What is the initial work process?

Once the required information is received, NBY IT Solution will start the modeling process (3D creation from the CAD drawings). Once the Modeling stage is completed, we will send Black & White sample of the architecture and complete details for approval Of the Client and subsequent application of Memory of Qualities and Illumination. The sample in B / N will be based on the view point (s) previously selected by the Client. All tentative viewpoints will be sent for the choice of final images according to the NBY IT Solution criteria.


Can I follow up on the status of my project?

Yes, the communication between NBY IT Solution and its Clients is done by telephone, via e-mail or chat programs (MSN or Skype) and / or Video Conference. NBY IT Solution offers its Clients an Information and Technical Support department that will carry out the communication of the different progress made on each project, request the necessary information for the development of the same and maintain contact with the Client on a permanent basis: From the acceptance of the budget and start of the project until the end of it. We will also enable an ftp account specifically for your project. Using a user code and password, you can view the periodical status of your project, as well as download or “upload”

What kind of information do I have to send to NBY IT Solution to get the budget?

First, we need Files in CAD, Autocad, DWG (2002 or higher) format. The archives should include at least general information about the project, plants, elevations, sections, terrain, information of urban furniture and all other significant related information that allows the best understanding of the project to be developed by our team. Reference pictures for the setting of the images will also be of special assistance. The contracting company will assign a person with representativeness and authority to accept and approve budgets, invoices, purchase orders and all those modifications that affect delivery times or the price originally agreed upon from the alterations that, at the request of the Client, can Suffer the project. In turn, the name, Surname and means of contact of the client in order to maintain fluid and effective communication between both parties. IN SECOND PLACE, we will need the Project’s requirements: Number of necessary images, camera angles, resolution of the images, duration in seconds of the Animation / Video, final format of the same, particular requirements to be taken into account and affecting the Budget to send.

Considerations and exceptions

If the Customer requires an Animation or Video, NBY IT Solution can deliver it already finished and with post production work. Alternatively it is possible to deliver the individual Frames that make up the video for the Customer to edit at their convenience (in .TIF or .TGA format for example). Important: the preparation of animation videos does not include static images of great resolution after the realization of this video. If the client wants to add these images, they will not have high resolution or definition of geometry, so you should consider in advance the inclusion in the budget of those high definition images that will be prepared apart from the animation video.

Budgets, payment systems and company policies

NBY IT Solution receives the information about the project to be budgeted, and if it is clear (CAD files, plans, PDF’s, reference photographs, project description, final image resolution, video duration, image and video format, Cameras, etc.), the project is quoted and answered within 24 hours at the most, sending an adjusted budget according to what the Client requests in terms of prices and delivery times. If the information that the Client has at the moment of requesting the budget is partial, the budgeted amount sent by NBY IT Solution will be reconsidered once the Client has sent the missing information. (NBY IT Solution requires all available information about the project to send a complete and definitive budget). The prices included in our budget do not carry additional taxes. Once we receive the confirmation of the project we create a Budget Acceptance where we reflect the agreement reached with the Client (project to be developed, conditions of the same, price and deadline). In addition to the signed AP that the Customer sends to NBY IT Solution, the document that appropriately guarantees the transfer must be included for 30% of the total project. From the moment the receipt of this first deposit is received, the development of the project begins. From this moment (We receive via email from the signed AP and I receive by the same means of the transfer of 30% of the total budgeted), we started to work creating an access space exclusively for the Client (protected with password), On our servers. Once the first stage of the project (Modeling) is finished, the advances are loaded into the Customer’s private space, we notify via e-mail with an access link plus a Username and Password, and we stop our progress until receiving via mail Approval or corrections that the Client deems necessary to implement. We repeat this procedure with the stages of Texture and Illumination until final approval by the Client (for which we send previews in low resolution), and then we start the final rendering. Rendered the final images are uploaded to our servers so that the Client can access them in Zip / RAR format The advances are uploaded in the Customer’s private space, we notify via email with an access link plus a Username and Password, and we stop our progress until we receive via email the approval or corrections that the Client deems necessary to implement.

Texturization, lighting, Ambientation, post-production of images and final rendering

After the cameras and the complete model have been approved, the texturing and illumination of the images are preceded. NBY IT Solution will use the materials and models of its own stock of bookstores to represent the vegetation planned in the project, and post to produce the images with common elements such as cars, people and urban furniture. The Client has the option of providing the materials to be used, which, after being approved technically by NBY IT Solution, will be included according to the criteria that the Client decides to implement. NBY IT Solution will use the materials and models of its own stock of bookstores to represent the interior furniture and will provide or refer to the Client with the necessary images so that this one selects the furniture that considers appropriate. As a standard NBY IT Solution does not create custom furniture, except that it is previously contemplated in the Budget originally approved by the Client and specifically detailed in terms of information necessary for its creation in 3D. NBY IT Solution will send to the Client a primary version for its revision, with the appropriate Textures and Illumination, in low resolution. The Client shall have the right to make changes in textures and / or colors of the materials he / she believes necessary, without additional charges (non-structural changes), however NBY IT Solution will analyze those changes and modifications proposed by the Client to define if they exceed the original budget Approved by both parties. The Client will be able to make the architectural and structural changes that he deems appropriate to achieve a better resolution of the project. These structural changes that the Client introduces in this or the previous stage of the work process that have not been foreseen in the budget will be analyzed and budgeted again by NBY IT Solution in terms of price and deadline of delivery that must be added to the previously agreed in the Original budget After the changes requested by the Client have been made, NBY IT Solution will send the pre-final images or images in low resolution for final approval by the Client and then the start of the rendering process by 3DIP to obtain the definitive images….

Videos and Animations

Once the Animation Modeling process requested and approved by the Client is approved and completed, NBY IT Solution will deliver the previous view (s) of the camera tours in Wireframe mode. With the camera path (s) approved by the Client, the quality memory will be applied and textured and illuminated images will be sent for final approval, which will require the approval of the Video by the Client. The video sequences will be created to maximize the visual impact but will be subject to the limits established in advance between NBY IT Solution and the Client. The Animation will include elements of terrain and street furniture that are included within the CAD files received by NBY IT Solution. Any details not included in CAD files may be created by NBY IT Solution for later inclusion in the Animation to be developed (previous quotation by NBY IT Solution and acceptance of the corresponding budget by the Client). NBY IT Solution will use its best judgment to represent those structures on which no detailed information is received by the Client.