NBY School Management software Bangladesh

NBY School Management software Bangladesh an excellent system that brings together in its simple applications all the bases for an effective school controls. What we like the most is the support that practically takes us by the hand to the management of the system and resolution of any doubt that is presented in the process almost immediately. It is a very professional system and we recommend it extensively.

NBY School Management software Bangladesh has worked perfectly; we now control collections, credentials, lists, tickets and electronic invoices. The technical support the times that have been requested, we take care of immediately and very effective. Excellent attention, highly recommended.

We consider NBY School Management software Bangladesh a very complete program, which will help you to streamline many administrative processes such as bank payments, statements, cash vouchers, etc … The service and attention is first rate, NBY School Management software Bangladesh particularly liked the many ways of To contact you. Solutions that work for you!! Collection and financial control easily control payment for tuition enrollment payroll and expenses


NBY School Management software Bangladesh Features:

Avoid cash drain eliminate payroll on your campus reduce your receivables and simplify collection. Most educational institutions are in the box campus payments for various concepts like tuition registration examinations etch … Yet another way to receive your income is through collections in stores and Banks (deposits transfers and cards). There are many advantages to having parents and students to pay directly by these means.

The school avoids the risks of handling cash and frees staff time operating the box to focus on other tasks (such as monitoring the collection). All you have to do is wait for their students or parents choose the method of their choice and pay (students and parents can pay cash debit credit etc. Saves income from a bank terminal) and of easy and comfortable will make the collection in their school.

Once the payment system will notify you via SMS for you. Know the people who have already paid the system will reconcile the payment and automatically generate the receipt (the parent or student will be in charge of billing for which you will not have to pay more since it is UNLIMITED) and update the account of their students thus avoiding capture daily payments to top it off the system sends him on his cell phone cut cash the day.

With NBY School Management software Bangladesh you can:

-Electronically Billing for School (With supplement to educational institutions).
-Issue ring Payroll School.
-Combine with the module Email to massively send account statements payment reminders and notices  of overdue balances.
-Each school year is totally configurable being able to have in one cycle policies and prices and in other cycles to change totally.
-The concepts and amounts to be collected can be customized per student.
-Creating few academic level and students need.
-Creating few and any concept of collection setting each monthly payments weekly bi – weekly.
-Control of surcharges scholarships and cash discounts.
-Create any form of receipt. (Letter 1/4 1/2 Tickets)
-Cancellation of payment receipts preserving the Folio receipt issued and indicating the user who canceled.
-Make letters memos certificates and trades to
-all or part of our students including the defaulters.
-Generation and interpretation of referenced bank payments.
-System for school fees
-Allows develop bar codes for payments.
-Issue statements of account per student per day or total debt.
-Cut of cash by day week month year academic level payment plan concept form of payment user account.
-List of Debtors by date with amounts disaggregated.
-Income budget according to enrolled students.
-Control of expenses and balance of results.
-Export information to spreadsheets text documents and PDF or as an attachment to an e-mail.

NBY School Management software Bangladesh has Inventories and point of sale Module:

Control Purchases Sales Inventories and Expenses of your school by NBY School Management software.
In the Module of Inventories and Expenditures you will be able to:
-Manage how many items you want to sell buy or control in inventory.
-Have an intuitive Shopping Cart module.
-Use a Point of Sale to quickly output your products highly recommended for when you want to control
the school cooperative or stationery.
-Make credit sales to your customers and staff.
-Offer your students an Electronic Wallet which is ideal for controlling the sale
-Books food from the dining room stationery and uniforms.
-The Electronic Purse is an application that allows you to avoid the use of cash inside the school site through a “card” of consumption and payment of services within the Institution.
-Generate reports of existence inputs outputs and utility of your articles.
-Control items for sale and for domestic consumption.
-Take control of expenses like water electricity telephone etc.
-It has pre-designed formats of receipts like tickets half letter.. For sales and purchases allows you to incorporate your own designs.
-Issuing Electronic Invoices..
-Issue Payroll Diaries.
-Compatible with bar code readers mini printers and cash drawers.
-You can print on your checks the data of the movement as well as your policy.
-Report of sales profits.
-Reports of bestsellers.

-Access and Assistance For students / staff by NBY School Management software

We know the current times in which it becomes increasingly indispensable to have controls to guarantee the safety of school staff and students that is why we have the ideal solutions to take an optimal control of:

The care and access staff students and people outside their institution through readers fingerprint face recognition proximity cards turnstiles gates and barriers for parking.
The delivery and reception of students only by authorized by the guardians of children people.
The attendance module has 3 benefits:

1) To control people who can go to leave the child or take him away from school function Delivery and reception of students is an excellent plus for schools with young children. Improving by biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition) security and report real – time dads (a message is sent SMS) when children enter and leave school.

2) For access control doors and turnstiles ideal for limiting entry to school:

-Last students.
– Students are discharged or suspended.
-Personal removed.
– People outside the institution.
-Meetings and meetings for specific personnel.
-Vacations and non-working days.

3) To control assistance for students and staff. Check the:

-Inputs Outputs Faults and Delays
-Rotation of school shifts and schedules.
-Holiday dates.
-Permits holidays and justified absences.
-Compatible with biometrics and barcode.
-Registration of coffee break.
-Message Assignment (General and Group)
-Report of Attendances by day week period.
-Alerts via SMS to parents to report when students do not attend school and the administrator when personnel enter or leave the institution.
-Basic Payroll Report (salary per hour and overtime).
-Control the entrance and exit of your school easily and safely

Credentialing by NBY School Management software:

NBY School Management software Bangladesh Perform credentials quickly professionally and economically. Use them for identification consultation of payments electronic purses and registration of attendance.

Credentialing your school improves the image of your institution by building trust With the module of credentials you will be able to:

Issue the credentials and badges of staff and students.
Capture photos with webcam directly to the program or as a link from digital camera cellular …
Capture of digital signature by means of tablet for signatures.
It has credential formats and pre-designed badges or configuration of one’s own.
Unlimited designs to save each as templates.
Generation of bar codes automatically for each badge and badge. Which can later serve you to take the assistance consult statements and to recharge the electronic wallet?
Easy and intuitive interface for the design of the badge badges and labels.
It allows you to generate only the credentials you need can be issued by students personal or third parties.
It has a module to take control of delivery and replacement of credentials.
Creation of labels for articles with photo name price and bar code.
Ability to issue them on PVC combining the module with the Kit PVC
Design electronic credentials and purses for use in school and retail outlets

Qualifications and Schedules maintain by NBY it school management software

-Capture grades generate ballots and manage the academic part of your institution easily and efficiently.
-The grades of all levels can be controlled from preschool to postgraduate.
-Complete catalog of students (Address telephone tutors parents medical record psychological).
-Student search by key or matches in first names academic level grade and group.
-It allows to carry a detailed record of each of the students.
-Per student allows to add a digital photo which can later be printed on the report card ..
-Easy Capturing of Grades by means of excels generated for each Master directly within the system or      from the Web portal.
-Powerful and interactive ballot designer to give any shape to your ballot.
-Issuance of internal and official ballots.
-Mass mailing of report cards via Email and Facebook to the student
-(You Combined with the module Email and SMS) or publish them on internet by combining with School Web
-Generation reports of better averages failures grades concentrates proficiency indexes grades by subject teacher student unit …
-Generation of School Schedules for students teachers classrooms and subjects.
-Friendly interface for creating schedules.
-List of birthday’s list of student’s statistics and General Characteristics: # of students of the school # of men-women list of students discharged list of scholars.
-Photographic directory of student’s teachers and administrative staff.

Massive SMS by NBY School Management software Bangladesh:

Perform Mass Marketing campaigns to attract and retain your students
Sends bulk automated and unlimited SMS messages without the need to buy credits. That’s right no need to incur expenses for the purchase of balance.

Imagine you can remember your students and parents their payments falling due confirm when these payments are received notify them of events or congratulate them on their birthdays without you having to lift a finger  without having one of your workers making call after Call or mail to collect what you owe be close to your students and parents congratulating them personally for their birthdays or informing them of school events be aware instantly when your staff comes to work or receive what you have entered and graduated in The day sounds too good right?

Although incredible sounds possible thanks to NBY School Management software Bangladesh in Bangladesh you can now reach your entire school community quickly economically and efficiently.

Stay informed of everything that happens at your school.
With this module your system will notify your cell phone via Email / SMS when:
Receive a payment
An invoice is made
Cancel receipts
Delete folios
Denounce students
Change payment concepts
Edit receipt dates
Register staff
Register an online applicant
Change system settings
Denounce new users
Virtual Classroom – Online School
The easiest and fun way to teach

NBY School Management software Bangladesh a modern platform to improve the teaching experience in your institution allowing your students to continue their studies from the comfort of your home and work.

The benefits of your school:

Cost reduction in infrastructure no need to open physical spaces to continue attracting students.

Attracting students so unlimited. Unlike a physical classroom in which you can only accept a limited number of students the virtual classroom allows you to enroll and have as many students as you need. Raises the prestige of your institution to project an image as a modern training center and competing in new technologies.

Smart Reports by NBY School Management software:

The Smart Reports module in NBY School Management software Bangladesh a dashboard with business indicators that allows you to visualize and analyze the indicators of your school wherever you are and when you need it so you can make timely decisions that boost your competitiveness and growth. It is possible to connect it to third-party databases. Create and design as many reports as you need.

NBY School Management software Bangladesh composed of the traditional reports oriented to operate the school and the Executive reports oriented to analyze the existing information that is to analyze in depth the collection the payments the sales the inventories etc. in order to make better decisions. Traditional Reporting on the other hand is to present the cash cuts printing payroll receipts student statements invoices expenses etc. i.e. for the school to operate properly.

Security and Bio metric Assistance:

We know the current times, where it is increasingly necessary to have controls to guarantee the safety of school staff and students that is why we use solutions of maximum reliability to take an optimal control of:

-The care and access of their staff, students and people outside their institution through readers fingerprint, face recognition, proximity cards, turnstiles, gates and barriers for parking.
-The delivery and reception of students only by authorized by the guardians of children people.
-Control the entrance and exit of your school easily and safely
-so simple to use that you do NOT need to be an expert to handle it

NBY School Management software Bangladesh package:

  1. Kinder garden NBY School Management software Bangladesh package includes =>Basic + pro + express + corporate + customize
  2. primary NBY School Management software Bangladesh package includes   => basic + pro + express + corporate + customize
  3. High NBY School Management software Bangladesh package includes => basic + pro + express + corporate + customize
  4. Collage Management software Bangladesh package includes =>basic+pro+express+corporate+customize
  5. High school & collage NBY  Management software Bangladesh package includes >basic + pro + express + corporate +customize
  6. University management system package includes =>basic+pro+express+corporate+customize
  7. Polytechnic collage Online school management system package includes basic + pro + express + corporate + customize

The NBY School Management software Bangladesh can customize the way you work or want! NBY School Management software Bangladesh is offered at an extraordinary price  + VAT 15% vat with minimal service fee.

-The online and telephone support is free!
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