What is the level design in the modern gaming industry?

Level design in the modern gaming industry. Creating a level for any game, you need to consider and follow many rules. Only in this way it will turn out to be interesting, moderately tense, and most importantly – not boring. Everything is important: the complexity of the shuttles, the visualization of the landscape, the variety of gameplay and much more. Let’s look at a few points that you should pay attention to, regardless of which game you are creating the level for.


One of the main elements that affect the player’s perception of the game play. It is not necessary to use all the listed types, but you must always alternate and replace them with each other. Otherwise, the passage will turn into a routine.

Lack of shuttles. In this case, the player is given the opportunity to relax. So he can freely move around the location, for example, to find some important information that relates to the plot.

Help in the passage. Makes it easier for a while. Allies, temporary buffs.

Challenges-fillers. They create the impression of complexity, but in reality they are not complicated. You need to make the player feel cool and spread all opponents without difficulty.


 Overcalling’s. Complex and dynamic tasks, after which you will need a breather even for an experienced gamer. The main thing – to make the scene passable, but not allowing to relax.

Although this is one of the main factors, a number of others are equally important.

Color Spectrum

In projects with dynamic lighting, not using this solution would be foolish. For example, at the beginning of the passage of a level there may be a day, and in the end an evening. Or you can alternate the heat of the scale, making it colder to complete the mission.

The best option is when colors are combined with the gameplay. For example, in non-threatening places everything can be well lit by a bright white light. But when a player gets into dangerous areas – the lighting changes to red. If the location is full of purple monsters – it would be nice to add a purple color to the design.

It is important to determine all this at the preproduction stage, so that it does not happen that one level does not correspond to the norms established by the previous one. Sometimes developers use visualization of the exterior in 3d max vray.

Scale Change

The level can begin on a narrow path in the forest, and end in a large room of a huge temple. Or vice versa, start at the walls of a large impressive building, and then draw the player into the narrow office corridors and small rooms.

Those. The main idea here is that you need to monitor the progression of scale. Dimensions of objects and the frequency of their appearance should change, as well as the space available to the player for movement.

We should not forget about the camera angles that the player usually uses. If he keeps looking down, collecting objects dropped from enemies, he may simply not see the tall tower over which you have been trying so hard.

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