NBY IT Enterprise Resource Planning Software

NBYIT Business ERP solution software developer firm based on Bangladesh. We have comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution for various industries sales, purchase, distribution and manufacturing company to control their entire supply chain. The greatly designed solution helps you to control your chain network collect organized decision from anyplace with full overlooking on your business concern.

Our ERP Module includes:

Human Resource Module
Financial Accounting Module
Inventory Management Module
Sales Management Module
Purchase Management Module.
Customer relationship management (CRM) Module
Commercial Module
Production Management Module
Supply & Distribution Module

 Sales & Distribution Management:

NBYIT ERP solution is the best for sales and Distribution Management. For every company sales is main perspective to gain with the help of NBYIT ERP solution you will get complete result and report about your company daily weekly monthly yearly sales report with cost of goods sales?

Procurement Management:

NBY IT ERP helps you to keep record of your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly purchase. How much purchase has done for which department you will get all report very smoothly? The purchase module has all inbuilt function to provide best report to evaluate company purchase department.

Inventory Management:

NBY IT solution brings best ERP software with inventory management system module. it can helps to keep proper inventory record of your company item.

Production Management:

NBYIT brings best production management solution for manufacturing company. With this ERP you can manage your whole manufacturing process.

Quality Control Management:

NBYIT Provides Best Quality control Management System for your need. Now a day’s quality control is the main issue for every company. Our ERP help you to maintain smooth Quality control.

Financial Accounting:

NBYIT ERP solution has full pleasant accounting solution. Chart of accounts, journal, ledger, trial balance, income statement, Balance sheet, manufacturing accounts, cash flow, fund flow etc.

Payroll Management:

NBYIT ERP helps you to manage you company payroll perfectly manner. Our payroll software has wide variety of prebuilt in feature which will meet your all requirement.

Business Analytics Tool:

NBYIT ERP has ton of inbuilt business analytics tools help you to analyze your business more smoothly.

Warehouse Management:

NBYIT ERP has fully functional warehouse management system. Which help you to maintain warehouse management system?


NBYIT Provides best customer relation management ERP module for your need. With the help of our CRM you can manage full customer management solution to your client.
What is the enterprise management system?

Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) is a business management program; consists of many integrated applications (accounting, human resources, sales, purchasing, and customer relationship management system, document management and inventory management). This will allow you as a company to store and manage data in each stage of the work. It will accept user input, and finally dealt with will be either stored or exported as report

What organizations that use enterprise management system

All companies that depend on resource planning, manually or by a separate program to run their business. Resource planning software works as a series of institutions linking all the company’s business in one place, and that limits and reduces the time and human effort.

Who are our customers?

Whether you’re in a modern company, or in a medium-sized company, the program will work perfectly for you. Usually the customers: restaurants, cafes, hotels, supermarkets, and stationery, pharmacies, and service companies or any kind of other types of retail.

Why should you get NBY IT SOLUTION ERP system?

Our system for managing ERP developed by our professional team, and this can give you a confirmation of the reliability of our program. While you cannot guarantee the reliability of open source ERP systems 100%. On the other hand, it costs famous enterprise resource management systems more and more money. We can ensure that our programs completely reliable and available at competitive prices and many feature available. Here are some of the features of our system:

Integrated business solutions to deal with the business entirely
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrated with all program modules
Support all business processes (human resources – sales – accounting – Procurement – inventory and provide their management through with their control
Support the manufacturing process
Alerts for e-mail and quick response report
Centralized bills
Administrative and informational strong reliable systems to help you make the right decisions
It can be customized according to your company’s needs.
Powerful POS, reliable and integrated with the system and can be used separately
Multilingual interface
Multiple and detailed reports
Multiple currencies and exchange rates
Multiple tasks for users, permissions management and access control

What is the minimum hardware that must have? OUR ERP will RUN Through Online with Latest Browser support.


Accounting Module:

It includes measuring and processing financial information. And it will measure the consequences of the economic activities of the company. In the future solutions we enclose with accounting module all the functions required to handle your financial activity, such as deposits or create your company’s Chart of Accounts. And it includes the accounting process of preparing the general ledger and the opening of the accounts. All this with the establishment of full reporting of all data.

Key Features    

Determining the period of accounting, accounting chart of accounts, Banks and daily expensesCreate a wide range of reports such as general ledger and financial statements and the general budgetEasy and simple transactions such as deposits, transfers, withdrawals, investment and general ledger

Accounting periods: The accountant can define fiscal years and their use of the system later
Accounting Summary: a soft copy report for chart of accounts
Bank Master: This feature will allow the accountant to add more than one bank to automatically add it add in chart of accounts automatically.
Chart of accounts: Will provide a full accounting vision of the chart of the company, it will also enable the accountant of control and adding the general ledger or sub-ledger. Delete option also available with ledger a thorough check of errors to prevent any disruption of the user. An unlimited number of general ledger or sub ledger. The ability to activate and deactivate any account. Best organized by the account group element. The ability to create accounts for different currencies
Expense Master: All expenses related to the purchase of certain commodity registered here, and are used to automatically calculate the total cost.
Account Process: The balance of the account opening
Post General Ledger: Giving the ability to add an opening balance of each account from previous balances.
General ledger: Close the fiscal year with a smart ability to determine whether a loss or profit. And transfer all the funds for the next fiscal period.
Accounting reports: Chart of accounts Report. Print the current Chart of Accounts.
Financial reports: With the ability to determine whether the balance from a previous or current income for a certain period of time.
General Ledger Report: The work reports of any branch of the General Ledger Chart of Accounts
Report daily restrictions: Work reports for all established operations in a given period.

Account Transactions:

Bank deposits: Record all deposits of the Bank’s operations with the ability to add, modify or delete any operation unless they are offered for delete.
Bank transfers: Record all bank transfers with the ability to add, update and delete
Bank withdrawals: Record all bank withdrawals with the ability to add or delete or modify any treatment unless they have been deported.
Investment capital: Investing capital account properly maintained.
Journal Ledger: All Types of General and Ledger can be entered in the system
Payment Voucher: Payment voucher entry is ever easy

Human resources are a group of individuals who make up the workforce of the company, or the business sector or the economy. The employees manage a difficult task somewhat. Follow daily attendance and calculate their salaries and absence record, the process takes a long time. In this module you can manage your employees and track all HR-related information and create reports.

Add detailed information on each employee and keep track of attendance, holidays and salaries and wages. Setting an administrative structure. Generate Salary sleep and related all other document

List of file types: It will enable human resources employee Add files in the system.
List the types of holidays: Will allow you to control the types of holidays to select the employee if he decides to go out.
List of blood types: You will be able to determine the blood types to
List of contact types: It will enable you to determine the list of the types of means of communication
List of languages: You will be able to add language that you want
List of qualifications: It will enable you to determine the list of existing qualifications.
List of religions: It will enable you to add a list of religions available to you.
List disciplines: Will enable you to add a list of specializations available to your employees.
List specialist: You will be able to modify the administrative hierarchy of the company, directors, employees identify, workers with the possibility of printing the pyramid later.
Work periods: You will be able to add periods of work and modify them later.

Attendance device and leave: Enable the user to add devices attendance and leave, and catch them and add them to the network.
Attendance permits: Permits management will enable you to pursue permits for the staff.
Attendance shifts: You will be able to add and manage attendance Times
Employee attendance registration: You will be able to record when employees attend and leave.
Employee Documents: Upload provides a property with additional features such as file and expiration periods, such as the types of licenses and the like.
Employee Holidays: You will be able to follow the staff’s holiday, assorted, their reasons, and the length of time for them

HR reports: It will enable you to print all reports of HR Employee information. Employee contacts. Employee addresses. Presence of the employee and salary deductions. The qualifications of the employee. employee vacations

Sales Module:
Keep track of customer information is a big job. Especially when you have hundreds of thousands of customers that it was not to deal with them every day. Sales in the unit you can manage clients, and the establishment of sales and goods orders. Even if you only need to give customers the pricing, you can create a demand on them.

Key Features: Adding clients, delivery personnel and sales representatives easy to manage in the future. Create sales orders and end the sales operations successfully and you can make deliveries to be complete or fragmentary. Create quotations and make it ready for use at a later time in sales with the ability to be used in operations selling operations again.

Sales Master:
Add / Edit / Clear customers to the system. Assign client to company chart of account. The choice between the two types of customers: Choose Cash Customers and Credit Customers
Delivery man: Add / Edit / delete delivery man in system include their contact details
Salesman: Add / Edit / Clear sales man of the system & add their own contact information

Sales Process:
Sales Delivery: The possibility of choosing pre-order in the system and plugged Provide a high degree of flexibility by giving the user the separation of connection requests property, you can demand segmentation and connect it to the number of times required by the customer, each time different elements of the same application.
Sales Order: The ability to bring the pricing of the introduction to the customer by. The ability to choose the price list. Example: retail, the project and the total sales etc. The ability to work a separate reduction for each separate commodity in one application. It will provide a summary of requests for sales such as the total number of sales, the total amount and the amount of reduction
Sales Quotations: The seller can set up pricing for the customer with the support of the type of list price, the seller can easily control prices throughout the year so that the prices will be prepared in advance using barcode.
Sales Return:  The ability to update applications, where if the customer returned the goods delivery on or before delivery, the store will be updated automatically.
Sales Reports: NBY ERP Generate Report. Sales Deliver report. Salesman history report. Sales Order report. Sales Quotations reports. Sales Return report.

Purchase module allows you to control your own suppliers. You needed transactions such as providing balance of goods will provide, added costs and purchase orders. It will also help you to create the reports you need in this area.

Key Features: In addition suppliers and their addresses and their contacts. Create receipts and purchase orders. Determine the cost and reduction and the creation of the delivery after sale

Purchase Master: add, edit or delete suppliers of the system to identify the sources of procurement of goods. Procurement Unit – Home stores

Purchase Transactions
Receipt of goods
: The user can work a memorandum receipt of goods purchase orders, specifying the suppliers or stores.
Landed cost: Determine costs with expenses such as determining the cost and the amount of currency and payment source. After the termination of which turn out to Unit accountant.
Purchase Order: Purchase order processing by determining the demand of selected goods and details. The user can also upload photos.
Purchase Return: The user can enter the goods received the returned information. Extraction based on selected dates which reports: Goods receipt reports. Purchase order reports. Purchase return reports

Point of Sale System (POS):
Point of Sale System (POS) is a well-known model. Many companies use external POS and facilitate the sales task. But, what makes our system different? We worked on connecting this unit with other units such as inventory and accounting. Each transaction conducted by working to change the content of the inventory and is sent to the accounting. The program will allow you to enter the cash available, or removing the end of the day, and change the ending episodes and periods of work. You can create several reports here, please read more.

Key Features: Check in and Check out for each day when shift ends. Change End of the day time and close shifts. POS Cashier window with wide range of options to control orders, ex: create, return, split, merge, mark as damage … etc.
Point of Sale transactions:
Cash In: Easy window to enter the amount of money, will facilitate the introduction of the amount of cash process.
Cash out: Easy window to enter the cash values will facilitate the cash output process.
Change date: Change the end of the day to close later date.
Day End: The ability to finish the work day.

POS Cashier: An accurate breakdown of the sales process, the process will include four types of applications: domestic demand and external demand, and Delivery and automotive applications requests. The user can edit quantity, price change (follow the conditions), the work of reducing the specific rates, as well as the price of the service and the integration or separation applications, all of this according to the same user expires. Reservation service tables to make a reservation for customers in the future, depending on demand.

Shift End: The ability to end the work shift to specific users
POS reports: Version based on specific time periods and certain dates, such as reports:

Activities user. Sales activities and the types of sales. Bookings report a .Statement customer cash Report drivers daily. Report payment types for daily sales of Daily sales report. Daily report hourly Work Diary Report. Sales by groups. Bills POS. work shifts report

Inventory Module

Inventory management also can be difficult sometimes, with everything you need to follow information starting to know the exact quantity, and quantity of affected trace (or that expired too). What about if you need to build the elements consisting of other elements? Unit inventory can also help you by using barcodes to identify the elements easily. Each element can have a large number of information, such as prices, sizes and forms.

Key Features: Construction of composite materials and the definition of each one composite specifications and a list of preset prices per year or season. Preparation stores – places contingents marketing used – and User Groups. Affected account of the added products – and carry out transport and approval from management.

Build assembly: You can build components of a vehicle and by identifying the key elements and sub-elements, using the Bar code.
Cost sheet: elements calculated based on the input set of accounting module or the ability to add the cost of the elements manually, and Fixed Charges, the average purchase price, average cost and variable cost etc.
Group menu: The ability to add User ratings to facilitate access to the items later.
Inventory master list
Component characterization: how to distinguish between the various elements based on descriptions such as cooked foods, prepared foods, beverages etc.
List of warehouses: the ability to add new stores to the system and hire them to account.
Marketing outlets: You can add marketing outlets such as exhibitions and the like.
Home Price List: Flexible property manager was able to add the price lists. These lists can be used later for quotations.
List Price: works in the form of ready templates prices for later use. Example: retail / prices of the year 2015/2016 price etc.
Main units: the user can add modules to the system, any elements added later may use these units.
Item master: The user can add all the elements of information, and the ability to upload images, define the amount of inventory and price lists.
Price sheet: The ability to add, modify and scan rates with the addition of elements User preset prices.
Inventory process:
Damaging the merchandise: The ability to identify the damaged goods with the preparation of the report, which will help you monitor goods better. Approval of the transfer of goods. The user can approve the transfer of goods between the branches, with the ability to accept only some of the elements from within the application as a whole. Request for the transfer of goods. The user can send a request to be received at another branch, for example, to transfer certain goods. Prepare reports based on specific dates or numbers of certain documents, such as:

Report of composite elements. Report of damaged items. Report of item master. Acceptance of the transfer of goods report. Material transfer request report. Packaging and appointment report. inventory status report. Units master report. Used stock report.

System Manager:
This unit will allow you to fully control your system. You can determine the company’s information, and adjust the printers and currencies, control and payment methods. You can also add users; define the powers and effective units. We offer point of sale unit with integrated window to adjust your vending machines. Further information on the next page, please click on (more information).

Key Features: Barcode Add., Set printers, as well as branches and cities, addresses and states Encryption codes, set the privileges and user management Manage All units of the system and fully control the information displayed.

This unit will enable you to control and manage the entire system, and resource management. It contains the following windows:
Area Master: Management in the country areas, and registered in the system
Barcode Setting: Barcode settings is very easy with this ERP
Block Icons: USE Various Block ICON
Prevent menus: Blocking / prevent blocking of certain icons in the system
Branch Master: Adding and scanning branches of the company the cities. Adding and cities of the country survey of the system, to be used in the titles later.
Cost centers Master: Definition of cost centers Information the countries. In addition the countries of the system, until it is used later in the headlines and Currency
Currency Denomination: To determine About Currency
Currency exchange: Determine the exchange rate of a currency to another
Currency Master: In addition to the currency system
Design tables: You design your restaurant tables as you like, each section in a restaurant is to facilitate the process of eating at home, and booked tables operations
Icons: Add the icons of the system, each element separately
Other payment methods: To identify other means of communication
Printers: Add printers to the system, to be used later in the system
System Addresses: Add titles for the system to be used in other units
System icons: Activate and cancel icons of the system.
System Options: Registration information about the company, and the head of the appendix to the bill to add the information to, and stock options.
POS System: POS system for each user control.
Users of the system: Users control system, giving the powers of the POS and passwords control
Translation: Show translation system
User Permissions: The powers of the user control of the system

At NBYIT we have best reputation for growing business with great stability, effective software products; NBYIT ERP has the entire essential feature to needed for best performance business concern.

Our ERP can be used in multi-platform and installation procedure is very easy for everyone. The software is fully GUI based which can run by any employee who can run other GUI software.

NBY IT ERP solution is a full Pleasant ERP that keeps its real activity yet provides effective vast business functionalities such as Accounting, Finance, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Point of Sales, Manufacturing, Costing, Job Costing accounting , Payroll accounting and Branch Management accounting along with capabilities like Statutory Processes, vat, tax etc. Whatever the demands, NBYIT ERP software makes business activities easier. With a great combination of function, control and customization built in NBYIT ERP software grants business organization CEO and their associate to do a lot more.

NBY IT Solution is a most famous ERP solutions provider company in Bangladesh providing ERP solutions services at an affordable price all over in world. It’s an outsource based company so you can get our services in online in anytime and anywhere.

NBY IT Solution’s ERP provides complete service management software program that does it all. Built by contractors to make your business more efficient and profitable.

In order to maintain these distinctive services of clients, NBY’s ERP provides collaborative approach, it will collect all upcoming recursive services of clients according to their needs therefore service provider is enable to assign and manage work for their clients and staff. In addition, our software has facility to monitor and maximize resources so that they deliver work more efficiently and effectively.

Our modern software uses modern paradigm it enables to managers to prioritize and evaluate current goals, objective, target and execute those services that due dates are coming soon for that reason it provides Dashboard facility to monitor client’s services.

NBY IT SOLUTION Payment System maintains simple options for the client to pay for the services. There is no need to set up an account or any type of advance payment options to obtain the services from NBY IT SOLUTION. The client simply fills out a form providing the contact name, company information with full address and contact number. After a batch of work is done, an invoice is sent to the client. The client will have the option to pay by credit card or bank account. So, if you have need ERP, please contact us.

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