telecommunications service Bangladesh
NBY IT is one of the leading custom made Telecom end-to-end network placement organization in Bangladesh managing turnkey projects or developments from site acquisition to final approval. NBY IT manages the telecom business projects very effectively by providing world class solutions.

Due to our enormous experience with the emerging technology, NBY IT is considered an essential asset in the deployment of 3G by the various mobile phone operators. NBY IT take care of a project by planning, designing and constructing a site using specialist in-house teams to ensure every site is optimized to its full capacity.

NBY IT always make sure that every project is delivered on time and inside budget and provide outcomes that build a reputation for a proficient and trusted service. NBY IT Telecom have been involved in many network solution project for the country. For the very technical and challenging projects, networks turn to NBY IT is the first choice for Bangladesh.

We believe the highest customer satisfaction and for that reason NBY IT make sure that each and every project is delivered on time and within budget ensuing a reputation for a proficient and reliable service.

Our first and foremost objective is to deliver specialize Site Construction Management that enable all the operators as well as governments to adapt quickly and produce the best communication for the nation.

NBY IT is a specialist telecommunication equipment services company that provides site construction management with tower erection and installation, structural reinforcements commissioning, and maintenance for electronics and telecommunications equipment. Being a specialist telecom service company for major brands in the industry, NBY IT provides client services that are perilous to the service providing company and increase service levels to end clienteles. By optimizing the telecommunication equipment maintenance and renovation process we are able to provide our service at an affordable cost, with a prolong assurance periods.

We are the only one in the country who have the proper supply of necessary equipment, test gear and proper educated and trained Property, we are the leaders in telecom services. Countrywide we are one of a limited number of companies capable of Site Construction Management, Tower Erection and Installation, Tower Extension and Modifications, Structural reinforcements and so on. NBY IT is a specialize organization telecom equipment maintenance services with a top-notch level of technical support for the installations, BTS & MW installation with commissioning and repairs.

company that outstrips its customer’s requirements. To deliver specialize telecom business solutions that allow telecom operators and governments or any other organization to adapt quickly and effectively to changing and evolving telecom networks.

Contact us for professional telecommunication equipment maintenance and repair services. NBY IT is your one stop solution center for all telecommunication Site Construction Management, Inspection and Quality Control, Implementation Coordination, tower erection and installation, tower extension and modifications, structural reinforcements, safety improvements, installations, equipment repairs and spare part management as well as network up-gradation.

 Our Vendor Network
There are moreover 6 vendors in telecom sector who are basically ruling this sector the most vendors are Huawei, Cisco, and Ericsson. They are pretty close together due to different strengths. In the field or area of financial stability sets them separately from the other three vendors Alcatel-Lucent, NSN (Nokia Siemens Networks), and ZTE. We can manage and give you any necessary equipment regarding BTS & MW installation with commissioning.

We have invested heavily on our personnel’s for training to maintain high level of quality demanded by our customers. Based on our experience with various Telecom Projects we feel confident of taking up turnkey assignments on ownership basis.

NBY IT SOLUTION provides a full portfolio of services in Telecommunication and Data Communication sectors to ensure customer satisfaction. Our activities following below are:

Base Station and Microwave link Installation and Maintenance
with commissioning MSC (Power system, cable layout, DDF)
Transmission Rack, Rectifier & Battery Installation.

  • Layout of Coaxial and power cable.
  • Internet and Intranet, extranet Solutions for Computer Network
  • Transportation and logistics
  • New BTS installation & commissioning (2G & 3G)
  • AoIP (Abis Over IP) configuration both 2G & 3G
  • Cell Addition/ Capacity Up gradation
  • TRX Addition/Traffic Up gradation
  • Cross Connection(CC) for 2G & 3G
  • BTS Swapping for any Operator as per country oriented
  • Telecom Implementation & Solutions
  • Project Planning & Design.
  • DT, Site Design & Integration for 2G site.
  • Installation and Commissioning of telecom equipment at BTS, BSC & MSC
  • IBS (In-building Solution) installations with DAS (Distribution Antenna System)


Scope of works

The total BTS & MW installation with commissioning will be done in four phases:

 Pre-installation work
Receive Work Order& Site Visit
Receive equipment from warehouse

Installation Indoor
Rectifier & Battery Installation
RBS Installation
DF/DDF Installation
MW rack Installation
Indoor Cable laying
Equipments Power-Up
Alignment All Indoor equipment
All Grounding

Installation outdoor
Antenna assembling & hanging
Cable Jumper fixing
Cable Laying & clamping
All Connector Making
Antenna Tilting    Tapping for seal    Alignment
All grounding
Handed over

Microwave Installation
Hop assembling and hanging
Connector Preparation
MW Feeder cable laying
ODU & IDU Installation
Radio Installation
All Grounding

TRX Capacity Up gradation (Commissioning):

  • Commissioning & Configuration as per TRX Addition WO
  • Undo Commissioning if required as per TRX Addition WO
  • E1 Bundled as per TRX Addition WO
  • Antenna Cabling as per TRX Addition WO

Cross Connection Up gradation (Commissioning):

  • Cross Connection for 2G & 3G as per requirement