Houdini features for procedural modeling

Houdini features for procedural modeling. Houdini is one of the most popular and constantly updated programs suitable for procedural modeling. It is used by Babul Hossain, based on the story of which this article was created. He is an architect who eventually realized that his vocation is to create VFX effects, rather than architectural 3D visualization.

About Houdini

Houdini can be used to create many different special effects. This is an advanced program that allows you to make tremendous explosions, fires, destruction, and other effects for movies and games. It has many standard tools that are great for beginners to master the capabilities of the environment. But there is also the possibility of writing scripts that will be used to simulate a particular process.


In fact, these scripts are the basis of the program, but even without them you can create many amazing and spectacular things. A large number of tools, among which necessarily found suitable for any occasion, eliminates the need for the user to install additional plug-ins.

According to Babul Hossain, most of all in the program he appreciates the node structure, which makes the space for creativity unlimited.

Creation of the Effect of Destruction

A fascinating and startling process, requiring the study of the theoretical part. First, the user must analyze physics, shapes, particles and much more, as well as familiarize himself with the features of the materials that make up the object. If the construction is planned to be destroyed, it is necessary to know what resistance the stone, wood or other material from which it is erected possess, and also to understand what contact they have with each other.

Babul Hossain used to work as an architect, so it was easier for him in this respect – he already knew almost everything he needed. Those who do 3D visualization in other environments for a long time, too, could learn all this before. But in any case, regardless of your level of knowledge, you first need to try a simulation with a simple low poly model, and then move on to more complex things.

Applied In the Work Program

AutoCAD can be used to develop models. To create the basic forms, Babul Hossain decided to use the popular 3DStudioMax, and for UV-cards, he chose the program Light wave, considering it the best choice for solving such tasks.

But we must not forget about the need to create high-quality textures. Our hero chose for this Photoshop, which made the dirt, and the textures themselves made them look shabby. He also uses the Substance Painter program to edit some elements and correct their shortcomings.

When you are going to create VFX magic, you need to test different work samples, and then select the one that will require less disk space and cache memory. This will greatly facilitate the processing and will require less resource.

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