Prototyping and 3d printing

Prototyping and 3d printing for modern technology rapid prototyping as well as for growing a variety of model objects.


Prototyping and 3d printing Engineering and industrial design:

Before you run the newly created product in serial production-is its prototype. Prototypes are created for visibility and validation of engineering thought. The cost of prototyping, incomparable with the production and financial losses in the event of errors and miscalculations in the design of the product. 3D printing technology thanks to the simplicity, speed and relative cheapness, allows repeated production of prototypes at all stages of design, which in turn is a guarantee of creation of quality product in the end.

Prototyping and 3d printing: Prototyping;

Of course, in this case-“main”. But a completely different looks and provides layouts made using 3D printing, they are distinguished by quality, reliability and durability. Architectural, landscape and industrial layouts, layouts of buildings and engineering structures. a residential district or factory territory. Sketchy and detailed for corporate or personal purposes.

Non-standard solutions of Prototyping and 3d printing;

Desk souvenirs, small sculptural forms, statuettes, busts and bas-reliefs, accessories, charms, medallions, magnets, branded 3D shields and so on. All of this may make using 3D printing, and all this can be a wonderful and enjoyable gift.

It is possible to manufacture a small circulation, economical molding, solid plastics, plaster, silicone, etc., on master model*, or using the printed form.

A choice of two different 3d printing technologies:

3DP (printing special composite powder) 1 cm3 = 100 taka. When calculating the cost of future product is only considered useful volume model.

FDM (Layer-burning filaments made of ABS or PLA-plastic) 500-750 taka./h

You can send your model on our mailbox in a generic format STL or OBJ, we will calculate the cost of manufacturing facility and advise, if necessary, how to modify your 3D project for successful implementation. Or use our services to create a 3-d model.

Also, the price depends on the further processing of cultivated model coloring and textures.

The master model is the primary model, which later lifted molds for making copies of castings using various technologies. Used composite material strong enough quite accurately conveys the details and subsequent machining allowing the printed prototype brought to an acceptable quality of the master model. Also, you can directly print and produce directly the form itself.