Realistic visualization of smoke and fire

3D modeling and visualization may require the creation of realistic smoke and fire. To do this, you can use FumeFX. This plug-in for 3DMAX, used in the production of many modern movies and games, as well as in other areas of visualization.

The purpose of the plugin is to create smoke and fire through particles. It is thought out to the smallest detail and takes into account all the parameters affecting the appearance of these effects in the real world: temperature, speed, gravity and others. Have a large number of settings that allow you to adjust the visualization to achieve the most realistic display.



A list of features that made the plugin one of the best tools for visualizing these effects.

Temperature adjustment. The user can set the time as quickly as possible when smoke appears. It is formed only when the temperature is raised above the specified value.

Final processing. The cebasFume FX label will be compressed around the fire to the desired level so that it does not consume too much memory.

Change in the weight of a flammable liquid. Weight can be changed to the desired value to allow gravity to directly affect the fuel.

Realistic visualization of smoke and fire

Wavelet Turbulence. This mode allows you to add minor details to a simulation with a low resolution.

Time control. The simulation process can be done faster or slower.

Fume FX Object Source. Makes possible the processing of a large number of objects.

Void Source. Allows you to clear an area inside or outside the void.

Synchronization of paths. If the user changes the standard output path, the path described above is WT, time control, etc. changes automatically.

FumeFX_Burn WSM. The colors of the mesh vertices can be set based on the Fume FX parameters. To see the result, you do not need to simulate the grid.

Photo-realistic visualization of the interior with the Fume FX plug-in will require a large amount of RAM to render the render high-definition. In general, it should be from 4 GB.

Fume FX allows you to visualize smoke, fire and explosions also qualitatively, as it does in the production of Hollywood blockbusters. This makes it useful, practical, and almost indispensable plug-in for both professionals and amateurs working in different areas when you need to order visualization in 3d max for simple objects – for example, a home fireplace.