NBY Tour Management System for Travel Agencies:

NBY Tour Management System is a company incorporated in early 2007 by individuals with extensive prior experience in the computer market. More than 10 years developing software for travel agencies wholesalers and retailers. Our main goal has always been to develop Management Software for Travel Agencies Wholesalers and Retailers and the provision of related services also considering aspects of hardware and installation and configuration of networks to spend several years to topics Telecommunications and projects related to INTERNET and e-business.

NBY Tour Management System integrated to improve the management of your agency travel wholesaler or retailer with Promise. Over 70 customers have trusted NBY IT tour management system beneath what they say about us. We love the relationship with our customers and we are fully committed to maintaining their loyalty by offering periodic updates and impeccable after – sales service. We offer you tools that will simplify the management of your Travel Agency either Wholesaler or Retailer saving time that you can invest in what really matters: sell.


Our experience has allowed us to develop a series of tools that allow hundreds of agencies to operate more effectively each day. And if you need it we can also develop the project you need to fit your needs. Our specialties are XML development 100% Online Sale 100% Booking Online 100% Wholesale and Retail Management 100% Web Development 100%.

Web for Travel Agencies:

Multi-device:  Developed for optimal viewing and use in static and mobile devices.

Intuitive navigation: The easy to navigate a website is crucial for all audiences can use it 100%. Our websites are designed according to the best navigation standards.

Current design: Our websites are designed according to the latest trends in design to make them extremely attractive in any static or mobile device.

Auto Contents: All our websites are self – managed. We facilitate the finished website and with a clear structure that then each client can self-manage to change or add content. We also offer a content management service in case the client does not want to do so.

Customization: Web developed tailored to the customer. Web image adapted to the image of the agency.

Web of 5 sections: Home, About Us, Contact, Location, Blog and Shop online. The name of these sections is variable.

Up to 10 pages: To develop the contents of the 5 sections.

Blog: Integrated into the website.

Content manager: For the introduction of content.

Implementation of content included

Page 404, Legal Notice and Cookies Act.

Development for visualization in computers, tablets and mobiles.

Section Home with Slider: Up to three images (Image Roulette)

Contact form: Customizable.

Call buttons and automatic email on mobile devices.

Buttons to share on social networks to be chosen by the customer.

CMS: Fully manageable by the user.

Meta tags implemented: “H1”, “H2”, “H3”, “Title”, etc.

Control Panel SEO: To implement keywords, Meta descriptions, titles, etc.

Tagging images: Tag “Alt” implemented for the description of all images on the web.

SEO-friendly web structure: To facilitate organic search engine positioning.

Integration of Google Maps: With logo agency within the map of Google.

Google Analytics integration for measuring traffic, etc.

Google Business Registration: If the customer has not done so.

Implementation Favicon own: logo in the browser

Web of Sale 100% Online Tour Management System

Selling Online Website: Tool 100% online reservations with payments, reserves and actual locators. It consists of engines of Flights, Hotels, Flight + Hotel, Cruises, Coasts.

Reservations engines programmed with XML technology: Developed with the latest technologies available on the market. Scheduled to be positioned on Google in a Simple Way. A sales platform that provides a fully customized website to the online travel agency, available to all customers and / or users.

Promotional Sales Promotion: With this platform your agency will increase the product image and therefore all your sales increase. A good tourist product will help introduce you.

Own product of each Agency: This Platform is the only market that gives you the ability to enter your own product, whatever. All your sales will be managed automatically we also give you the possibility to show and put on sale your own product on the platforms of all travel agencies.

Secured Payment Gateway: Payments 100% guarantees. When the user arrives at the gateway to make the payment, entering their card number is automatically resent.

Eye – catching and impactful designs: Web designs designed to Sell, Sell and Sell. Original, striking and striking. So are the designs of this Travel platform. Perfectly structured in sections and with easy navigation menus.

Full Management of All Reservations Tour Management System:

NBY Tour Management System offer Airline Tickets, Airline Tickets, International Flights, Last Minute Flights. Sale Intranet for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators.  Reservation Motors of all the tourist services for its use of Professional form by the Travel Agent. Location of all available rates with Net prices so that the agent can incorporate its profit margin in a freeway, operation by operation. The payments of the reservations will be made by transfer or card to the consolidated. Possibility to block and reserve the places without having to pay until the emission deadline.

Integrate Management of all your Reserves. Panel to visualize all the bookings made through the Tourist Buses of the platform. From this module the modifications and cancellations will be managed automatically and the file of the management program that has been generated in a totally automatic way

Unique Key to access Suppliers. Access to the booking systems of all tourist suppliers without the need to enter keys. Enter your booking system. Foreign Supplier and Correspondent Cards. The data of all your suppliers and tourist correspondents. General Data, List of products, Types of service and Commissions of all its products.

Product Finder Multi provider. Product search tool for destinations and departure dates. The system will show the results of all the tourist suppliers that work with the product and the desired destination. Show all bids for your contract.

Utilities: Forums, Announcements, Check my Trip and Newsletters. Use of forums for travel agents. Access to flight data, schedules, modifications, etc. through the system “Check my trip” System of Shipping of Bulletins with the selected offers to all your customers to facilitate the sale of your products.- Automatic daily or weekly shipments. Maps of metro, weather, currencies, world guides, street, etc.

Database, Customers and Suppliers Tour Management System:

Database, Customers and Suppliers. Database, tables, parameters and various files / Definition of Companies, Delegations and Users (with access level)

Counter Clients / Companies and Delegations Business / Commercial / Groups Agenda and classifications / Tags Customers Commissions / Sheets Rappels Hotels / Load Suppliers Purchasing Conditions for Product and IVA’S applicable / Groups and Suppliers classifications and Borrowers

Records management. Billing. Records management: stays / Air / Train / Packages / Car / Bus / Several / Automatic recovery of fees / management costs or global service / Discounts / Notes and observations (public and / or internal) Control Management of the new BBA remuneration system Invoice Reprint Processes / Over delivery / Total or partial subscriptions, with own series for fertilizers or with the ones of position. Link with email (PDF formats)

Issuance of Documentation. Profitability Reports. Issue of documentations: AWB , Printing Records (internal and external version), Bonds, receipts, itineraries and Additional Texts (customizable and text editing formats) / Link with email (PDF format).

Treasury, Administration and Transfer to Accounting. Deliveries to account for a record / Deposits without attaching to files / Collections UATP / Collection of Bills / Application of Customer Deposits / Control of pending bills receivable / Treasury Management / Boxes / Banks / Transfers Box-Banks Additional (customizable formats and with Text Edit) / Link with email (PDF format).

Reconciliation Bill Provider / Liquidation of BSP and RENFE / Conciliation BSP / Issuance of Invoices Commission Suppliers / Apportionment of differences between different services to conciliate / Processes night Conciliation, Massive and automatic. Integration with various automatic settlement systems currently on the market as the BSP Link, etc. Data export to Accounting (free definition of seats and accounting software)

Management of Online Reserves (Tour Management System

Implementation of the Online Booking System in the Management Groups.

Booking Online will allow direct access to reservation systems for all wholesalers without entering their passwords. This system will save time and eliminate errors. The person in charge of the agency will decide the suppliers with whom each agent must work.

Access for professionals from your own website by NBY Tour Management System. This system allows travel agencies, who have agreed conditions to access to make reservations. At the same time it is optional its use for sales to the final public, obviously, without commission or discount applicable.

With NBY Tour Management System the employee can be registered, offer commissionable or discounted prices, and access to negotiated prices will be restricted through a unique combination of the email address and a password chosen by the web administrator.

Online Booking Management. NBY Tour Management system allows the processing of the online reservation (if there is space available) or a reservation request (in case there is no available space in the contracted client’s products. The user must enter a series of personal data and must accept the purchasing conditions (defined entirely by your company), as required before it can continue shopping step.

The reservation will be confirmed once payment has been made (configurable depending on the payment of travel agencies) If the payment was not made correctly the reservation would be canceled at 20 minutes and the quota would be returned to its initial state (this time is configurable)

Automatic dump of reservations. All Online reservations will be turned over in the management program in a 100% automatic way.

Sales Management, Administration and Transfer to Accounting.

Records management: stays / Air / Train / Packages / Cars / Bus / Other

Services / Rates / Packages / Tours / Management Quotes / Quotes / Groups / Incentives etc./ Quota Control / Management Petitions and / or cancellations Reservations To Suppliers.

Purchasing / Prepaid Management / Payment Forecasting / Payments with Issuance of Payment Charts / Undo Payment Processes / Listings, Reports and Statistics.

Export of data to Accounting (free definition of entries and accounting program)

Customers, Suppliers, Commissions and Rappels Tour Management System:

CUSTOMERS, SUPPLIERS AND COMMISSIONS rappels:  with NBY Tour Management System Central Office and Delegations / users, user groups and access control. Hotel and Provider Cards and their Delegations / Conditions of Purchase by Product, including definition of VAT applicable to the commission and service / Stock of documents / Groupings and classifications Reports.

RATES, PACKAGES AND CIRCUITS: with NBY Tour Management System Services (Stations / Air / Train / Packages / Cars / Bus / Miscellaneous) Situation control of the files / Situation control of the services / Releases / Copy of Records (all or some services). Possibility of adding services to files already invoiced. Issuance and reprint of Bonds. Control of situation of emission of documentation / Printing and reprinting of the files.

RECORDS, QUOTES, QUOTES AND GROUPS: with NBY Tour Management System  Single screen access to all features of Booking. Information about Customers (Economic data, conditions and commercial) / Provider data and conditions / Hotel file. Situation of collections and prepayments Location of files by multiple criteria (customer, traveler, dates, internal ref., Etc.)

BILLING. REG .GENERAL AND REG. SPECIAL: with NBY Tour Management System In some (os) service (s) or total record / Issuance of multiple invoices from a single file. Invoices with or without VAT breakdown of services or total invoice, with or without detail of the price of each service, with or without details of Suppliers (R. General), modifying texts by total invoice or by service / Invoice Summary (text Free) Sales General Regime (Billing for Suppliers) / Sales Special Regime (Net Invoicing) / Different series according to type of operation. Reports and statistics.

TREASURY boxes (for office, salesman, multiple, currency, etc.) / Banks / Fund-Bank Transfers. Cash Outflows / Banks for payments to creditors and third parties. Newspapers of Boxes / Banks / List of collections.. Closing of Boxes / Boxes by Seller. Location of operations by amount, dates, means of payment, etc. Deliveries to account for a file with different means of payment (cash, documents, cards, UATP) / Partial or total collection of Invoices / Control of amounts pending collection. Payments to Suppliers. Letters of Payment. Collection of Invoices (partial, total, multiple) / Application of Customer Deposits / Control of Invoices pending collection.

ADMINISTRATION: with NBY Tour Management System Location of supplier invoices by amount, office, file, bonus, date in / out of services, travelers and / or types of services, description of Services. Partial or total reconciliation of suppliers invoices with adjustment of forecasts (PVP / Fees / Amounts commissionable and non-commissionable / Commission and VAT of the Net commission to be paid) and adjustment of accounting entries / Treatment of invoices of Suppliers with conversion of operations commissionable to Net and vice versa / Dis conciliation processes Issuance of Commission Invoices to suppliers / General Sales sales journal by dates, suppliers, etc. / Reprinting of Prepaid Invoices / Forecast of payments / Payments to Suppliers / Issuance of Letters of payment.

ACCOUNTING: with NBY Tour Management System Adapting to different accounting systems (definition of free seats by the Customer). Liaison accounting application used for Accounting (any commercially available accounting) prior to transfer list seats. List of Pierced seats. Recovery of previous transfers. Partial or total transfer of sales (all or some delegations (s).

Possibility Analytical Accounting with NBY Tour Management System

Software for Integral Management of Travel Agencies Tour Management System

NBY Tour Management System is software for the integral management of physical and online travel agencies. The NBY Tour Management System platform offers all the sales and administrative-accounting solutions your agency needs in one tool. NBY Tour Management System will allow your travel agency to expand sales channels with maximum profitability. With our comprehensive management program you will have a platform to fight against vertical groups.

NBY Tour Management System offers:
Searches with XML technology
Reservation Dump Machine on record
Input actual sales, not forms
Issuance of all customer documentation
Perfecta application of the tax regime of travel agencies
The best airfares
Availability Hotel
Offers multiple wholesalers
Car Rentals
Rates connecting flights and hotels