Tour Operator Reservation System

NBY Tour Operator Reservation System the new benchmark for the management of reservations. NBY Tour Operator Reservation System allows you to capture manage and analyze the reporting of reservations recorded for your sports facility. NBY Tour Operator Reservation System has been developed by listening to the real needs of tens of plants like yours who have already chosen as the management software. Powerful easy to use extremely flexible and proven reliability NBY Tour Operator Reservation System is the ideal software for every aspect of managing reservations users that use your business of your resources. Your system will reach a new level of efficiency never experienced.


Is not it enough? NBY Tour Operator Reservation System is also fully customize able according to your requirements. NBY Tour Operator Reservation System is the management software for Travel agency, Tour operator, tennis clubs sports centers and for all those activities which require a reservation on an hourly basis. NBY Tour Operator Reservation System is the ideal booking system for your sports center Characteristics that only such an advanced system can offer.

Configuration coaching and starting carefree Show us the criteria rates and resources you use every day to manage reservations with the classic method “pencil and paper to think about the rest of us include the training of personnel.

Investment Fit Your Style

You can choose the method you prefer: fixed annual fee or a payment of a few cents on each effectively ended reservation FREE OF CHARGE ACTIVATION AND CONFIGURATION. Simplicity and clarity of use that are unrivaled Using PC scares you? You’ll be surprised by the ease with which the GUI will allow you to harness the full power of NBY Tour Operator Reservation System without any difficulty. If you do not believe try us …

Reliability and flexibility is not enough to manage reservations you must do it in the best way. NBY Tour Operator Reservation System fears nothing in terms of flexibility strength and technical assistance.

Advantages for the accommodation for users

NBY Tour Operator Reservation System is a WIN-WIN solution: both the user facility that users derive undoubted benefits from its use.

Tour Operator Reservation System Benefits for business

Everything under control always and everywhere

try to think of the benefits of managing your sports facility anywhere and at any time are you sure you want to still use pen and paper?

Reduce the time optimizes gains

Let NBY Tour Operator Reservation System worry about these things and just focus on what really takes your valuable time.

Advanced reporting and statistics

How many revenue generating that particular service? And how much has changed the use of that resource in the transition from winter to summer? Have an answer to your questions with the reports of NBY Tour Operator Reservation System.

Advantages for the user

The complete schedule of your customer’s structure always available and automatically updated to avoid any problems: only 3 clicks and you’re done.

No more obstacles to book

More phone busy Nothing telephone line noise or closing times: offer your customers a booking service 24 hours on 24 & 7 days out of 7.

Everything is clear everything updated zero surprises

With automatic notifications your customers will always be updated on the status of their reservations and on any changes you have applied about time resources etc.

Show all features

Dynamic Calendar

Manage in intuitive and easy bookings directly from the calendar.

Credit Management users

Manage refills of your users both in automatic and manual modes.

Advanced fractional zone

Choose the fractional of your fields between the fixed one (: 00,: 15,: 30,: 45) or the dynamic one the availability will be always calculated automatically.

Support the simultaneous availability

Full support to the fields that make business or services available simultaneously.

Automatic error handling

Control and prevention of errors in the booking and management of your business.

Settings for members and non-members

Set privileges and differentiated options for users who are members of your business and the generic ones.

Automatic e-mail

Automatically send service messages to users and administrators.

Simplified interface

Easy to use even for people with little experience Absolute.

Maximum configuration flexibility

Configure optimally software according to specific needs of your business.

Administrative management mode

You can choose to lock – even temporarily – the user area to use the software only as closed to the public internal management.

Booking system guided

Wizard of bookings for both users and administrators foolproof.

Support online payment

Require users to pay online in advance or the entire amount of the reservation by connecting a Paypal account or a virtual POS of your choice.

Pricing Advanced

Automatic application of the rates based on the time of year with a specific user and many other parameters.

Increases nonlinear

Decide whether to apply a different price having exceeded the minimum term of the reservation.

Unlimited services

Manage an infinite number of services and decide whether to make them bookable independently by users or only from your business.

Full accounting statistics

Keep track the performance of your business the amounts to be collected those already received and those related to cancel reservations.

Customize able and extensible

Development and implementation of exclusive features for customized management of your business. Intelligent allocation of funds is Always Statistics faithful thanks to the automatic management of the allocation of the cost of the reservation depending on users associated with them.

Administrative access differentiated

Your property can be managed concurrently by multiple administrators each with its own access privileges.

Exportable lists in tabular format

Export lists of reservations the registry of users and statistics in .csv format to open and edit Excel.

Direct communications with users

Send your users specific communications on their reservations.

Including software updates

Each update is automatically made available to your business always up for a management platform with the times.

Daily full backup

Security Backup automatically performed every 24 hours.

Multi-business administration

A single valid login for the administrative management of multiple facilities.

Complete booking records

The system keeps a complete record of all transactions on reservations by both user and by administrators to gain of the highest integrity.

Guaranteed privacy and confidentiality

You have complete control of everything that happens in your business while users see only what is strictly necessary to make reservations.

Configuration and launch assisted

Once collected the data required for initial configuration we worry we configure completely the area dedicated to your business.

User support and technical support constant

Our team is constantly updated automatically of any anomaly linked to the activities of users and administrators to provide assistance in case of any problem.