design not only at the table where you usually work. Immersion in creativity. The device should be well optimized and perfectly recognize occasional touches so that it does not interfere with the operation.

Convenience: It affects the speed of modeling, so you need to choose a model that has express buttons that you can customize to fit your needs.

Pen: It should be free of charge and responsive even to weak pressure.

Display: It is not necessary for everyone, but for someone to work without it is simply uncomfortable.

It is these selection criteria that will be most significant for most people who design on a graphics tablet.

Specific models

So, if you are a beginner designer, then you should pay attention to the line of WacomIntuos. These devices have many advantages, but nothing superfluous. Those. they are suitable for professional work, but are much cheaper than other models because of the lack of additional capabilities, without which it is quite possible to do.

But why Wacom? The fact is that this brand has become almost synonymous with the phrase “graphic tablet”. It is used by all designers, because companies have long bypassed competitors on all fronts, and it’s better not to risk buying a model from another company by 15% cheaper.

But you can order the visualization in 3DMAX from the professionals right now, by contacting us. We perform modeling of any complexity in the shortest possible time, and we do it well.