NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh:

Do not works for your school make it work for you? We help you grow your school through solutions specialized in improving your finances, administrative, teaching and student recruitment. That is why we have developed an accessible and integral system for the management, services and security of your institution.

-All you need in just one place
-Work wherever you want
-Perform the operations you need to keep your business operating no matter where in the world you are.
-Included Updates
-We will update and maintain the system at no additional cost to you


Do not worries about various old equipment NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh make sure that it is always available and safe? Use it on any device.

-We Support You with Implementation
-We help you to know, personalize and upload your information
-NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh
-Management and Automation

Tired that your school is up to you?

Scope freedom with the automation of its processes and keep your content by offering incredible services educational community. NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh is a service and management platform for students, parents, teachers and administrators

NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh is Easy to handle:

-Accept online payments by credit / debit card, transfers and at Bkash, Mcash and thousands of other establishments.
-Web portal for schools
-When and how you want
-It is available every day of the year.
-While you rest NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh continues to work for your college.
-Access for your PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.
-Cloud Security for Schools
-Comfortable and safe
-Your information is always confidential, do not worry about viruses, old equipment, we make sure that you are always safe.
-Save time, reduce collection costs and staff and increase your income

Students and parents will be able to:

Check your account statement from your computer or phone and from there pay with credit / debit card, transfers or print your payment card to go to the bank & Capture your billing information and download your bill online.

-With automated payment reminders, they will not forget the payment dates.
– Never miss important dates and activities with the calendar of events.
-Consult the grades, schedules and academic history. You can configure it so that only students and parents who are up to date on their payments can see it.  A great way to automate your collection!!
-Diversify your school control department; the same students can capture your medical data, personal, mobile, mail…
– Perform and deliver tasks, as well as solve exams in the times that the teacher assigns.
-Estudy more fun with interactive resources such as videos, audio, presentations and files in PDF.

Teachers will be able to NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh:

Capture student grades from the comfort of your home, from any PC, smartphone or tablet, on the dates the school assigns.

-Print lists of assists and ratings of your groups.
-Program tasks and exams to be solved by your students via the web.
-To have access to educational resources.
-Send e-mail / SMS and portal communications to your students.
-Power elaborate your agenda and program your classes, presentations, videos, images, forums and social network, providing more quality time at the time of the classroom. In addition, only those who belong to the class can participate.

Managers will be able to NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh:

To improve the image of your school, the use of NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh increases the technological and avant-garde perception between the parents and the school community.

-The school can define all the payments of the school year with automated calculation of scholarships and surcharges, all you have to do is wait to collect and follow up. The parents / pupils see what they should and the system offers them all the payment facilities.

-The school can forget the tedious management of billing data. That is now for the person requesting the invoice.
-The school administrator is aware every time a payment is registered and knows who said payment. The reconciliation is fully automatic (either by transfers, shops or cards).
– Have a CRM to follow the prospects to students. Never lose a student for lack of follow-up, send promotions and know that advertising media are effective and which only represent an unnecessary expense.
-To achieve greater efficiency in all school and administrative processes.

Control of your school in the palm of your hand

Always communicated:

The parent likes to always be well informed, about everything that happens with your child in school. (Their behavior, participation, academic progress, whether or not they fulfill their tasks and projects, etc.). When implementing NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh your school will be able to exceed the information expectations of your parents and give you even more certainty that you have chosen the best institution.

Innovating learning:

Take advantage of online education to complement and motivate learning in your students, involving them in the management of new technologies. Students will be able to interact with their teachers by sending their work, research and activities; in turn the teacher can review them and publish feedback on their performance and quality.

Save time and money:

With NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh will no longer be necessary errands, subpoenas, reports or qualifications for parents and students, now you can access it from your home or office, at any time, plus administrative processes, data capture and payments are automated, Requiring less staff and thus focus current staff on more profitable tasks, representing significant savings in time and money for both the institution and parents.

NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh package:

  1. Kinder garden NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh package includes =>Basic + pro + express + corporate + customize
  2. primary NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh package includes   => basic + pro + express + corporate + customize
  3. High NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh package includes => basic + pro + express + corporate + customize
  4. Collage Management Solution Bangladesh package includes =>basic+pro+express+corporate+customize
  5. High school & collage NBY  Management software Bangladesh package includes >basic + pro + express + corporate +customize
  6. University management Solution package includes =>basic+pro+express+corporate+customize
  7. Polytechnic collage Online school management Solution package includes basic + pro + express + corporate + customize

The NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh can customize the way you work or want! NBY School Management Solution Bangladesh is offered at an extraordinary price  + VAT 15% vat with minimal service fee.

-The online and telephone support is free!
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