NBY Hotel Management System Bangladesh- The Software for Hotel Management

You are looking for software for hotel management that enables you to do EVERYTHING without spending thousands of Dollars every year? You are in RIGHT place! NBY Hotel Management System Bangladeshis a hotel management program agile intuitive and complete able to handle reservations, check-in, the accounts and the departures graphically and immediate even for inexperienced users. NBY Hotel Management System Bangladesh excels over other software for the ease with which it allows you to manage the most complicated operations.

With NBY Hotel Management System Bangladesh can send you the ticket PS directly to the Web Lodged system sending all daily or monthly attendance reports, receive bookings from owner online booking (Certified Advisor) interface with portals Bookings and Expedia check day-to-day statistics collection and room occupancy, liaise with clients through a CRM module evolved, print all documents necessary for the daily management of your work and much more.


With NBY Hotel Management System Bangladesh not calculated only a management but a complete suite with which online check the availability of your business (wherever you are and with any device connected to the Internet by accessing the portal NBY Soft to try NBY Hotel Management System Bangladesh enter the username and the password), and receive bookings directly on your board.

Choose NBY Hotel Management System Bangladesh for your hotel!

NBY Hotel Management System Bangladeshis a comprehensive tool that allows you to make quick estimates and send the mail to the customer with custom bid. E ‘can store all the facts quotes and convert them into reservations in the event of confirmation. Manages multiple advances and deposits, send email booking confirmation to alert you if a reservation was not sent the deposit in due time.

The arrival of the customer management is very powerful and allows you to scan photograph the ID to return it immediately to your host. If the host is already in the customers all data is automatically retrieved and is shown a list of family members.

The management of the extras can be manual or automatic NBY Hotel Management System Bangladesh interfaces with the best restaurant management systems to receive and directly charge the extras for a bar or restaurant.

NBY Hotel Management System Bangladesh manages groups and enables group invoice, post pay, the suspension of billing, the distribution of payments, transfers extra charges from room to room and many other features necessary for group management.

You can produce the tax and non-tax documents in all desired formats and on any pre-printed form. A powerful statistics management suite will allow you to fully evaluate the accommodation business with both numerical data with summary and statistical graphs.

NBY Hotel Management System Bangladesh development philosophy:

NBY Hotel Management System Bangladeshis designed to be a graphics program intuitive and extremely easy to use. The philosophy that has guided us in the development is aimed at simplifying the work of tour operators.

NBY Hotel Management System Bangladesh has been developed through close co-operation with hoteliers and fully meets the requirements of speed and flexibility needed to solve the most of all of welcome and receptivity problems.

NBY Hotel Management System Bangladeshis a “mature” software on the market for over 10 years, the development is continuous dynamic and attentive to the needs of accommodation. NBY Hotel Management System Bangladesh today represents one of the most complete and versatile product available on the market for hotel management.

Our strengths compared to the competition are:

Speed of execution

Ease of use

Completeness of functionality

Unimpeded access to the statistical data operations

Management of all the typical characteristics of the Proprietor

Dynamic software

Direct connection to the web site to receive online bookings

Engaging and customizable graphics

Direct connection with major online booking portals (we are certified with Booking.com and Expedia)

Send and ISTAT automated computerized PS

Synchronization for online viewing of the tableau

To test the functionality NBY Hotel Management System Bangladesh you can download in the download a demo of the program.


List of the main functions of NBY Hotel Management System

Main Function of Hotel Management System Bangladesh

– Management of budgets with the possibility of automatic sending of email with the offer – transformation to estimates booking

– Inclusion of reservations in graphical or manual format

– Group management

– Advanced search availability

– Immediate creation of the long-and accounts

– The management departures with deferred invoicing

– sending coupons public security system housed at the web

– sending statistical data to ISTAT competent offices


– Ability to customize the line, including discounts, discounts for individual days of stay in the facility and for each guest

– Flexible lists based on the type of room and treatment

– Management of the reductions and supplements

– Ability to add extras and supplements at press time the account

– Customizing printouts of receipts and invoices, choosing the details of the account

– Suspension of payment of part or the entire amount for the invoicing arrears

– Print-through account and account restaurant

– Archiving and consultation bills and received

– Management of stock movements and articles.

– Management of the plan of accounts and the first note


– Management of the dishes with 4 languages description

– Menu Management and any changes

– Customizing the print menu

– Management of the arrangement of tables and waiters


-Management agencies and companies with settings of discount or commissions applied

– Management of billing and suspension of agency fees

– Management Agency for rooms


– Automatic management of the bookings coming from your website without commissions

– The booking engine management with leading booking sites (booking.com, expedia.it, venere.com)


– Management of the list of extras and categorization

– Management of the supplements

– Faster handling of extra charges


– Printing the facility management lists: arrivals, departures, rooms, concierge, activities for the rulers, for waiters, overdue reservations, directory accrued, daily income, etc.

– Print menu based on the number of guests and the language present


– Managing of rooms and room types

– Management of the supplements associated with rooms


– Customer management and visits

– Management of mailings by post or e-mail

– Select the client storage method

– Management Circular


– File Auto Production be sent to portal Web Lodged
– Ready sending computerized data ISTAT

Hotel management System:

The NBY Hotel Management System Bangladeshis easily adapted to all needs both in terms of cost and performance. Anyone who runs a small hotel will find a simple and economic system which is well suited to an area where there are no sophisticated needs. Increasing the size of the system can meet the growing needs up to the total monitoring network of the rooms and any environment even in large hotels.

Fully integrated and coordinated with the plates and switches Ave Touch series of civilian the NBY Hotel Management System Bangladesh Hotel range consists of:

External readers-door through the use of transponder card allows access control to rooms and hotel premises according to different levels of customizable permission. Among the various external-door versions available VIP Touch System is the first patented device with Touch crystal plaque and reader transponder. Internal-port readers however permit the activation of the services in the room (light electricity temperature air conditioning etc.) through the use of an enabled card;

Room thermostat senses the temperature of the environment and manages the temperature control so completely customizable by the hotel manager with various energy saving opportunities;

The room control units that coordinate between them the elements that make up the system and guarantee the performance of control remotely and automation such as for example the entry in the room with simultaneous opening door switching on lights temperature control etc.. Allowing also a distributed logic operation.

NBY Hotel Management System Bangladesh Hotel is available as a “network” in which each room can be monitored by the central computer of the reception (or remotely via Web) allowing you to take prompt action to reduce the inefficiencies and optimize the management of energy consumption thus achieving considerable savings.