NBY IT Pharmacy Management software

NBY IT Pharmacy Management software work always implies a work with many kinds of pharmaceutical preparations. Keep a record of all the information and implement control of the pharmacy is not possible without an automated system. Reliable assistant in the conduct of affairs becomes a professional program for the pharmacy. In addition to accounting functions the organization of the structural unit’s pharmacy is also included in the range of its capabilities.

NBY IT Pharmacy Management software computer program for pharmacy can easily handle even very large amounts of data. Ensuring you full control and timely execution of tasks. Despite the simplicity and convenience of the interface the system has a rich set of tools for processing information and work with it. We have developed a program for pharmacy is available for free on our website in the demo version. The automated system helps to maintain the quality control of medicines in pharmacies and acceptance control at the pharmacy.


Systematization of all this in a single program improves workflow and simplifies the management of affairs. Covering an all processes, the program can carry out production control in the pharmacy. Control system function is executed automatically, for its full and proper operation only requires the timely and proper application of the information in the database. Organization of the work of departments with pharmacy professional software does not deliver a lot of trouble and be arranged in the most efficient way.

NBY IT Pharmacy Management software system is multitasking and universal, therefore applicable to a wide variety of areas. Among our projects there is a program for veterinary pharmacies, whose functionality is slightly different from conventional systems for pharmacies. With each client we work individually and take into account all the wishes and needs of any business. Orderliness and comfort will provide you with our program for pharmacies, which can be downloaded on our website.

The ability to control and manage the NBY IT Pharmacy Management software:

The following is a brief list of features of the program Universal Accounting System. Depending on the configuration of the software developed by the list of features may vary.

Automated software for pharmacies has beneficial effects on the productivity and income of the company;

Applying the Universal accounting system in the organization of chemists is the reason that the time spent on processing of the data is reduced at times;

Pharmacy control system allows you to take into account all information received in the course of work without missing a single detail or seemingly insignificant details;

In the work program for pharmacy information with each supplier or the buyer can be stored indefinitely;

Thanks to the organization of the automated pharmacy can from the beginning to the end of the monitored process of cash flow;

Professional program for pharmacy handles an impressive array of information in a matter of seconds, which saves an incredible amount of staff time;

The program has many useful features for business – you can decide which analytical tools to use in their business;

Pharmacy control system automatically makes statements, and you can use them for further analysis – all this, of course, has only a positive effect on the development of the company;

Besides all of the above may be considered active customers as well as complete statistics generated ordering and payment, as well as services rendered;

NBY IT Pharmacy Management software controls the timing of tasks and reminds employees about important events that require immediate attention;

Versatile and fast search system built into the program, which is a clear advantage;

Pharmacy Automation control will make your service better;

Sorting, filtering and grouping, as well as a quick search allows you to quickly work;

All the information can be converted into any file format you need – it is very convenient if you want to integrate the CCD with other accounting systems and analytical tools;

Professional program for the pharmacy will be reason for the growth of your business, make it at times better and help you move the process forward.