NBY IT a Photo editing service provider

NBY IT a Photo editing service provider offer various types of graphics designing service to its clients. our offer service includes Leaflets, booklets, brochures, business cards, packaging, navigation system – any product graphic design represents your company. Good design enhances the credibility of the brand and increase interest in the brand unknown new.


Design does not have to be expensive or flashy. It must correspond to the purpose for which is created. Many companies adhere to a single style in the design of printing and other materials. If you do not yet have a corporate brand-book, we can design a logo and corporate identity, and only then proceed to the other materials.

The process of Photo editing service developing the graphic design:

Determine what kind of design task is to decide on what kind of work the audience. Select the style in which the work must be done. Generating ideas draw sketches and agree to the moment when it becomes clear that “it is necessary to do so and not otherwise.” Once we have decided to focus, we implement design in life: Asking specific visual constants that customers will recognize our customers. Extrapolating developed by means of visual communication for all design objects that are created within the project.

Design ready! Layouts are in print, the image – on websites and in social networks. It is time to field supervision and support – any brand is alive and constantly requires new design. We are working to ensure that any work done for our clients, retain the original style.

Photo editing service Development of technical specifications and prototypes:

We are not asking customers to prepare the terms of reference, to fill the briefs and come up with all the features of the site yourself. Rare in the web client understands well enough to clearly describe all the things that he needs. Therefore, work on the site we start with requirements gathering and design interface.

Our analyst will conduct interviews with the customer to find out what the problem sites, what elements it should contain, who will use it. If the answers to some questions is no, we will help them to understand.

Once we have collected and analyzed a primary requirement, we begin to work on a prototype. This is an interactive layout, in which there is no design, but visualizes the structure of individual pages and the website as a whole.

In the process, we show finished to the client page, we specify the requirements for the site and offer solutions. Usually 1-2 iteration we create a prototype that is fully consistent with the goals and objectives of the customer.

Ready prototype we describe in the terms of reference, which also fix relevant requirements of the site. Prototype and terms of reference – it is the client’s property. If for some reason he does not want to continue to work with us, he can turn to another studio.

Photo editing service Prototype saves your money:

Prototype and terms of reference permit before beginning work to define clearly what needs to be done to the site or a web service? This means that we accurately assess the amount of work and did not inflate the estimate “just in case”, as do other companies. The client will know exactly what happens in the end.

Photo editing service Website design and Web services:

The quality of our work, you can estimate by looking at the portfolio of the sites. Here we will talk about how to do design. By design we are embarking once approve the prototype of the future site. We work not on the principle of “give three options to choose from,” and on a “bring to perfection.” We would appreciate the quality of our work.

Design is approved by page: first we make the main concepts, affirm it, and then move on to other pages. The general principle is that the customer should always know what we are doing now and what it will receive in the end. Once the design is ready, we will proceed to the development of the site.

Photo editing service Logo design and corporate identity:

Logo – an important element of the corporate image of the company, which serves to identify it on the market. It expresses important ideas and images, he tells us even before the consumer knew her.

Logo design – rigorous exercise, in which there is no room for error. In world practice, many cases when carelessly picked up a visual image of the brand promotion prevented.

How Photo editing service is the work on the logo?

Work on the logo begins with a detailed conversation. You tell us what and for whom your business. We offer the best options based on the style and types of existing logos. Would you like heraldry? Schedule Font composition? Not a problem, our specialists are able to do everything.

After discussion, our designers prepare sketches. Dozens of sketches. Dozens of options for how to deploy elements of how best to express the style, what to emphasize.

Of the proposed you choose one, the most accurate variant in which the logo message read most clearly. All further work is built around it: we bring the future logo in digital format, and then prepare on its basis a black and white version. After its approval – add color and fonts are working part (if needed).As a result; you get ready logo in several variants for use on all possible platforms.

Creation of original illustrations and characters with illustrations, you can show that you cannot take a picture, make a booklet or website content more diverse, put a bright accent.

NBY IT photo editing service Provider Company also provides Professional development of websites and web services. Your website can perform any task – from sales to attract new employees and bookkeeping. Our job – to help identify these problems and to create a tool that will successfully deal with them.

Under the development of the site, we do not mean setting a generic solution to the first available super-fast engine and building a landing page on a free website.

Our team specializes in developing web-based solutions – from the formulation of the problem before the launch of the site and its subsequent support. This does not mean that we undertake only functional and complex projects: the solution can be simple and elegant, the main thing – the idea behind it.

Photo editing services realize projects from idea to launch.

First, we analyze the idea with which clients come to us, working on its weaknesses and strengths of the find. We think about how to solve his problem. Often – we are helping to put this problem clearly.

Solution of the problem we are subsequently converted into the final product, whether it Landing with thoughtful and not vulgar triggers an elaborate catalog with cunning filtration system, support for the selection of gifts, department workflow system …the list is long, we have done a lot of work.

The development we often divide the site into six stages. NBY IT offer world class photo editing service. We collect and analyze customer requirements, then design an interface: develop an interactive prototype of the future site. The fact that it is and why we do not work on the technical task, it is written here.

Create a design concept of the main page: define the visual style, select colors, working with fonts and set the overall visual constant throughout the site. After agreeing with the customer we continue to work on the design of the site.

We program and we make up. In parallel, we conduct an internal SEO-optimization – the site should start from the moment adequately indexed by search engines and meet their quality criteria. Also we are working on site management system.

Testing custom scripts for functional and sanded to minimize the human factor. Writing the text, select or take photos, draw pictures, create 3D-tours – the content that will be of interest to visitors and attractive to search engines. The prepared material is placed on the site, fill the catalogs of information about products.

NBY IT Solution a photo editing service company spread the site to network and train the customer how to use it. After that, as a rule, we conclude a contract to support and develop the site further, honing laid down mechanisms of solving problems.

However, each project is treated individually – depending on the objectives and the budget, so the development process can vary. For some projects we use agile methodologies.

NBY IT Solution a photo editing service company develops web solutions and graphic design. Our work in common – they solve customers’ problems, for example, represent the brand or promote sales. Before starting the project, we are helping set goals and explain what can and should be expected from the website, brochure or corporate identity.

Many customers come to us again; almost half of the new customers come on the advice of friends or partners. This, we believe the main achievements.

NBY IT offers a full cycle of advertising services on the Internet from the development of advertising campaigns and the media creation, advertising on the network to the creation of the effectiveness reports of the campaign.