Furniture design in 3D

Furniture design in 3D – Our company is ready to design office or any types of  furniture under your sketches, photographs and designs. In addition our experts are ready to offer a unique opportunity – to create a 3D design the project of your future furniture to all elements of your custom-made furniture looked harmoniously and naturally. Such a proposal is suitable for those who are not versed in the design at all and for those who know everything, but few doubt his abilities.


Exclusive interior of the professionals of the business – the key to a comfortable and happy life. You get a finished version of the perfect furniture and you will not have to worry about that and how it will look in your room. Make 3D design the project and do not worry about your furniture.

Custom Furniture design in 3D

Furniture design in 3D – a well-established 3d modeling of custom made furniture. This is the main activity of the company. Customers and consumers are always our professional service, comprising: service custom made furniture and office furniture. Our designers offer interesting design solutions for ergonomics living or working space.

Over the years, the company has been recognized by both the professionals of the furniture market and on the part of thousands of grateful buyers.

We carefully design the design of each collection of furniture, adapting it to modern fashion trends and demand for specific models. Furniture for home and office is made from safe non-polluting materials on modern equipment. Recent trends in furniture fashion, combined with the needs of customers have a decisive influence on the formation of the range.

The staff of the company includes design offices and engineering department, developing new models. Own production furnishings repeatedly stated prizes, received awards and certificates. The whole range of services for private and corporate clients: Free phone consultant and designer. Free performance design project (2-D and 3-D); catalogs provide. Interactive system of quality control services will allow you to leave a message to the company management “NBY Furniture design in 3D” and get feedback as soon as possible!

Furniture design in 3D includes:

  • VIP Furniture kits
  • The offices of leader
  • Comprehensive office
  • Furniture for staff
  • Furniture for negotiation
  • Hall Furniture
  • Office partitions
  • Cushioned furniture
  • Furniture for hotels
  • Computer tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Furniture for schools
  • Metal furniture
  • Safes furniture design
  • Metal lockers
  • Shelves
  • Medical furniture
  • Instrumental furniture
  • Furniture for home
  • Dining tables
  • Living Rooms
  • Child Furniture design
  • Bedrooms Furniture Design
  • Mattresses Design
  • Sleep Accessories
  • Hallways
  • Home office Furniture
  • Tables and chairs Design
  • Executive seating
  • Chairs for staff
  • Chairs for visitors
  • Conference chair
  • Multi place section
  • Bar chairs
  • Chairs for cafe
  • Chairs for cafe
  • Computer chair
  • Chairs for home
  • Child seats
  • Stools & Benches
  • Accessories
  • Hangers
  • Mirrors
  • Fixtures
  • Litter bins and ashtrays
  • First aid kits and housekeeper
  • Pad
  • Protective mats
  • Desktop sets
  • Other accessories
  • Office accessories